How to tear up maplestory sprites of the east

Maple Guide

The Maple Guide is a system that serves to recommend training areas, as well as bosses, for players within a certain level range. You can use this system to teleport to areas near your level, which can be used to access certain other content, such as bosses. You can gain Content Map Stamps for each area above Level 30, which will allow you to teleport to that area whenever you want, even when you are out of that area's level range. Without the stamp, you can teleport to that area up until 29 levels higher than the maximum recommended level (e.g. an area with a Recommended Level of 160 - 170 will allow you to teleport there until Level 199). Note that Bosses will not offer to teleport you, but will instead open the Boss UI, allowing you to enter a queue to teleport to that boss.

Level content

Level 30 - 39

Level 40 - 49

Level 50 - 59

Level 60 - 69

Level 70 - 79

Level 80 - 89

Level 90 - 99

Level 100 - 109