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"We are here and we are many!": 185 actors and actresses come out

Your own sexual orientation is still a taboo subject in the film and television world. 185 actors want to take action against this: In the current issue of "SZ Magazin" they therefore come out as lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, non-binary or trans.

"We are here and we are many!" - with these words begins the manifesto of 185 actors and actresses, which is printed in the current issue of the "SZ Magazin" of the "Süddeutsche Zeitung". In it, they jointly come out as lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, non-binary or trans. The aim of her newly founded group "#actout" is to create visibility, initiate a debate and break taboos.

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The signatories include famous film and television faces such as Mark Waschke ("Tatort"), Jannik Schümann ("So Close to the Horizon"), Maren Kroymann ("Grandson for Beginners"), Ulrich Matthes ("Das Boot"), Ulrike Folkerts ("Tatort") or Jochen Schropp ("Big Brother"). Some of them had come out in the past. Others, in turn, would now take this step together, it says in the manifesto.

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One of the most important concerns of the alliance is to do away with the apparent incompatibility between one's own sexual or gender identity and the roles to be played: "We don't have to be what we play," emphasize the artists. "We play as if we were - that's our job".

"An act of self-love"

Six of the actors, including Karin Hanczewski ("Tatort") and Jonathan Berlin ("The Third King"), also gave "SZ Magazin" a detailed interview in which they talked about prejudices and role stereotypes. "I have long since believed that I am part of an open, diverse society, but that also means that minorities are visible," said Berlin. He has "the feeling that the time is very ripe" for a public coming-out. For him personally it is "almost an act of self-love" to come out.

Hanczewski, on the other hand, reports on specific situations in which she was advised not to mention her sexual orientation: "I was always told not to come out." If she takes her partner to the set with her, it is usually not a problem. "The public coming-out was demonized, that in front of the audience, in front of the public." Even after she had accepted the role of "Tatort" commissioner Karin Gorniak, she was told: "If you come out, I can no longer cast you," she was told. The actor Mehmet Ateşçi ("injury time") reports a similar experience. When asked whether the interview was a life decision for them, all six actors answered "yes".

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