How to Play Low C # on Trumpet

High on the trumpet!

Since I play the trumpet, I turn in myself, although I actually hate nothing more than this symptom of the "how high can you-play" discussion (probably only common among trumpeters).
Two years ago I still played the typical 7C mouthpiece, and then switched to a larger, deeper one. After 2 months I was back to the old height and after a while I was able to stabilize the highest notes and keep them longer. After further practice, I "discovered" new higher tones. And so it went on.
Let’s say it so clearly, I’ve never discovered anything higher than d3 in any concert band literature. And actually you can say that mostly ends at a2. If you can then add up to d3, then that's an advantage.
And actually you only need everything about it in the professional area, in the BigBand and when you want to octave normal pieces. And you can do that with a flat mouthpiece.

If you want to go into the professional field, you need talent as well as a lot of work. And then one should also invest in a sensible teacher who can answer such questions of height. My teacher once said to me: "Maybe that's enough for the professional sector, but you won't be a top earner with your skills and talent." Sounds tough, but I've come to terms with it. The air at the summit is thin.