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How to Save WhatsApp Photos to Gallery

In this guide, I will explain how to save WhatsApp photos to gallery. I am telling you what to do to make sure that all the photos shared in the messaging application have been saved on your phone before deleting them. If you agree then let's get started.

How to Save WhatsApp Photos to Gallery

If you are wondering how to save WhatsApp photos in gallery, the first thing you should do is back up WhatsApp chats. This way you avoid the irreparable on Android or iOS. If you make a mistake, you can easily revert to the previous situation.

By default, however, it should not be necessary Save WhatsApp photos in the gallery. The action should be carried out automatically by the system. The only caution you should use when clearing calls is to disable it the Option "Media from the phone Clear.

Also, to make sure you are saving WhatsApp photos to Gallery, you should double check that you have your options for Not saving the photos eitherhave changed. I'm talking about the settings for that automatic photo download. They're active by default, so you shouldn't have any problems. However, it is always a good idea to check. Especially on the iPhonethat next to the general option as well individual choices for the Storage of media in each chat offers. On iOS, it would also be better to access the most important chats, tap the name at the top and check if the option "Save media in photo roll" does not was changed.

Where WhatsApp photos are stored

One more thing to know if you are wondering how to do Save WhatsApp photos in the gallery can, is, that the photos in a certain place on your phone saved become. If you Android you should use all of them Photos you in the WhatsApp album have received, in the Gallery app. While the submitted photosinvisible and you can find them in the Sent folder, there is the .nomedia file that makes them disappear from the gallery. It happens a bit like when you do Hide photos on Android want.

On the iPhone should be the operating system WhatsApp photos automatically save in the gallery. However, if for some reason they weren't automatically downloaded, you can use the file manager (for safety reasons) do not useto find and save them manually. You need to be with Whatsapp log on to the appropriate Chat access the Username tap and the shared media via the option "Media, Links and documents " Show. As you scroll through the photos, just press the button "Share" and choose "Save"to save them to the roll or to another location.