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The "Wunda" Jazz Gitti is 75

Most recently, due to the corona, the musician and dancer did not have the opportunity to perform in front of an audience - much to her regret. "I need people to sing, abuse and entertain. This is my elixir of life. I feel like fifteen on stage," she recently told the "Kronen Zeitung". A comeback with their "Discokillers" is obviously already being worked hard - even if there are no specific concert dates yet: "We'll start again with concert rehearsals, play old and new hits, and I'll be printing slices."

The popular figure who was born Martha Bohdal in Vienna on May 13, 1946, never fell on the lips anyway. At the age of 16 she won a youth competition with the song "Lulila". An album was being planned, but a visit to relatives in Israel and love came in between. The singer married and lived in Haifa until 1971, where she gave birth to her daughter Shlomit in 1965. After returning to Austria, she first worked as a waitress in a jazz club before she became a restaurateur herself and in 1973 founded the "Cafe Zuckerl". Two years later, the first Viennese jazz wine tavern was to follow, to which it owes its nickname at the time and now its artist name.

She took her first musical steps in the domestic concert scene in the early 1980s with the Austrian stage berserkers by Drahdiwaberl. With her own band, the Discokillers, she toured through Austria and Germany in the following years with a mixture of jazz and blues standards as well as Schlager songs.

In 1990 "Wunda" followed and the breakthrough, for 190,000 copies of the hit single "Kränk die net" sold, she received a "World Music Award" in 1991. To date, she has released a total of 15 studio albums, some of which have achieved gold and platinum status. Asked by the "Standard" last year whether there is a favorite song in her oeuvre, she said: "Well, I'm fine with all of them. But one thing goes like this: 'There are so many idiots up there, people love that, and why? Because it's true! "

Although music is the mainstay of the stately singer, Jazz Gitti repeatedly dared to go on small excursions into the theater, appeared in musicals and was part of the ORF satirical format "Tohuwabohu" in the early 1990s. TV appearances also brought her a role in "Kaisermühlen Blues" or the quiz "What's new".

In 2016 she danced her way into the hearts of the audience on the ORF show "Dancing Stars" and reached fifth place. However, her participation in the successful format had legal consequences: artist agent Marika Lichter sued Jazz Gitti for payment of a fee, as she had only become a candidate due to Lichter's mediation work. However, the lawsuit was dismissed.

The extroverted entertainer has never made a murder pit out of her heart. As unmistakable as she was in her fullness, her tone was direct - on stage and in interviews. Politically, she has never made a secret of being "a Red" and having turned down various offers for a lateral entry - because: "I am a popular person across Austria, so why should I make myself unpopular?"

In terms of health, it was not always easy for Jazz Gitti. She reported on knee operations, heart problems, depression and diabetes - which led to her radically changing her way of life and losing weight from 120 to 75 kilos a few years ago. So slim, she ended up in bed with songwriter Voodoo Jürgens in 2019 - in the video of "'S klane Glücksspiel" on the album of the same name. Her voice can also be heard in the song, which probably earned her a few points of nonchalance among the young audience apart from pop pop.

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