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Armistice Agreement in Vietnam

A new era began in Vietnam. To decades of war A ceasefire agreement was signed between the United States and North Vietnam earlier this year. The American military units withdrew from the north of divided Vietnam and the country was able to devote itself to peaceful tasks again for the first time.
In the summer of South American Chile, a state of emergency broke out, culminating in a bloody military coup on September 11, which at the beginning alone killed around 3,000 Chileans. Salvador Allende's attempt to establish democracy in Chile had failed. Economically, the country was very unstable due to the American and international boycotts. The military under general Augusto Pinochet took power in the country that many Chileans left because of numerous human rights violations and increasing torture. The Chilean poet and Nobel Prize winner died on September 23, and his funeral, which was attended by thousands of people, became the first open protest against the military junta.
1973 was also marked by the first major oil crisis. The oil price was raised by 70 percent by OPEC, and the effects were felt worldwide.
Asia and Europe moved closer together: in Istanbul the President opened theTurkey, Fahri Korutürk, the bridge over the Bosphorus. In America, the New York “World Trade Center” was opened in the same year.

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Who was Federal Chancellor in 1973?
Willy Brandt was Federal Chancellor in 1973
Who was the Federal President in 1973?
Gustav Heinemann was Federal President in 1973
Who Was President of the United States in 1973?
1973 wasRichard Nixon american president
Who was the German champion in 1973?
TheFC Bayern Munich was German champion in 1973
Who was Formula 1 World Champion in 1973?
Jackie Stewart was Formula 1 World Champion in 1973 with a Tyrrell-Ford
Who won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1973?
Luxembourg won the with Anne-Marie Davids and "Tu te reconnaîtra"ESC 1973
What was the word of 1973?
The word of 1973 was rebellious.
After that, the word of the year did not appear again until 1977
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1973 prices

Petrol price 1973 - Normal 0.70 DM - Super 0.77 DM - Diesel 0.71 DM
1973 gold award - $ 121.00 / oz
1973 heating oil price - DM 0.23
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Major Events & Headlines 1973

January 1st
In the Federal Republic of Germany, basic military service was shortened by three months. Instead of 18 months, only 15 months had to be completed.
January 1st
The countries of Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde, Timor, São Tomé, Principe and Macao received internal autonomy from Portugal.
January 1st
Great Britain, Ireland and Denmark became new members of the European at the beginning of the year.
January 1st
The district reform came into force in the state of Baden-Württemberg. The number of counties was reduced from 63 to 35. The nine city districts have been preserved.
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February 1st
Bernhard Grzimek, the director of the Frankfurt Zoo, resigned from his position as nature conservation officer. Grzimek justified this decision with the fact that he had not been able to enforce his goals for nature conservation with the federal government during his two-year term in office.
February 2nd
With a majority of the CDU / CSU-governed countries, i.e. with 21 to 20 votes, the German Federal Council rejected the proposal to ratify the basic treaty between the GDR and the Federal Republic of Germany.
February 2nd
In addition to 29 other cardinals, Pope Paul VI appointed Hermann Volk, the previous bishop of Mainz. The College of Cardinals now had 145 members, 30 of whom were over 80 years old.
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1st March
In Karthum, the Saudi Arabian embassy was attacked by the Palestinian terrorist group Black September. Several diplomats were taken hostage.
2nd March
The Vietnam Conference took place in Paris on February 26th. Finally, the twelve foreign ministers taking part signed the final act of the negotiations, which were supposed to guarantee compliance with the ceasefire in Vietnam and to transform the ceasefire into a lasting peace.
3 March
In his speech from the throne, King Hasan II of Morocco announced that the national fishing waters would be expanded from twelve to 70 nautical miles in Spain's territory.
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April 1st
A demonstration took place in Trafalgar Square, London, against the plans to convert Covent Garden, the only parkland in central London. A citizens' initiative founded in 1971 called for the protest.
April 1st
US President Richard M. Nixon gave White House staff permission to testify before the Watergate Committee of Inquiry.
2nd of April
The newly elected French National Assembly on March 11 met for its constituent session. The previous Minister of Social Affairs Edgar Faure was elected as the new President.
2nd of April
The GDR issued press cards to journalists from the Federal Republic of Germany and West Berlin for the first time, legitimizing them as Eastern correspondents in the GDR.
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Top 10 charts 1973

1st of May
This year's May rally of the German Trade Union Fund (DGB) had the inflationary development and the conflict between the opposition groups within the union as a topic.
The Federal Forest Act for the preservation of the forest because of its economic benefits, its importance for the environment and its recreational function was passed by the Bundestag.
NATO formed the multinational English Channel fleet, which consisted of mine clearance boats from the Belgian, British and Dutch navies.
May 3
Numerical measures and weights were used in Great Britain until 1975.
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June 1st
In Greece, dictator Georgios Papadopoulos proclaimed the republic.
2th of June
The Van Gogh Museum was opened in the Dutch capital, Amsterdam.
3rd of June
With immediate effect, Pope Paul VI. the tonsure from the monks, which had been common since the 6th century.
June 4th
The first ATM was patented.
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Top 5 cinema charts 1973

Two heaven dogs on their way to hell
My name is Nobody
James Bond 007 - Live and Let Die
The last tango in Paris
The 1973 film year

July 1
The Chilean government declared a state of emergency in their country.
3rd of July
On the initiative of the Warsaw Pact, the Conference on Security and Cooperation (CSCE) took place in the Finnish capital Helsinki for the first time. It lasted until July 7, 1973.
4th of July
In the "Treaty of Chaguaramas" the Caribbean Community was established.
5th July
After a bloodless coup, the military in Rwanda took power in the country.
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Hit 1973

Demis Roussos - goodbye my love goodbye
Rex Gildo - fiesta mexikana
Jürgen Marcus - A festival of love
Bernd Glüver - The boy with the harmonica
Elfie Graf - hearts have no windows
Cindy & Bert - always on Sundays
Nina & Mike - traveling musicians
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August 1st
The Chairman of the State Council of the GDR, Walter Ulbricht died in Berlin (East). Ulbricht was born on June 30, 1893 in Leipzig.
August 2nd
The federal government rejected allegations of illegal wiretapping practices by the US Army intelligence service in the Federal Republic of Germany after “careful examination” as “unfounded”.
August 2nd
In Ottawa, the British Queen Elizabeth II opened the 19th Commonwealth Conference, which lasted until August 10th. The 32 member states called on all countries to negotiate on the cessation of nuclear weapons tests.All events in August 1973

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September 1
The Dutchman Johan Witteveen became the new director of the IMF (International Monetary Fund).
September 1
Won at Nihon Budokan in Tokyo (Japan) George Foreman the boxing match against José (King) Roman by knockout and became world heavyweight champion.
September 2nd
All French armed forces were withdrawn from Madagascar.
September 2nd
The British writer and philologist J. R. R. Tolkien died in Bournemouth. Tolkien was born on January 3, 1892 in Bloemfontain, South Africa. Tolkien was a. famous for his trilogy "Lord of the Rings".
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Top 5 Bundesliga 1972/73

FC Bayern Munich
1. FC Cologne
Fortuna Dusseldorf
Wuppertal SV
Borussia Monchengladbach
The sporting year 1973

October 1
Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir called on Austria to reverse the guerrillas' forced closure of the transit camp for Jewish emigrants from the USSR.
October 1
The Bundeswehr universities in Neubiberg near Munich and in Hamburg started teaching.
October 1
Pope Paul VI received the Dalai Lama, the spiritual and secular head of the Tibetans.
October 2nd
Great Britain withdrew its fishing fleet from the controversial 50-mile zone around Iceland, ending the fishing dispute with Iceland.
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Auto premieres 1973
Volkswagen built a car with a water-cooled front engine for the first time. It was called the Passat and, after the Beetle, another era began that will continue to exist 30 years later. The Passat was available as 2 and 4-door models with 3 engine variants.
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1st of November
Three Irish Republican Army (IRA) leaders detained in Dublin's Mountjoy prison were liberated in a spectacular operation.
1st of November
Sierra Leone, Gabon and Kenya severed diplomatic relations with Israel. Only the Ivory Coast was the only significant African country to have official contacts with Israel.
November 2
A plane hijacking failed in Moscow. Two air pirates were shot dead in a gun battle.
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December 1
The co-founder of the State of Israel, David Ben Gurion, died in Tel Aviv at the age of 87.
2. December
The Arab states, Egypt and Libya officially severed their diplomatic relations.
2. December
In Cleveland, Ohio, Australia won the Davis Cup final against the USA 5-0.
2. December
British Foreign Secretary Alexander Frederick Douglas-Horne is on an official four-day visit to the Soviet Union. In the extremely frosty relationship since 1971 because of the expulsion of 105 Soviet diplomats, a turnaround is emerging.
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Most popular first names in 1973

Maiden names
Nicole, Stephanie, Sandra, Claudia, Anja, Daniela, Tanja, Katrin, Andrea, Melanie, Silke, Bianca
Boy names
Michael, Markus, Andreas, Alexander, Thomas, Stefan, Oliver, Matthias, Christian, Martin, Sven
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Nobel Prizes 1973 Nobel Prize Winner

Nobel Prize in Physics: Leo Esaki, Ivar Giaever and Brian D. Josephson
Nobel Prize in Chemistry: Ernst Otto Fischer and Geoffrey Wilkinson
Nobel Prize Medicine: Karl von Frisch, Konrad Lorenz and Nikolaas Tinbergen
Nobel Prize in Literature: Patrick White
Nobel Peace Prize: Henry Kissinger and Lê Đ & 1973.html # 7913; c Th & 1973.html # 7885;
Nobel Prize in Economics: Wassily Leontief

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The band AC / DC, Kiss andBad Company are founded

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