Casio aw81d how to change the battery

Please note that you must do separate
Make copies of all important data.
1. Check the invoice printout so that there are no errors
2. Make sure you are using the correct mode for the invoice type
you are trying to run.
3. If the above steps do not solve your problem, press
-Button. As a result, the computer executes a routine with which
the correct functioning of the computer is checked. If
the computer detects a malfunction, it automatically initializes the
Billing mode and clears the memory. For details on the
For the initialized settings, see "Configuring the Computer Setup".
4. Initialize all modes and settings by doing the following
Execute key actuation:

Replacing the battery

A pale display even with adjusted contrast or a temporal one
delayed display immediately after switching on the
The calculator indicates that the battery voltage is very low.
If any of these symptoms occur, replace the battery.
Important: When you remove the battery from the calculator, the entire
Contents of the computer memory deleted.
1. Press the buttons
• To make sure that you don't accidentally turn off the power supply
turn on while replacing the battery, slide the
Protective housing over the front of the computer (fx-85ES PLUS).
2. Remove the screw and the battery compartment cover as shown in the
Figure shown. Replace the battery taking care
make sure that the (+) pole and the (-) pole are pointing in the correct direction.
3. Replace the battery compartment cover.
4. Initialize the calculator:
• Under no circumstances should you skip any of the steps listed above!
(OFF) to turn off the calculator.

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