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How much does a schnitzel weigh? (Wiener, Jäger, Mini ...)

In this article you get what the title promises: We take a look at what a single schnitzel weighs and how much its usual variants weigh.

A normal pork schnitzel is around 125 grams with breading. Without breading, a schnitzel is 100 grams. This applies to every common type of meat. Occasionally beef moves slightly upwards.

Overview: Weight of schnitzel (raw)

In the following overview you will find the weight of different schnitzel from different manufacturers and publishers. In each case, a “unit” is assumed or a “usual purchase quantity is specified if they are not pre-portioned (as at the butcher's).

How much does a schnitzel weigh on average?

A schnitzel with breading weighs an average of 125 grams, a schnitzel without breading weighs an average of 100 grams, regardless of the type of meat selected. Mini-schnitzel or giant schnitzel deviate strongly up and down from this average.

Vegan or vegetarian schnitzel are based on their meat variant and are also 125 grams.

How much does a schnitzel weigh in a restaurant?

The weight of a schnitzel in a restaurant (obviously) varies from restaurant to restaurant. There is also no fixed rule how big a schnitzel should be in a restaurant. Therefore, the following values ​​have been compiled from various online offers and experiences:

A schnitzel in a restaurant weighs 150 grams (with breading). Beef schnitzel tends to weigh more, sometimes up to 200 grams. Schnitzel in children's dishes weigh half.

With these figures, however, one thing should be considered: a pure schnitzel is rarely served. Often there are French fries or baked potatoes - so the size of the schnitzel is not directly responsible for satisfying hunger.

How much does a mini schnitzel weigh?

Mini-Schnitzel are purely a retail product. Accordingly, each manufacturer defines when a schnitzel is a mini-schnitzel. So there are not only different sizes between the producers, but also in one pack.

A mini schnitzel weighs around 43 grams. However, the weight can vary greatly and should always be compared if necessary.

How much does a chicken schnitzel weigh?

A chicken schnitzel weighs 125 grams with breading and 100 grams without breading. At best, this weight should be used as a reference value. Chicken meat is a natural product and is therefore subject to natural fluctuations.

How much does a Wiener Schnitzel weigh?

A classic Viennese schnitzel as veal weighs 150 grams without breading. With the classic breading, the weight can increase to 200 grams. With a few grams, any lemon juice has practically no noticeable impact on the weight of the schnitzel.

How much does a hunter schnitzel weigh?

A classic hunter schnitzel weighs 150 grams, the weight of a hunter schnitzel is increased to 200 by the breading. Approximately 125 grams of mushrooms add to the weight of a hunter schnitzel. The sauce, however, can almost be neglected.

A classic hunter schnitzel therefore weighs 475 grams per serving.

How much does a schnitzel roll weigh?

With a schnitzel roll, a classic schnitzel is packed into a normal roll. That means 150 grams of meat plus 50 grams of breading are put into a roll of 70 grams. This means:

A schnitzel roll weighs an average of 270 grams.