What is Web Coated Swop v2



Profile Name: SWOP2006_Coated3v2.icc

Profile Provider: Idealliance

Copyright: X-Rite
This profile is made available by IDEAlliance, with permission of X-Rite, Inc., and may be used, embedded, exchanged, and shared without restriction. It may not be altered, or sold without written permission of IDEAlliance.

Separation details:
TAC: 300% UCR / GCR: Medium GCR Max black: 100% TVI: 17%

Profile ID: f7b89b0445878f17ebb85d7515da9a98

Unique rendering intents: AToB0, AToB1, AToB2, BToA0, BToA1, BToA2

Perceptual Reference Medium Gamut: No


Printing Condition

ISO 12647 printing condition: ISO 12647-2: 2004

Printing process definition: Web Offset CTP plates ISO 2846-1 Inks - Variable screen frequency / G7 Methodology / Grade # 3 paper


Characterization data

Reference Name: CGATS TR003

Target data:CGATS-SWOP-TR003-2007.zip