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Yet the events of the last two years have shown just how much the market relies on consumer confidence and how dangerous, and ultimately expensive, it is for all concerned to permit lax standards in food safety.
But the events of the last two years have shown how much the market depends on consumer confidence and how dangerous and ultimately expensive it is for everyone involved in the area of ​​food safety lax Allow standards.
Treatment of overdosage of Tandemact primarily consists of preventing absorption of glimepiride by inducing vomiting and then drinking water or lemonade with activated charcoal (adsorbent) and sodium-sulphate (laxative
Treatment of overdose with Tandemact consists primarily of inducing vomiting, followed by drinking activated charcoal (adsorbent) and sodium sulfate (Laxative) in water or lemonade to prevent the absorption of glimepiride
Since you asked, Bridge protocols have become somewhat lax.
Since you've been asking, bridge regulations are something relaxed.
It would also prevent excessively lax, political interpretation of the entry criteria.
On the other hand, the danger would be too far interpreted political interpretation of the accession criteria.
It is generally much less lax at customs for travelers' home countries.
Free DVD players and films are also given out on some trains.
The point of the texty.org.ua experiment, according to the journalists, is to continue raising awareness of the dangers of lax information and communication security policies of the Ukrainian state.
According to the Ukrainian journalists who carried out the experiment published on Texty.org.ua, the main finding is that there is a need to become more aware of the dangers of a lax behavior with information and security guidelines related to the internal communication of the Ukrainian state.
This is not evidence of a slothful or lax Commission, but neither does it mean that we imagine that the sky is permanently blue, nor do these glasses have any rose tint.
That does not indicate a lazy and lax Commission. Nor does that mean that the sky is always blue for us; these glasses have no pink tint either.
Most countries with protected economies and lax protection of property rights languish.
Most of the countries with protectionist economic policies and little protected property rights wither away.
It is added to usual laxative treatment
It is used in addition to the usual treatment Laxantia given
She has also appeared in the Steven Soderbergh directed feature film The Limey as well as television shows Touched by an Angel, LAX, First Monday and The District.
Directed by Steven Soderbergh, she has inter alia. participated in the feature film The Limey, as well as in several TV series such as A Touch of Heaven, Lax, First Monday and The District.
This is an indication of the lax attitude in this country to the enforcement of waste laws.
In this context, the lax Charged with setting this country in enforcement of waste laws.
An overly lax attitude in some Member States - in addition to being in contravention of the Directive - risks weakening protection in the EU as a whole, because with the free movement guaranteed by the Directive, data flows are likely to switch to the "least burdensome" point of export.
At the too indulgent The position of some Member States, apart from the fact that it is in breach of the directive, risks weakening protection across the EU because, due to the free movement of data guaranteed by the directive, the data flows are likely to be routed via the "least expensive" export routes .
Fortunately, the timing requirements are rather lax.
Fortunately, the timing requirements are pretty lax.
Injection sclerotherapy proved to be clearly superior than the use of bulk laxative. 36%, 23% and 35% compared to 59%, 58% and 72%, respectively, continued to bleed.
The sclerotherapy treatment proved to be superior to the regulation of bowel movements with a high-fiber diet. 36%, 23% and 35% respectively compared to 59%, 58% and 72% reported bleeding.
Shifts towards authoritarianism and lax Management of the economy have continued to tarnish the country's image, undermined the confidence of the community of sponsors and has encouraged the people to challenge the government.
By authoritarian excesses and one negligent Business management has also damaged the country's reputation, the trust of the donor community has been shaken, and popular discontent has increased.
The idea that Europe can counter low labor costs by making the most of its own comparative advantage, new technology, and lax rules with services of high quality, and that upon those foundations a new, modern, dynamic and competitive industry could be built, is precisely the creative idea that the Commission, and the Commissioner honoring us with his presence here today, as well as our common creation, the forum for shipping industries, have been promoting since 1991 with their initiatives.
The idea that Europe has its comparative advantage, the new technology, and the low circulation and loosen up The fact that regulations can oppose high-quality services and that a new, modern, dynamic and competitive industry can be built on this is the creative idea that the Commission with its initiatives and personally the Commissioner, who is honoring us today with his presence, as well as our common creation, that Maritime forum, cultivate.
Recent experiences in other fields have shown how detrimental an unduly lax approach can be to public perceptions of the role of the EU.
Recent experience in other areas shows that a too great laxism in this area can have a negative impact on the Union's perception of the role of the Union.
All in all, this framework should be a sufficiently strong deterrent against unduly lax fiscal policies
Overall, this legal framework is likely to be a sufficiently strong deterrent against one loose Be financial policy
Patients who suffer from defecatory disorders (outlet constipation) should be treated with bulk forming laxatives (Grade B) together with suppositories (e. G.
If there is a voiding disorder (outlet constipation), come Gel builder (Evidence level B) and local rectal evacuation aids (e.g.
Particularly in the area of ​​fraud, we have some Member States with a conspicuously high degree of susceptibility to fraud and with lax controls, compounded by the prevalence of an unacceptable laissez-faire attitude to recovery.
In the area of ​​fraud in particular, we have some Member States that are particularly susceptible to fraud and lax Controls attract attention, while unacceptable laissez-faire prevails in recovery.
In order to prevent the possible opening up of the immigration floodgates via the back door, I voted against Mr Lax's report.
I oppose the report so that the doors and gates may not be opened to immigration via the back door Lax agreed.
Community inspection requirement for registration of Puerto de Lax (Galicia) as a border inspection post.
Approval of the port of Lax (Galicia) as border inspection post - need for Community inspection.
‘Excessive consumption may produce laxative effects'.
"Can with excessive consumption have a laxative effect
Mr Varela, I am not sure to what extent this is a point of order and not purely a point of semantics, however, at any rate, I have been lax enough to allow you to speak and I thank you for your information, as I have noted Mrs Bonino has thanked you, with her customary grace.
Mr Varela, I do not know to what extent this is an issue of the agenda and not a purely semantic issue, but in any case this Presidency has, since it is so indulgent I have given you the floor and thank you for your information, as I have seen that Commissioner Bonino thanked you with the kindness that is characteristic of her.
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