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Original V3.19 AK90 AK90 + Key Programmer for All BMW EWS

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BMW AK90 + Key Programmer for All BMW EWS FAQ

Q: I bought AK9 + for my BMW Z3, ‚Äč‚Äčthere is a OD28J MCU, can I do OD28J MCU directly as OD46J?

A: NO, please do not do it or it make EWS ECU broken.

Q: Can it copy and programe keys?
A: NO, AK90 cannot copy keys, but it can do BMW EWS keys program.

Q: My vehicle is BMW E38 from year 1998, can you offer key programmer which can rewrite EWS data and code the new auto chips keys?
A: You can use AK90 + which is best for BMW EWS keys.

Q: How AK90 + do keys?
A: 1. BMW EWS system should read our immo data
Make keys via immo data.

Q: My BMW E39 from 1998 year spare key is stolen, can I make a new key and change the old key chip?
A: You can try AK90 +.

Q: I hope I can also make BMW EWS till year 2006, I have the original DIS GT1 diagnostic tool, but it cannot rewrite EWS data clearly.
A: For BMW EWS keys, you can buy AK90 +.

Q: Do you have AK90 + user manual?
A: No, there is no user manual.

Q: Does it need any Security key when I use AK90 +?
A: After you open the software, the software will automatically detect AK90, on the detect operation, it will displays that it is reading security key, just a tip.

Q: The following is the software interface of AK90, what are the name, company and serail of AK90?

A: You can enter anything you want.

Q: What kind of vehicles keys can AK90 do? Similar with AK500 +?
A: AK90 is for BMW EWS keys, AK500 + is for Benz keys.

Q: What kind of BMW keys can AK90 do? All of BMW vehicle keys?
A: It is for BMW EWS. For BMW, we have AK90 and AK300, CKM200, digimaster3.