Whole roast duck with cherry sauce

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Quantity: 4 servings


1 duck, ready to cook, fresh
- (approx. 2500 g)
pepper from the grinder
1 tb mugwort, dried
2 stalks of thyme, fresh
1/2 l stock, boiling hot (approx.)
1 pk pitted sour cherries
(Filling quantity 350 g,
-Drained weight 180
1/8 l red wine, dry
1 ds clove powder
1 ds cinnamon,
2 tb cream, sweet (50 g)
1 tb almonds, peeled


Also as a side dish:

Wash the duck under cold running water (visible
Cut off the fat) and pat dry with kitchen paper. The salt,
Mix the pepper and mugwort and put the duck inside and out
Rub in vigorously on the outside. Place the thyme in the abdominal cavity. The
Duck breast-side down into a suitably sized duck
Place the oven pan, slide it into the preheated oven and set it at 200
Fry for a total of 60 - 70 minutes. Hot broth if necessary
pour on. Turn the duck over halfway through the cooking time. Who one
If you want to have particularly crispy skin, the duck should go with it
Brush salt water. Put the sour cherries on a sieve
Drain and puree half of it. The collected juice
Heat with the wine and let it boil down for 2-3 minutes. With the
Season the spices to taste, the whole and the pureed sour cherries
add. Stir the cream and almonds into the hot sauce.
When the roasting time is over, cut the duck with the
Serve the cherry sauce and the croquettes that have been prepared in the meantime.

Extra tip:
As a refined seasoning for lard, cheese and
This mixture is recommended for egg dishes: 5 g mugwort, 3 g
Finely grind basil, 3 g thyme, 2 g rosemary through a
Put a sieve and use if necessary. Whoever has to avoid salt has
thus a very good replacement. The spice mixture can be in
store closed jar.