How to work webcam acer ut220hql

Acer Crystal Eye software - this is how the webcam works

Acer notebooks are often sold with a camera integrated above the screen. You can use this as a webcam. The Acer Crystal Eye software is used for operation.

The newer generation of Acer laptops have an integrated webcam above the screen. You can operate this very easily by using the Crystal Eye software, which is integrated into the Acer software package and already preinstalled on your computer. If you purchased the notebook second-hand, you will find the Crystal Eye software either on the desktop, in the start bar or in the programs in the "Acer" folder.

Use the webcam of the Acer notebook

You can use the webcam with any program that is compatible with a webcam. Above all, this includes Skype, which enables free video telephony around the globe.

  1. Turn on your webcam. To do this, open the Crystal Eye software. Your webcam will be activated automatically.
  2. Now open Skype or another program that can use a webcam. Activate video telephony in Skype with the corresponding button. You can see yourself on the webcam.
  3. Call a friend and ask them to turn on their webcam too. You will now see your friend big and yourself small at the bottom of the screen.

The possibilities of the Crystal Eye software

Acer's Crystal Eye software not only works with software from the Internet, you can also use it as standalone software.

  • The Crystal Eye software allows you to take photos and videos, you can also do a simple post-processing.
  • Start the software and take a photo of yourself. You cannot rotate the webcam itself, but you can rotate your laptop screen. Change your position so that you are shown in full format on the picture.
  • Trigger by clicking the appropriate button. You will now see the photo in your Crystal Eye software. You can improve it with one click and save it in a different location, for example under "My Pictures".

If you change the program accordingly, you can also film yourself with the Acer Crystal Eye software. Simply click on the film button and start the video with the record button. Press the record button a second time to end the video.

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