What do tree frogs eat

Animals: Tree frog - The noisemaker

The pretty, leaf-green tree frog is one of the most famous amphibian species in Germany. The frog species is widespread in Europe and is nevertheless critically endangered. Environmental changes endanger the habitat of the tree frog.

Pretty loud, that tree frog!

Wherever he appears, there's something for the ears: Up to 90 decibels the tree frog can croak loudly thanks to its sound bladder on the throat. It makes as much noise as a truck driving by.

During the mating season, the males even make a noise in chorus to attract females. But the squeaky green frogs not only spit great sounds - they actually have a special talent: that Climb. With adhesive discs that sit like small suction cups on their fingers and toes, they climb bushes, trees and even window panes.

General information about the tree frog

Tree frogs (Hyla arborea) are one of seven native frog species. They feel at home near sunny ponds, ponds and pools. Because many bodies of water are polluted or filled in, they are discovered less and less often.

The size and weight of an adult tree frog

Tree frogs are between 40 and 50 millimeters in size and four to seven grams in weight.

What does a tree frog eat?

The frogs usually hunt for spiders and insects such as mosquitoes, flies and beetles at night.

Offspring among the tree frogs

Around four weeks after mating in May, the female buries five to 22 eggs. The young hatch in August.