How to set the difficulty to wwe 2k14

WWE 2K14

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WWE 2k14 is actually a good game for the first WWE 2k game.
The game is fun, especially the 30 Wrestlemania and The Streak modes are the most fun.

Clearly there are again little things that make the game poorly represented again,
For example, the move-in video mode has been removed and there are new bugs.

But clearly there is a balance, there are now new extras such as the rivalry modes, or the new OMGs, etc.
Nevertheless, in my opinion, the 30 years Wrestlemania mode is still the highlight of the game, because the mode is really fun.

If I give the game an overall rating now, I would give the game 85 points, but nothing more.
Because there have been better WWE games like WWE SmackDown! Here comes the pain.

But I still have to praise 2k, as I said at the beginning "WWE 2k14 is actually a good game for the first WWE 2k game."

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