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Sangean DT-250

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Pocket radio with 19 station presets

Many pocket radios do not have any station memory in their luggage. But there are exceptions - such as the DT-250 from the Chinese manufacturer Sangean. According to the data sheet, you have the option of defining 19 preferred programs.

Tuner and functions

So whoever has favorite stations does not have to search for the respective frequency anew every time. Speaking of which: the tuner receives ultra-short and medium-wave waves as with almost every pocket radio, but unfortunately it does not have an alarm clock function in its luggage. So you can't start the day with the radio in the morning. Positive for this: In the press releases, there is talk of an automatic switch-off with a 90-minute time interval. If you want, you can at least let your favorite stations accompany you to sleep. On the other hand, there is of course only the obligatory headphone socket - but here, too, the pocket radio does not differ from most of the competing models.

Dimensions, weight and speakers

From the outside, however, the case looks a bit old-fashioned. Although the dimensions of 6.4 centimeters in width, 10.6 centimeters in height and three centimeters are quite compact, the color scheme is not really successful. Specifically, Sangean has opted for a silver tone that is more reminiscent of the 1990s. On the positive side, with a weight of just 108 grams, the radio is so light that it should hardly be noticeable in your pocket. The equipment is finally completed by a compartment for two 1.5 volt batteries and a speaker that can be loaded with 70 milliwatts. In terms of sound quality, you shouldn't expect too much.

The Sangean DT-250 doesn't really look good, but it's compact and light. In addition, with the station memory it offers a feature that is not a matter of course for a pocket radio. If you want to strike, you currently have to put almost EUR 30 on the table on the Internet.

Author: Stefan

Date: 14.12.2012

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Sangean DT-250 datasheet

reception MW (AM)
General data
Type Portable radio
channels Mono
Power supply
battery packis missing
networkis missing
Solaris missing
DAB +is missing
VHF (FM)available
Wireless connection
Bluetoothis missing
NFCis missing
DLNAis missing
AirPlayis missing
AUX inputis missing
USBis missing
LANis missing
Card readeris missing
Touch screenis missing
dimmeris missing
RDS tuneris missing
remote controlis missing
Smartphone controlis missing
Alarm clockis missing
Snoozeis missing
Cassette deckis missing
Backup batteriesis missing
dateis missing
Timeis missing
calendaris missing

You can find more information about the Sangean DT-250 directly from the manufacturer at sangean.eu.