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Disposable addresses: Receive emails securely and anonymously

Disposable Email Addresses - The secure and anonymous way to receive email You are probably familiar with this situation: You would like to shop on the Internet, you have also discovered the right online shop and must now register with your personal data so that the process can be continued. In most cases you will also be asked to provide your personal email address. Only after you have done this and clicked on the activation link that you have received by e-mail will you be able to complete the order.

Not too much time goes by and unwanted messages of dubious promotions land in your inbox. This phenomenon is called spam. Everyone knows it and everyone hates it. You may have a "fake email address" with an email provider to work around this exact problem, or you might want to get one, but that takes time and that leaves you with a second one Account with a username and password.

But it is also much easier - with a so-called disposable e-mail address. In our guide we will tell you what it is, how they work and where you can easily get such addresses.

What is a disposable email address and what is it used for?

Disposable Email Addresses - The secure and anonymous way to receive email A throw-away e-mail address is understood to be an e-mail address that is only valid for a limited period of time. The user selects one of the many providers, can be assigned an address and can use this for a certain period of time.

As already described, these addresses are useful to avoid spam in your personal inbox if you have to enter a "unique" e-mail address during a registration process or similar. There are even e-mail providers who provide so-called alias e-mail addresses (also known as fun addresses). These can be deleted as soon as the user notices that too many spam e-mails are ending up in their folder. However, if you value data protection and anonymity, a disposable email address is ideal.

The advantages of a disposable email address at a glance

During registration processes in which you are asked to provide a "unique" e-mail address, you can be sure that no personal and sensitive data can be passed on to third parties. If you use a disposable email address or an alias email address, nobody can understand who is behind it. Please do not forget: Anyone who is doing mischief can still be identified by certain authorities via IP address.
  • Registration process possible without spending a lot of time
If the user has decided on a provider of a disposable e-mail address, he is immediately assigned a ready-made address. He can then use it by copying it to the clipboard. In the same open browser window, he will then receive the e-mail with the corresponding activation link that he must click on. Some providers even have an answer function.
Selected email providers
with alias addresses
If the user uses the alias e-mail address of an e-mail provider, he can send the spam e-mails to a specific folder. These are collected there and can all be deleted together with little effort. If you no longer need the alias e-mail address, you can easily delete it and get rid of all spam e-mails you have received so far.

13 popular disposable email providers at a glance: