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Karsten Salzig

Monday, 12-01-15 18:21

How I miss my old home Hope I can finally go back for a few weeks in the summer.

Ronny K.

Thursday, 23-10-14 04:51

They have a really nice website. Very extensive and informative. I really enjoyed my stay here. Best wishes.

Inge Wagner from Schneeberg

Wednesday, 22-10-14 12:16

[email protected]

The wait was worth it! When we were finally able to use the sauna again after renovating the sauna, we were pleasantly surprised. It is amazing how you can create a little piece of jewelry with colored tiles and light effects. Our "Sauna Club" celebrated its 12th anniversary this year. Because of the family atmosphere, the cleanliness in the entire house and a team that always tries to meet the wishes of its guests, we have felt very comfortable all the years. For this we would like to say "thank you" very much.
We women from the sauna club soaking wet

Horst and Ina Weigel from 08064 Zwickau

Thursday, 25-09-14 13:34

[email protected]

Good luck to the entire felt team,
the dragon boat race was again great and the weather couldn't hold us back either. It was another successful day. We are already looking forward to the next bathing and event season with you. Have to cheer on our violets of FCE Aue in winter, that the league is managed. Horst and Ina Weigel wish you a great time

Hartmut Leitert from Schneeberg

Monday, 15-09-14 15:58

[email protected]

Hello dear Filzteich team,
The sauna and sauerkraut fighters (SSK) would like to thank the Filzteicht team led by Thomas Sanftleben and Stadtwerke Schneeberg for the excellent organization of the 2014 Dragon Boat Race.
The "SSK"

Jan Rößler from Schneeberg

Thursday, 04-09-14 10:46

[email protected]

4. SSV Aue / Schneeberg training camp

Also this year the trainers of the SV Schneeberg swimming department organized the training camp at Filzteich, with a record participation of 48 active swimmers from Aue and Schneeberg. In the week from 25.08.-29.08. the children and young people were prepared for the upcoming competition year. Daily cycling, jogging, course runs as well as combination games, pedal and rowing boat rides were on the program. For the "tough guys" there was also the opportunity to swim and jump, which was a real challenge at 17-18 ° C.
One day we used the gym of the former hunter barracks due to the weather, as the continuous rain made it impossible to carry out the activities outdoors. With a varied course, strength training on the wall bars and medicine balls, we were able to use this day intensively.
At the end of the training camp, a triathlon was held again. The athletes completed a 10 km or 5 km long bicycle route, then a 5 km / 3.5 km running route and finally a swimming unit that each swimmer could design individually (at 17 ° C). However, all athletes were in the water! Afterwards there was a barbecue and a leisurely evaluation, everyone agreed: "We'll be back next year!"

The trainers would like to thank the Stadtwerke am Filzteich team for their support and help, without whose participation a successful training camp with this high level of participation would not have been possible.

Tom Scheibner from Chemnitz

Wednesday, 06-08-14 15:52

[email protected]

The riot police 312 thanks them warmly for the committed and unproblematic support of those responsible for the felt pond. This year, too, we were able to look back on a successful internal police triathlon. In the best conditions, 35 officers were able to successfully demonstrate their skills in the disciplines of swimming, cycling and running.
I thank you on behalf of the participants and hope for continued good cooperation.

Phillipp Sitter

Wednesday, 23-07-14 14:26

[email protected]

Nice homepage respect! Keep it up! Greetings and all the best :-)

Ute Lehmann from Schneebrg

Sunday, 29-06-14 14:57

[email protected]

Dear public utility team,
we, the children and teachers of the Pestalozzi -GS Schneeberg, would like to thank you very much for the successful day at Filzteich (19.06.14). The team triathlon was a successful competition for everyone. Special thanks go to Thomas Sanftleben and Bernd Friem, who actively supported us in the preparation and implementation. We would love to come back.
You're great!

Ralph Wagner

Monday, 17-03-14 22:17

Hello Stadtwerker,

On Saturday we found a nice surprise from you in our mail.
Thank you for winning 1000 kWh of electricity. We were very happy and wish
we will continue to have a good cooperation in the future.

Greetings from the married couple Ralph and Kerstin Wagner