Tension-reliever tea is safe when pregnant

Read here how you can provide yourself with all the necessary nutrients and vital substances in a healthy and holistic way during pregnancy: Healthy nutrition during pregnancy.

Hair coloring, air travel and Co.

A pregnancy can turn cherished habits upside down from one day to the next. Suddenly questions arise, such as: B. whether you can still dye your hair or paint your nails. And what about air travel during early pregnancy?

Handling chemicals

The chemicals in hair dye penetrate through the mother's scalp and are then detectable in both breast milk and the fatty tissue of the breastfed child. However, clear indications of prenatal damage to the child have not been found in the studies carried out so far. Nevertheless, you should be aware that the chemicals get through to your child and therefore, as a precaution, do not dye their hair for at least the first three months.

The same applies to nail polishes and nail polish removers. Frequent handling of solvents, such as those found in nail polish removers, is not without risk. The inhaled solvents can cause miscarriages and damage such as numbness, brain malformations, an open back or club feet. Therefore, if you want to paint your nails, then you should definitely choose a natural paint and an equally natural nail polish remover from the natural cosmetics sector. You will immediately see the difference as the nail polish remover smells pleasant and the nail polish only lasts a few days. You should rate the latter positively, as it underlines the natural quality. Your nail health will appreciate this change in your life too.

In any case, be extremely careful with all chemicals found in cosmetics, cleaning agents and home improvement products. In early pregnancy, you should consistently refrain from painting walls, handling epoxy resins, as found in many two-component adhesives, or using any solvents.

Air travel during pregnancy

Air travel is generally not a problem during pregnancy. Neither the cabin pressure nor the radiation at higher altitudes should pose a risk to your child or the pregnancy. You can also pass the metal detectors without hesitation. These work with weak electromagnetic oscillations that detect conductive objects such as metals. So far there is no evidence that this is harmful in pregnancy. However, the hand luggage is screened with X-rays. The scattered radiation for passers-by should be negligible.

Nevertheless, we would advise against long-haul air travel - if it can be arranged - as this is in any case associated with stress and restrictions for the baby. If you still want to take off with your baby in your belly, then on long-haul flights you should make sure that you drink enough (no coffee, no alcohol), eat light food (it is best to bring your own on the plane), walk around a lot and not too much Sit with bent legs for a long time because of the risk of thrombosis.

Support stockings as well as foot and leg exercises also help against this. If you are prone to pregnancy sickness, it could be aggravated by flying. In this case, remember the ginger capsules mentioned above and also ask your midwife or doctor for advice on what you should consider in your personal case before you travel by plane.

Now we wish you a healthy and happy "ball time" and a lot of anticipation for your baby :-).

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