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5 ways to remove weeds from between stone slabs

By Annelie Neumann | November 02, 2020, 5:29 pm

If the weeds sprout between the joints, it usually means laborious and tiresome removal. Instead of resorting to the chemical club in this situation, we recommend five effective and, above all, sustainable methods to remove the weeds between stone slabs and paving stones.

Removing weeds from between the joints on the patio, balcony or driveway can be a tedious task. But there is another way. Read here how to remove weeds between stone slabs effectively and in an environmentally friendly way and how to prevent them from growing again.

Note: Chemical herbicides, but also household remedies such as vinegar and salt, should never be used! The use of saline solution to control weeds is even prohibited. In accordance with Section 6 of the Plant Protection Act, salt must never be used to remove weeds on sidewalks, terraces or driveways. It penetrates the soil and groundwater and changes it seriously. Violations will be punished with fines.

Removing weeds between stone slabs - these options are available

If you want to tackle the weeds, you can choose between a variety of options:

1. Manual scraping

The manual scraping out of weeds between stone slabs with a joint scraper is the classic way. This method is very effective and environmentally friendly, but not very back-friendly. Working with a joint scraper with an integrated telescopic rod is kind to the back and a bit more pleasant. This can be adjusted to the desired length. The weeds between the stone slabs can then be removed comfortably while standing. That's how it works:

  • It is best to remove the weeds after the rain. This is because wet weeds are easier to get rid of.
  • Use the joint scraper to carefully scrape out the weeds between the stone slabs.
  • Rake up the removed weeds and dispose of them separately. If it is disposed of in the compost, the seeds can quickly spread back into the garden.

2. Electric grout cleaner

Same principle, but less effort: with an electric grout cleaner, weeds can be easily removed from between stone slabs. This method is particularly recommended for clearing large areas of weeds. However, an electric grout cleaner is not suitable for all types of stone. Therefore you should inform yourself about it before using such a device! Otherwise, the electric grout could scratch garden paths or patios.

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3. Remove weeds between stone slabs with the high-pressure cleaner

A high-pressure cleaner not only gets to grips with stubborn dirt, but also the unloved weeds. Before using this variant, it must be clarified whether the stones are suitable for this method. A wonderful side effect: the high-pressure cleaner not only removes the weeds, but also cleans the stone slabs at the same time. That's how it works:

  • Connect the high pressure cleaner to the garden hose.
  • Aim the water jet directly at the joint.
  • Finally, fill the joint with sand.

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Important: We recommend wearing suitable work clothing (rubber boots, rain gear). Children and pets should be kept out of reach. Otherwise there is a risk that you will be injured by the hard water jet.

4. Weed burner

With this variant, dandelions, groundgrass and Co. are properly heated. A weed burner can also be used to effectively remove plants from between stone slabs. Due to the enormous heat, the weeds and their roots burn. Even with this method, it is essential to clarify in advance whether the material is heat-resistant in order to avoid damage. In addition, you should be particularly careful:

  • If necessary, move objects (flower pots, other plants) from the immediate vicinity aside.
  • Point the burner only at the joints.

Tip: If you don't have any devices such as high-pressure cleaners or electric grout cleaners at home, you can borrow them from hardware stores.

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5. Weed with boiling water remove

With this environmentally friendly, simple and extremely effective method, generations before us came up against the weeds. If you pour hot water over the unloved plants, they die with their roots and seeds. That's how it works:

  • Pour boiling water over the joints and allow to dry.
  • Then pull out the cooled plants and dispose of them.

Danger: There are special weed killers for paving stones on the market, but you should avoid them. According to the Plant Protection Act, these agents are prohibited, even if they are biological solutions. There can even be a high fine.

How can we prevent weeds from growing?

Of course, it would be best not to have to pull weeds at all. Unfortunately, this cannot be completely prevented in the garden. But between stone slabs, yes. It is therefore a good idea to work a weed fleece into the ground before laying the stone slabs. This is available at the hardware store and prevents weeds from growing between the joints.

Paving grout is another way to prevent weed growth. This resin-based mortar is very elastic and weather-resistant. If it is swept into the cleaned joints with a broom after weed removal, dandelions and Co. have no chance.

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