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Shadowlands pre-patch

As soon as phase 5 starts in WoW Classic, it is possible to unlock the second dungeon set. This is also known as the Tier 0.5 set. For players who don't visit raid instances, the set is arguably the best they can get. But also stragglers in raid guilds or twinks can use this to prepare well for further adventures. The tier 0 set (first dungeon set) will be upgraded and some classes will even receive their BiS equipment.

In this guide we show you how to master the 25 steps of the quest chain. You need some - sometimes expensive - materials as well as the tier 0 set from the dungeons in WoW Classic if you want to get the tier 0.5 set. You can find out all the details in this article.

Farm the dungeon set for the Tier 0.5 set

The first thing you need is the Tier 0 set. You loot this in the different dungeons in WoW Classic. Each set has three items that are tied when donned: belt, bracers and gloves. The rule is that belts and bracers are dropped when trashing, while gloves are dropped when bosses. Warlocks are an exception, because this class receives all three BoE items in trash.

You can loot all other set items from the individual bosses. Helmet, chest, and pants are dropped on the same boss for all classes. The remaining items vary by class.

If you want the entire Tier 0.5 set, you also need the complete Tier 0 set for your class. However, the quest chain is done in three stages, which is why you don't have to get all the items at once.

We show you in the tables where you can loot the individual tier 0 items for yourself.










Materials required

If you want to get the entire Tier 0.5 set, you will need certain materials for all 25 quest levels. We list below the items that you can collect before the start. This will make it easier for you to complete the quests.

Part 1: bracers

Part 2: Belts & Gloves

Part 3: Pants, Shoulders & Shoes

Part 4: helmet & chest

Quests for the Tier 0.5 set

Depending on the faction, you speak to a specific NPC in Ironforge or Orgrimmar. We're talking about Deliana for the Alliance (in the great forge in the throne room) and Mokvar for the Horde (in the Valley of Wisdom in the Warchief's room). You also have to go to these two if you want to complete the first tasks for your Tier 0.5 set.

Note: If you have more than one copy of the Tier 0 items, put them in the bank. In Vanilla WoW, every additional tier 0 item disappeared from your inventory when you submitted the quests and received your tier 0.5 item. For example, if you have two bracers, keep one in your backpack while the other goes to the bank.

Part 1: bracers

alliance- A sincere offer

horde- A sincere offer

  • Mokvar sends you to Silithus, where you collect 15 poison samples from Silithus from spiders or scorpions.

Have you done this task, return to the quest giver in your capital. Give him the quest items and 20 gold to get your Tier 0.5 bracers.

Part 2: Belts & Gloves

alliance - A supernatural device /horde –A supernatural device

Pay a visit to Mux Manascrambler in Tanaris. He is in Gadgetzan.

The ectoplasm distiller

You're supposed to make an ectoplasm distiller for Mux Manascrambler. For this you give Sensitive Arcanite Walker, 4 Large Eternal Essences and 10 Stonescale Oils. Furthermore, you should get 25 volcanic ash from the Burning Steppes. You can find these all over the area.

Ectoplasm hunting

Mux wants you to collect ectoplasm for him in three different zones. For this you need the ectoplasm distiller. If you use this, a machine will be placed on the ground. Stay within 20 yards to receive the Buff Ectoplasm Distiller. Kill the opponents in the immediate vicinity of the distiller so that you can capture the ectoplasm. The device lasts for 5 minutes and every time you want to set it up again, you will need 1 goblin rocket fuel.