How To Easily Hack Facebook 2014

Hack Facebook account: what works and what doesn't?

Facebook has long been considered a data octopus. Many users enter sensitive information and private data in their profile that do not belong to the public. With this data, e.g. B. the exact date of birth, paired with place of birth and real first and last name, experienced cybercriminals can already cause a lot of damage. But hacking the Facebook account itself can also be a great personal danger.

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As a rule, one comes up with the idea of ​​hacking Facebook in order to harm someone, to spy on the ex-girlfriend or to wipe out Nelson or Milhouse from school or to play a prank. Even if you suspect that your girlfriend is cheating, the idea of ​​trying to hack her Facebook account comes to mind. As is so often the case when it comes to the subject of “hacking”, it is of course not allowed to gain unauthorized access to other profiles even with the number one social network. In order to protect yourself from a hacker attack on Facebook, you should choose a secure password. Passwords such as "Password123" or your own name are unsuitable. Choose a long password, ideally with special characters and numbers, to secure your Facebook account.

Overview of Facebook alternatives

Hack your own Facebook account

Often it occurs to you that you want to hack your own Facebook account as soon as your own password has been forgotten. However, this is usually not necessary, at least Facebook offers a few options for recovering the password. To do this, simply click on "Forgot your password" when logging in and follow the instructions on the screen. If you no longer know your access data, you have to create a new account for better or worse.

Hack tools for Facebook account

Of course there are also some cyber thieves who would like to hack other people's Facebook accounts cheaply. Various instructions and tools are circulating on YouTube that promise to hack a Facebook account. If you download this tool, however, the rude awakening follows in a short time: You haven't got yourself a tool to hack a Facebook account, but have become the victim of a Facebook hack yourself. As a rule, these tools pretend that after logging in with your own Facebook account, you get access to various ways to spy out Facebook passwords from friends. If you have entered your password and login here, you have fallen directly into the phishing trap. The provider of the tool now has access to your Facebook profile and can insult friends, send spam and malware or carry out other virtual malicious acts at your expense on your behalf. If you can't wait to start the Facebook Hack Tool download, you have given your data to data thieves at this moment. The plan to hack someone else's profile on Facebook has thus become an own goal. Cyber ​​criminals can also hack your Facebook account with Facebook viruses. So keep your hands off those tools that promise to crack a Facebook account!

Hack Facebook account: Cyber ​​gangsters take advantage of private data

A more harmless, but no less damaging way to add damage to your Facebook profile is to use your Facebook data that you provide yourself. Does the potential crook have a valid email address from you and collects important data at the same time, e.g. B. your place of birth, your date of birth etc. from your profile, the hacker can use it to crack other accounts and logins from you. With many logins, e.g. B. the provider or the PS-Network, you can recover a lost password by answering a security question of your choice, or create a new one. Potential answers such as "Where were you born?", "What is your mother's maiden name" or "Name your favorite color" can often be read by hackers from your Facebook profiles.

In this way and with data collected on Facebook, z. B. In the past year, various FIFA Ultimate Team accounts and much more. looted. So think carefully about what data you reveal on Facebook. Resourceful IT specialists keep finding ways to hack Facebook profiles. Only a few weeks ago z. For example, an honest hacker discovers a method that allows vulnerabilities in the source code to break into another profile within 60 seconds. However, this PC user did not do this for low motives, but wanted to point out weaknesses in the portal to the creators of the social network.

After all, there was a reward of US $ 20,000 for the help. Corresponding security holes for hacking Facebook are usually removed quickly. Should you actually get the idea to hack someone else's Facebook account, you go into criminal territory. To prevent yourself from becoming victims of Facebook hackers who read your data and spy on images, you should regularly change the password for your Facebook account. In addition, you should always use different passwords for all accounts on the Internet. It was recently revealed that 16 million email identities had been stolen.

This not only enables data thieves to read e-mail accounts, but also to gain access to Facebook and Co. if the same or slightly modified login details have been used. If you want to check whether someone wanted to gain unauthorized access to your Facebook account, you can do this in the settings on your profile. In the settings select the section "Security". Under “Where do you log in from” you can see from which locations your Facebook profile was accessed on the various platforms (browser, Facebook for iOS, Facebook for Android and others). If you notice unknown or suspicious places here, select "End activity" and change your password immediately. for Facebook access.

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