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Fiat Punto

About Fiat Punto

The Fiat Punto on the test bench: Here you can find out everything about the little Italian. Expert editors and recognized automotive experts give you a clear picture of its weaknesses and strengths. Vehicle owners share their experiences with their model with you. Do you want to know if the Fiat Punto will be your new one? Find out at!

Punto: a Fiat with many equipment options

The first generation (Type 176) of the Fiat Punto conquered the German market from 1993. The model, available as a three-, five-door and convertible, rose to become the best-selling car in Europe by 1996. A small facelift followed in 1997. The engines range from 54 to 133 hp. The number in the model name can be used to round off the power: For example, the Punto 75 produces 73 hp, the engine in the Punto TD 60 has 63 hp. Important body parts are galvanized in this generation.

The successor (Type 188) came onto the market from 1999 to 2007. In this series, Fiat did without the convertible. The special steering power assistance starts automatically below 50 km / h, it enables very good maneuverability in city traffic with little effort. The facelift appeared in 2003. In this generation, the numbers in the model designation stand for the displacement. The six millionth Punto rolled off the production line in mid-2005.

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The Type 199 went on sale from 2005 to 2018. It is significantly larger than its two predecessors and for this reason has the addition “Grande” in its name in the first few years, from 2009 it was called Punto Evo, then again Punto. With five out of five possible stars, it achieved a very good rating in terms of safety in the NCAP crash test. In the meantime, the cute little car has been transformed into a little athlete: the lightweight from 1,040 to 1,280 kg is no longer available below 65 hp. There are different Abarth variants with up to 179 hp and a natural gas version ex works.

Fiat Punto and its weak points

In the main inspections, the Punto Grande comes off quite mediocre. Leaky dampers and defective drive shafts were noticed. In some cases, the braking effect was too low: Defects in the lighting, ailing exhaust systems and oil leakage occurred frequently. There were also several product recalls - for example due to broken suspension springs, problems with the steering or broken cables.

On the other hand, the engine impresses with its above-average quality: After an endurance test with the 1.3 diesel over 100,000 km by Autobild, the follow-up examination confirmed the very good quality of the components; the measurement results were within the tolerance range of new parts. The predecessor also performed excellently in similar tests.

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Fiat Punto used: look carefully!

A Fiat Punto 1.3 JTD 70 built in 2003 cost almost 12,700 euros new. In 2018, the fifteen-year-old used car is still worth 2,200 euros. For this residual value, however, it must be in first-class condition.

The used Fiat Punto shouldn't have too many kilometers on the clock. During the inspection, take a look at the TÜV reports and the invoices. The checkbook should be complete and the TÜV new.


The Fiat Punto is definitely a good choice if you are looking for a small car. There is an attractive equipment variant for every taste. The engine runs reliably and has a long service life.