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Visa application - instructions for completing

Visa application. Tourist visa for Russia - sample to fill in

Please read the following information on how to fill out the visa application correctly.

Please note that the electronic application must be filled out correctly and that the information in the visa application exactly matches that of your invitation and international health insurance (date of entry and exit, date of birth, name, passport number, route)


  2. Please select the country (Germany) and the language (German).
  3. Confirm the information: I have read this information.
  4. Go to: Fill in the new application form.
  5. Please enter as password: 123Berlin at.
  6. 6. Confirm the password with: 123Berlin. With the help of this password and your identification number, we can make corrections later.
  7. Click on: Enter text displayed on the image and accept the code (e.g. XC67D), then go to Send and up Further. You can now fill out the electronic visa application.

In the event of any errors, we will correct your application. You will then receive your electronic visa applications, which have now been precisely completed and checked for completeness, in PDF format via email within one working day. Then complete your visa application with your signature, date and a current (biometric) passport photo and send us your now complete documents by post.

We charge you a fee of 9 euros (including 19% VAT) for this service.

Step 1. Information on the visa applied for

Nationality / Citizenship:

Please enter your nationality. (If you have both a Russian and a German passport, you can only enter with the Russian passport). If you had Russian citizenship before, please answer with: "yes / ja", otherwise with: "no / no". In the case of: "yes / ja", please answer the questions about when and why you lost your Russian citizenship.

Purpose of Visit:

Please enter the reason for your entry. Select the appropriate type of trip for you:

  • Tourism / Tourismus (Tourism / Tourismus; Automobile Tourism / Autotourismus)
  • Business visits / business trips; Science-Culture-Sports-Religion / Culture Exchange; Study / study trip
  • Private visits / private trips (only with official invitation from a Russian citizen, issued by the Russian Ministry)

Number of Entries:

Please choose between "single / one-time"; "double / double" or "multi / multiple" entry. For tourist visas and 3-monthly business visas only "single / single" or "double / double" are possible. For an annual business visa, please select "multi / multiple".

Date of entry and exit / date of entry and exit:

Please make sure you use the entry and exit dates according to your invitation, even if you want to enter later or leave earlier. For tourist visas, a maximum stay of 30 days applies with a maximum of two entry options.

Step 2. Personal data

Surname and First name:

Please enter your surname and first name according to your passport, if you have more than one first name, please only state those that are documented in the lower third of the passport. Umlauts (e.g. ä, ö, ü) and ß are not accepted.

Sex / Gender:

Please choose between "male / male" or "female / female".

Date of birth:

Please fill in your date of birth according to your passport.

Your place of birth:

Please enter the country first and then your city of birth (e.g. Germany Berlin).

If you were born in Russia, please also state the date of emigration and the country to which you emigrated.

Step 3. Passport details

Passport number / passport number:

Please enter your passport number, this is located in the passport at the top right. If you have several passports, please enter the number of the passport that is to be vised.

Date of issue and date of expiry / date of issue and validity date:

Then enter the date of issue of this pass and next to it the validity of this pass.

Step 4. Visit details

Which institution you are going to visit?

If you are applying for a tourist visa, please select “Travel Company” here.

Name of organization / name of the inviting organization for tourist visas:

If you are going to or have ordered the tourist invitation via the ABNG Visa Agency, please wear Visa Center LLC, St. Petersburg a.

If you already have an invitation, please enter the inviting company and the city.

Address / address for tourist visas:

If you are going to or have ordered the invitation from the ABNG Visa Agency, please wear 191186 St. Petersburg, B. Konyushennaya st.10 a. If you already have an invitation, please enter the address.

Reference number for tourist visas:

If you order or have ordered the invitation via the ABNG Visa Agency, please give the reference number 007612 a.

If you already have an invitation, please enter the reference number of the inviting company.

Confirmation number for tourist visas:

Please enter your voucher number or repeat the reference number 007612.

Itinenary (places of visit) / Itinerary:

Please select the cities to which you will travel, the order of the cities must be the same as the order of the invitation (e.g. Moscow, Saint Petersburg). A maximum of five cities can be entered (you have to click on "Add").

Do you have medical insurance policy valid in Russia? / Do you have a recognized international health insurance ?:

Please click: "yes / ja" and enter the name of the international health insurance and the insurance number under Type of insurance certificate. Click here to check if your international health insurance is accepted by the Embassy of the Russian Federation. If you do not have a foreign health insurance, you can of course order one from us. Please note that you will not receive a visa without a foreign health insurance!

Have you ever visited Russia? / Have you ever been to Russia ?:

Please select: "yes / ja", if you have already been to Russia. Enter the number of your trips. Please only note the stays in Russia over the past 10 years. Then please enter the dates of your last trip to Russia.

Step 5. Contact information

Your permanent address:

Please enter your address here. Please note that you first enter the country, then the city (e.g. DEUTSCHLAND 10115 BERLIN SOMMERWEG 8)

Your permanent telephone / telephone number:

Please wear here absolutely Your contact phone number.

Your email address

Please be sure to enter your email here. If you do not have an e-mail, please use an e-mail from close relatives.

Name of employer / place of work or study:

Please enter the name of your job or study position.

Work position:

Please indicate whether you are an employee, self-employed, student, pupil, pensioner or unemployed.

Employer address / address of your job:

Please enter the address and telephone number of your job. Please note that if you work or study in Germany, Germany must always be entered in the first position (e.g. DEUTSCHLAND 10117 BERLIN HUMBOLDT UNIVERSITAET ZU BERLIN).

Pensioners, housewives, unemployed people, please re-enter the address of your permanent residence.

Students please enter the address of the university or college as well as the telephone number.

In the case of pupils, the name and address of the school and the telephone number must be given. For small children, the address and telephone number of the day care center must be given. If the child does not attend a daycare center, the home address must be repeated.

Children under 16 years and other relatives written in your passport and traveling with you / children traveling with you and other relatives listed on your passport who are accompanying you:

Please answer only with: "no / no". Since 2012, accompanying children have had their own passport.

Please note that each fellow traveler has to fill out their own visa application!

Do you currently have relatives in Russia? / Do you have relatives in Russia at the moment ?:

If you have close relatives (married couple, mother, father, children, brother, sister) in Russia, select: "yes / ja" and please enter their first and last name, degree of relationship, date of birth and permanent address.

Step 6. Date and place of submission of the visa application

Destination name / name of the place:

If you commission our ABNG visa agency to procure a visa, please select: "Visa Application Center VHS (Berlin)".

Finally go to: "Next", then to: "Save" and click on: "Application for A4 format". You can now download and print out the electronic visa application.

Please stick (do not clip!) Your current biometric passport photo onto the space provided on the visa application.

After printing out the visa application, add the current date and your own signature. For children, please have a legal guardian sign.

Please note that visa applications without a date and signature cannot be processed!

Our company is independent of the government. You can of course apply for the Russian visa yourself at the consulate. In this case, you must submit your application in person to the consulate. The consulate does not accept the documents by post! For our services you pay a service fee in addition to the consular fee.

As an officially accredited visa agency at the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Germany, we can help you with your visa application. Our agency has years of solid experience in issuing visas for EU citizens.