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Jean-Luc Cavey
(Paris) June 15, 1997


As I wrote on the page How the story began and on the page How many and where? I used to go through the phones directories searching for Caveys while my father went through the registers of births, marriages and deaths in Normandy or through the archives.

One day, I found Georges de Cavey, living at Paris, in the phone directory. At that time, my father had not yet planned to build our family tree. Or, to be more precise, he had just planned to build our immediate family tree but not to search about all the caveys in the world.

I wrote to Georges de Cavey but he was just died (the 6th of June1970). His niece (Claude-Marie Dutt), who lives at Brussels in Belgium, gave us the address of one of her aunts, Yvonne de Caveye (note the 'e' after the 'y'), wife of Georges (according to the telephone directory of Paris, we found a Yvonne de Cavey and a Yvonne de Caveye at the same address but with two different phone numbers). So we learned that there was a Cavey branch in Belgium, whose name was preceded of the particle 'de', that is, belong to the nobility and another whose name became Van de Caveye.

Later, when my father was busy in his job of searching our roots, he discovered that this branch was descended from Claude-Philippe Cavey so know as Claude de Cavey (married 1694, died 1750) (see: Caveys in France.) as Claude-Marie Dutt told us. Her family keep in hand the original copy of the registration of the armorial bearings of Claude de Cavey to the "General Armorial of France" (my father has a copy of it. See Arms of Claude (de) Cavey).

Claude-Marie Dutt told us that the name became Van de Caveye for part of the Belgium branch and, that, according to another family tradition, they possibly have their roots during the spanish occupation in Belgium (1300's - 1400's). She said that while the revolt known as "Kermesse Heroique" proceeded against the Duc of Albe (1572), a man whose name was de Caveja was governor of Brugges, but she did not gives anything to prove that the Caveys' branch in Belgium came down from it. It is also possible that this Caveja was a Cavey who had "spanished" his name, but in this case he cannot come from Claude de Cavey (born later) ... The facts are that Caveys in Belgium have an original copy of the registration of the armorial bearings of Claude de Cavey to the "General Armorial of France" and nothing about Caveja ...

An other parent of Claude-Marie Dutt, Madame A. Bouillon (living in France, just near Versailles), wrote to my father at late in 1977. She said that her aunt was Simone Van de Caveye, living at Brussels. Mme Bouillon told us that the whole family of Simone de Caveye has emigrated to India except herself (here is the reason of the title of this page) ...

By writing to Simone Van de Caveye, my father learned from her that her sister Lucienne died in ... New-York

Simone Van de Caveye also gives us the address of her niece (World is small): Claude-Marie Dutt de Cavey (without a final 'e') living in Bombay (remember that the first letter Claude-Marie wrote us was dated 1972, probably while traveling in Belgium)!

Working onward we learned that Charles-Louis de Cavey (Born 1810. Died 1889) has a son, Charles de Cavey (Born at Dinant sur Meuse, France1860. Died 1932) who has four children himself:

  • Lucienne Van de Caveye (Born 13 October 1892, unmarried, who died at New-York, the 2th of July 1946)

  • Simone Van de Caveye (unmarried, note the 'Van' and the final 'e')

  • Georges de Cavey (without final 'e') married with Yvonne Glibert van Voorst tot Voorts, I speak above. Georges had no child but a son-in-law, Armand Bouillon, whose Madame A. Bouillon was the daughter. He died the 6 of June 1970.

  • Jehanne de Cavey (born 18 June 1899, married to Robert Grout) who was the mother of Claude-Marie Grout de Cavey.

Claude-Marie married a Vice-Admiral of Airs in the Indian Air Forces named Ranjan Dutt (1963). She is now known as Claude-Marie Dutt de Cavey and, she and their husband, have a daughter Aude-Ayesha.

It's not the height of importance to say that this is a likable, but strange, family where brothers and sisters do not have the same name ...

The problem is to rely on Claude de Cavey (died 1750) and Charles-Louis (born 1810). We (my father and I) and Marie-Claude Dutt de Cavey believe that there is no way to rely on them because one of her cousins ​​has done useful genealogy work about his family, but this work was burned during a fire at his house in Dinant (Meuse, France) during the first World War (1914-1918).

This is what we know about this Cavey branch in Belgium. Perhaps some others Caveys or Caveye have some roots in this country. While searching for Caveys with For11 on the WEB, I have found the e-mail of a Celine Caveye, probably from Belgium because her e-mail is ends by @, but when I send her an email I, received, form the Mail Delivery Subsystem, the message " Host unknown".

As a conclusion and for now, I want to add that while searching for our family roots, my father met the Marquis du Four de la Londe who was a cavey by the mothers. He was also an erudite person and passionately fond of genealogy. He significantly helped my father when he was building the noble branch of the Caveys (those who came from Orne).

As in the twinkling of an eye, in a moment of history, the Marquis was a parent of the belgium branch of Caveys ...