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The Oxford New German Dictionary: The Essential Resource, Revised and Updated [Bilingual ed.] 978-0425216743, 0425216748

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THE ESSENTIAL RESOURCE — FROM THE FIRST NAME IN REFERENCE • ALL NEW — REVISED AND UPDATED • More than 100,000 words, phrases, and translations • Includes cultural notes and essential background to understanding life in Germany • Special treatment of key words




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New German Dictionary German-English English-German German-English English-German


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Contents Introduction Phonetic symbols used for German words



Guide to German pronunciation


The phonetic signs used for English


Pronunciation of the alphabet


Abbreviations / Abbreviations






German irregular verbs


English irregular verbs


List of contributors Gunhild Prowe, Jill Schneider Roswitha Morris, Robin Sawers Nicholas Rollin, Eva Vennebusch

Proprietary terms This dictionary includes some words which are, or are asserted to be, proprietary names or trade marks. Their inclusion does not imply that they have acquired for legal purposes a non-proprietary or general significance, nor is any other judgment implied concerning their legal status. In cases where the editor has some evidence that a word is used as a proprietary name or trade mark this is indicated by the symbol ®, but no judgment concerning the legal status of such words is made or implied thereby.

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Introduction The text of this dictionary reflects changes to the spelling of German ratified in July 1996. The symbol * has been introduced to refer from the old spelling to the new, preferred one:

As *

nt-ses, -ses.


dasein * vi sep (to be) to be there, s. da shipping * fs. Schifffahrt Where both the old and new forms are valid, an equals sign = is used to refer to the preferred form: aufwendig adj = aufwendig Tunfisch m = Tunfisch When such forms follow each other alphabetically, they are given with commas, with the preferred form in first place: Panther, Panter m -s, - panther In phrases, od (oder) is used: ... your (rs) poss pron yours; die D ~ en od d ~ en pi your family sg

On the English-German side, only the preferred German form is given. • A swung dash ~ represents the headword or that part of the headword preceding a vertical bar |. The initial letter of a German headword is given to show whether or not it is a capital. • The vertical bar | precedes the part of the headword which is not repeated in compounds or derivatives. • Square brackets [] are used for optional material. • Parentheses are used after a verb translation to indicate the object; before a verb translation to indicate the subject; before an adjective to indicate a typical noun which it qualifies. • Parentheses are also used for field or style labels (see the inside covers), and for explanatory matter. • A bold bullet indicates a new part of speech within an entry. ® od (oder) and or denote that words or portions of a phrase are synonymous. An oblique stroke / is used where there is a difference in usage or meaning. •

is used where no exact equivalent exists in the other language.



• A dagger | indicates that a German verb is irregular and that the parts can be found in the verb table on pages 521-524. Compound verbs are not listed there as they follow the pattern of the basic verb. • The stressed vowel is marked in a German headword by _ (long) or. (short). A phonetic transcription is only given for words which do not follow the normal rules of pronunciation. A guide to German pronunciation rules can be found on page ix. • Phonetics are given for all English headwords. In blocks of compounds, if no stress is shown, it falls on the first element. • A change in pronunciation or stress shown within a block of compounds applies only to that particular word (subsequent entries revert to the pronunciation and stress of the headword). • German headword nouns are followed by the gender and, with the exception of compound nouns, by the genitive and plural. These are only given at compound nouns if they present some difficulty. Otherwise the user should refer to the final element. • Nouns that decline like adjectives are entered as follows: -e (r) m / f, -e (s) nt. • Adjectives which have no undeclined form are entered in the feminine form with the masculine and neuter in brackets -e (r, s). • The reflexive pronoun itself is accusative unless marked (dot).


Phonetic symbols used for German words a a: B?

ä ä: ai au b g

d d3 e e: 8 e: 8 0 f 9

h i i: i

i j k 1 m n

hant ba: n ‘o: bB

Hand train upper clock emcee subscription far skin ball i then fatten gin metal beet choose cousin nose barrel guest have rival a lot of action birch

fi: l ak'tsioin 'birch



cold load mast seam

cold load

u: b

0 0 o: Q

köferä'sie: abone'mä:

ö ö:



skin bal

0 0: oe


dan d ^ in




be: t

s X t

'mestan' veilen ku'ze: 'narze fas gast' half a ri'vaila


tf u u: u ü V X

y y: y Y



na: t


long morale boat loyal bankruptcy balloon post economist oil divine today pact rest haste scarf valley number couch coupon hat current desk what brook physics turnip nuance abundance nose regime

/ ko? ordina'tsion /. : length sign after a vowel, e.g. Chrome / crocodile: m /. 'Stress mark before stressed syllable, e.g. Balcony / baTko: /. 9 glottal stop, e.g. coordination

lar) mo‘ra: l bo: t

loa'ja: l kö'kurs ba'lö: post 0ko'no: m 0: 1 'goetlic' hoyte pakt rast hast Ja: l ta: l tsa: l buy ku'pö: hu: t ak'tuel pult vas bax

fy’zi: k’ry: b0

'nyä: s0 TyIs

’Na: za re’3i: m


Guide to German pronunciation Consonants Pronounced as in English with the following exceptions:


as as as


as in Scottish loch

after a, o, u, au

like an exaggerated has in huge

after i, e, ä, ö, ü, eu, ei




(as in box)



-i / ig /

when a suffix





b Id

p t k



PS ►

the pis pronounced




k + v


as as

z s







at the beginning of a word or syllable




at the beginning of a word or syllable



f V

(as in for) (as in very) within a word




(as in very)





(as in zero) at the beginning of a word (as in bus) at the end of a word or syllable, before a consonant (except p and t), or when doubled

Vowels Approximately as follows:

Vowels are always short before a double consonant, and long when followed by an horwhen double


short long

as as

among others

(as in but) (as in car)



short long

as as

e a

(as in pen) (as in paper)



short long

as as

i ee

(as in bjt) (as in queen)

short long

as as

0 0

(as in hot) (as in pope)

short long

as as

oo 00

(as in foot) (as in boot)



is pronounced


(as in keep)




(as in how)

ei ai



(as in my)

eu eu



(as in boy)

Gymnasium or comprehensive school. The result is based on continuous assessment during the last two years be¬ fore the Abitur, plus examinations in four subjects. The Abitur is an obligatory qualification for university entrance.

abkaufen vt sep buy (dot from) abklingenf vi sep (to be) die away; (subside) boil subside vt sep boil

agreement f vi sep (to be)

from stray from; (give up) give up. A ^ nt -s, - agreement

Descendant m -s, -e descendant abkratzen vt sep scrape off

to cool down | paragraph


to cool down vt // sep {be) cool; yourself

(in the hotel) check out; (Computer) log

a ~ cool [down] Origin f - origin uncouple vt sep uncouple abbreviation | en vt sep shorten; abbrevi¬ ate (word). Acting f short cut; {Word) abbreviation


abladent vt sep unload Ablage f shelf; (for files) tray storage | n vt sep deposit. A ^ ung f -, - drain en depositj vt sep drain [off]; let off (steam) drain m drain; (Course) course; (End) end; (a deadline) expiry. a ~ en | v sep • vi (to be) run or drain off; (ver¬ call) go off; (end) expire; (Time :) run out; (Clockwork :) run down »vt walk along; (search) scour (after for) drop | en v sep • vt put down; dis¬ card: (file) file; take off; sit, take (examination): clothes taken off cast-offs pi • vi (have) take off one's coat; (Naut) cast off. A ~ er m -s, - (Bot) cutting; (Sapling) shoot 'ab! Ehn | en vt sep refuse; (disapprove) reject. A ~ ung f -, - en refusal; rejection derive | en vt sep divert; a ~ en be derived (von / aus from). A ^ ung f derivation; (Word) derivative deflect vt sep deflect; divert (attention). A ~ ung f -, - en dis¬ traction j

ablesenj vt sep read ablicht | en vt sep photocopy. A ^ ung f photocopy deliver vt sep deliver ablös | en vt sep detach; (take turns) relieve; a ~ en come off; take turns. A ^ ung f re¬ ran abmach | en vtsep remove; (ausma¬ chen) arrange; agree. A ~ ung f -, - en agreement abmager | n vi sep (sein) lose weight. A'v.ungskur f slimming diet

log off vt sep cancel; itself a ~

abmessenj vt sep measure struggle (oneself) vr sep struggle darts m -s, - dart decrease | ent vsep «vt take off, re¬ move; pick up (listener): sb sth a ~ en take / (buy) buy sth from see above • vi (have) decrease; decline; (Person :) lose weight; (Moon :) wane. A ~ er m -s, - buyer aversion f dislike (against of) abnormal adj abnormal wear | en vt sep wear out. A ^ ung f - wear [and tear] Abon | nement / abona'ma: / nt -s, -s subscription. A ^ nent m -en, -en subscriber, poorer vt take out a subscription to delegation f -, - en deputation abzüge vt sep wait for; good a ~ time well discourage f vi sep (have) sb of sth a ~ advise so against sth clear away vt / i (have) clear away abrechn | en v sep • vt deduct • vi (have) settle up. A ^ ung f settle ¬ ment; (Invoice) account departure f departure. a ~ n vi sep (to be) leave tear offj vsep • vt tear off; (demolish) pull down • vi (to be) come off dress up vt sep train demolition m demolition; (Overview) retrieve summaryj Vt sep call away; (Computer) retrieve round off vt sep round off disarming vi sep (have) disarm. A ^ ung f disarmament abrutschen vi sep (sein) slip Absage f n cancellation; (Rejection) refusal. a ~ n v sep • vt cancel • vi (have) [sb] a ~ n cancel an ap¬ pointment [with see above]; (by invitation) refuse [see above ’s invitation] paragraph m heel; (Section) para¬ graph; (Sale) sale

abolish | descend abolish I en vt sep abolish; get rid of (car, dog)

switch off vt / i sep (have) switch 'off

Abhorrence m - revulsion abscheulich adj revolting send off vt sep send off farewell m - [e] s, -e farewell; (Separation) parting; A ~ take say goodbye (from to) shoot down f vt sep shoot down; fire; launch (missile) shield vt sep shield

tee off Vt sep knock off; (refuse) refuse

Towing service m breakdown service. a ~ en vt sep tow away. Abseil nt tow-rope

finally * v sep • vt lock; (terminate, agree) conclude; make (bet) -, balance (books) • vi (have) lock up; (end) end. a ~ d adv in conclusion conclusion m conclusion. A ^ certificate nt diploma to taste vt sep season to lubricate vt sep lubricate to cut offj v sep • vt cut off • vi (have) good / bad a ~ do well / badly section m section; (Stage) stage; (Paragraph) skim off paragraph vt sep skim off unscrew vt sep unscrew deter | en vt sep deter; (Culin) put in cold water (egg), a ^ end adj repulsive. A ^ mittel nt deterrent write off | v sep • vt copy; (Comm & fig) write off • vi (have) copy. A ^ ung f (Comm) depreciation transcript f copy kill m shooting down; (Firing) firing; (Missile) launch downhill adj sloping; (steep) steep

swelling down vi sep (to be) go down

foreseeable | bar adj in a ~ barer time in the foreseeable future. a ~ en | vt // sep (have) copy; (foresee) fore-

4 see; a ~ en of disregard; refrain from aside adv apart; (Sport) offside • prep (+ gen) away from. A ~ nt (sport) offside send | en | vt sep send off. A ^ er m send sender v sep • vt put or set down; (deposit) deposit; (lose weight) take off; (cancel) stop; (dismissed) dismiss; (sell) sell; (deduct) deduct • vi (have) pause intention f -, - en intention; with A ~ in¬ tentionally, on purpose intentionally adj intentional absitzent v sep • vi (to be) dismount • vt B serve (punishment) absolut adj absolute complete vt complete; (exist¬ hen) pass absonder | n vt sep separate; (retire) secrete. A ^ ung f -, - en se¬ cretion absorb vt absorb fob off vt sep fob off (with with) shut off | en vt sep cordon off; (turn off) turn off; (SCer) lock. A ^ ung f -, - en barrier play vt sep play; (Soccer) pass; sich a ~ take place arrangement f agreement absprechent vt sep arrange; agree abspringenf vi sep (to be) jump off; (with parachute) parachute; (go off) come off jump m jump rinse off vt sep rinse descended | en vi sep (have) be des¬ cended (from from). Acting f - des¬ cent distance m distance; (time) interval; A ~ keep keep one's distance pay vt sep a visit a ~ pay s.o. a visit detour m -s, - detour standj vi sep (have) stick out descendj vi sep (be) dismount; descending; (Football) be relegated


abstell | en vt sep put down; (store) store; (parking) park; (switch off) turn off. A ^ gleis nt siding. A ~ raumm box-room dies vi sep [be) die; [become insensitive) go numb descent m - [e] s, -e descent; (Football) relegation vote | en v sep • vi [have) vote (over + occ on) • vt coordinate (on + occ with). A ^ ung f vote abstainers m -s, - teetotaller repel f vt sep knock off; [sell] sell; (fig: disgust) repel. a ~ d adj repulsive deny vt sep deny smear m [Med) smear graduate vt sep grade crash m fall; (Aviat) crash to crash vi sep [to be) fall; [Aviat) crash search vt sep search absurd adj absurd abscess m -es, -e abscess Abt m - [e] s, -e abbot scan vt sep feel; (Techn) scan defrost vt / i sep [be) thaw; (Ent ¬ frosten) defrost Abbey f -, - en abbey

Abtril nt compartment Department f -, - en section; [Admin, Comm) department abtragent vt sep clear; [level) level; [to wear out] wear out detrimental adj detrimental (dot to) to abort | en | vt sep [Naut] drive off course; Let a child eat have an abortion.A ~ ung f -, - en abortion cut off vt sep detach; [divide) divide off doormat m -s, - doormat dry off vt / i sep [haben) dry; oneself dry oneself abtropfen vi sep [to be) drain abtunf vt sep [fig) dismiss abwägenj vt sep (fig) weigh modify vt sep modify wait v sep • vt wait for • vi [have) wait [and see]

turn off | Decal downward adv down [wards] washing-up m - [e] s washing-up; [Dishes] dirty dishes pi. a ~ en | v sep • vt wash; wash up [dishes)] [remove) wash off • vi [have) wash up. A ^ ka nal m sewer alternate vi / r sep [have) [themselves] a ~ alternate; [People :) take turns. a ~ d adj alternate change f -, - en change; to

A ~ for a change absurd adj absurd defense f- defense; (Resistance) resistance] [Pol) counter-espionage. a ~ en vt sep ward off. A ~ system nt immune system deviates | ent vi sep [to be) deviate / (from rule) depart (from from); differ (from from). a ~ end adj divergent; (different) different. A ^ ung f -, - en deviation abweis | en | vt sep turn down; turn away [person]. a ~ end adj unfriendly. A ^ ung f rejection turned away vt sep turn away; [prevent) avert abwerfent vt sep throw off; throw [rider)] [aviat) drop; [Card game) dis¬ card; shed [skin, leaves); yield

abwert | en vt sep devalue. A ^ ung f -, - en devaluation absence f - absence; absent


unwind vt sep unwind; [settle] settle

wipe off vt sep wipe pay off vt sep pay off count off vt sep count pay off f instalment badge nt badge draw off vt sep copy deduction | picture nt transfer. a ~ en | v sep • vt pull off; take off [sheets)] strip [bed)] (skin) skin; [Phot) print; run off [copies)] [withdraw) withdraw; [account) deduct • vi [to be) go away, [smoke :) escape

Deduction | Accordion withdrawal; (Accounting) deduction; (Phot) print (correction) proof; (on the rifle) trigger; (Assö / jfnung) vent; Ase pi deductions minus prep (+ gen) less extractor hood f [cooker] hood abzweig | en v sep mvi (sein) branch off • vt divert. Äsung f -, - en junction; (Fork) fork ach int oh; as ever! oh dear! as so I see axis f -, - n axis; (Wheel) axle armpit f -, - n shoulder. Ashöhle f armpit. Aszucken nt -s shrug eight inv adj, As1 f -, - en eight eight f As give be careful; As give up (+ acc) look after; except ace let disregard; take care in As be careful careful | e (r, s) adj eighth, aseckig adj octagonal. Asel nt -s, - eighth pay attention to vt respect • vi (have) as to (+ acc) pay attention to; (aufpas¬ sen) look after roller coaster f roller-coaster careless adj careless attentive adj careful caution f - respect (before + dat for); Ace! look out! eighteen inv adj eighteen. aszehnte (r, s) adj eighteenth. aszig o inv eighty, aszigste (r.s) adj eightieth Acker m -s, - field. Asbau m agri culture. Asland nt arable land addferen vt / i (haben) add addition / - 'tsjo: n / f -, - en addition ade int goodbye Adel m -s nobility Ader f -, - n vein adjective nt -s, -e adjective Adler m -s, - eagle noble adj noble. Ase (r) m nobleman Administration / tsjo-.n / f administration Admiral m -s, -e admiral adopjtferen vt adopt. Action f -, - en adoption. As parents pl


adoptive parents. Astivkind nt ad¬ opted child Adrenalin nt -s adrenalin Adres | se f -, - n address, alleren vt address Adria f - Adriatic Adverb nt -s, -ien adverb Affair f -, - n affair Affe m -n, -n monkey; (Human) ape affected adj affected affig adj affected; (vain) vain Afrika nt -s Africa Afrikan | er (in) m -s, - (f-, - nen) Af¬ rican. arisch adj African After m -s, - anus Agen | t (in) m -en, -en (f -, - nen) agent. Astur f -, - en agency Aggression f -, - en aggression. assiv adj aggressive agnostic m -s, - agnostic Ägypt | en / s'gYptan / nt -s Egypt. Aser (in) m -s, - (f -, - nen) Egyptian, Arisch adj Egyptian are similar to vi (to have) (+ dat) resemble; sich as be alike ahnen vt have a presentiment of; (suspect) suspect ancestors mpl ancestors. Exploration f genealogy similar adj similar; to see sb resemble see above Äskeit f -, - en similar¬ ity; resemblance clue f -, - en premonition; (Vermu¬ tung) idea, hunch Ahorn m -s, -e maple Ahre f -, - n ear [of corn] Aids / e: ts / nt - Aids Airbag / 'ei ^ bek / m -s, -s ( Aufo) air bag academy f -, - n academy

Akadem | iker (in) m -s, - (f -, - nen) university graduate, asisch adj aca¬ demic acclimatize (to) vr become acclimatized Akkprd m - [e] s, -e (Mus) chord. Asarbeit f piecework accordion nt -s, -s • r accordion

Accumulator | everyday


Accumulator m -s, -en (Electr) accumulator


m -s, -e accusative. "Objekt nt direct object Akrobat | (in) m -en, -en (f -, - nen) acrobat, arisch adj acrobatic act m - [e] s, -e act; (art) nude act f -, - n file; Ann documents. Anntasche f briefcase Aktien / 'aktsja / f -, - n (Comm) share. Anngesellschaft f joint-stock com¬


Aktion / ak'tsjoin / f -, - en action. Anär m -s, -e shareholder active adj active current adj topical; (present) current acupuncture f- acupuncture Akustik f - acoustics pl. akut adj acute accent m "[ejs.-e accent accept | abel adj acceptable. act vt accept alarm m -s alarm; (Mil) alert, act vt alert; (worry) alarm Albdruck m nightmare silly adj silly • vi (have ) play the fool Nightmare m nightmare Al | bum nt -s, -ben album Algebra f- algebra Algen fpl algae Algerien / -jan / nt -s Algeria Alibi nt -s, -s alibi Alimente pl maintenance sg alcohol m -s alcohol . anfrei adj non-alcoholic alcohol | iker (in) m -s, - (f -, - nen) alcoholic. anisch adj alcoholic Alkopop nt - (s), -s.alcopop all inv pron all das / mein Geld ail the / my money; all dies all this All nt -s universe alle pred adj finished all | e (r, s) pron all; (everyone) every; a ~ es everything, all; (all people) everyone; a ~ e pl all; anes Geld all the money; ane both both [of

them / us]; ane days every day; ane three years every three years; without any reason; before a ~ em above all; anes in a-vem all in all; get off anes! all change! Avenue f -, - n avenue alone adv alone; (only) only; standing single; the mere thought; from an [e] of its / (person) one’s own accord; (automatically) automatically mconj but. Educational m / f single parent, anig adj sole. Upcoming pl sin¬ gle people always adv every time; (certainly) cer¬ tainly at most adv at most; (possibly) possibly aller | best (r, s) adj very best; best of all. andings adv indeed; admittedly, anerste (r, s) adj very first Allergie f -, - n allergy allergisch adj allergic (against to) Aller] holy nt -s All Saints Day. at the most adv at the very most, anlej inv adj all sorts of mpron all sorts of things, anletzt (r.s) adj very last. anliebste (r, s) adj favor¬ ite • adv most anliebsten for prefer¬ ence; most of all have like best of all. anmeiste (r.s) adj most • adv most of all. Anseelen nt -s All Souls Day. infrequent (r.s) adj very least • adv am inwensten least of all general adj general; im Anen (anen) in general. Anheit f - community; (Public) general public alliance f -, -en alliance Alligator m -s, -en alligator alliiert adj allied; die Anen pl the Allies annually adj annual, anmahlich adj gradual everyday life m working day; der (fig) everyday life everyday adj daily; (usually) everyday; (Human) ordinary alltags adv on weekdays

too | an all too adv [far] too;

often all too often; a ~ carefully over-cautious Alm f -, - en alpine pasture Almosen ntpl aims Alpdruck * m = Albdruck Alpen pl Alps Alphabet nt - [e] s, -e alphabet. Aryan adj alphabetical nightmare * m = nightmare as conj as; (temporal) when; (with comparative) than; nothing but nothing but; as if as if or though also adv & conj so; a ~ well all right then; well a ~! there you are! old adj old; (used) second-hand; (former) former; become old grow old Alt m -s, -e (Mus) contralto Altar m -s, -e altar Alt | e (r) m / f old man / woman; the A ~ en old people. Ants nt scrap iron. Abenheim nt old people’s home age nt -s, - age; Old age; im A ~ from at the age of older adj older; my elder brother my elder brother age vi {his) age alternative f -, - n alternative age limit f age limit. At home nt old people’s home. A ~ rente f old-age pension, a ^ weak adj old and infirm. A ^ vorsorge f provision for old age Alter | tum nt -s, -er antiquity, a ^ tümlich adj old; (old-fashioned) oldfashioned precocious adj precocious old | fashionable adj old-fashioned. A ^ papier nt waste paper. A ^ goods dealer m second-hand dealer Alufolie f [aluminum] foil Aluminum nt -s aluminum, {Amer) aluminum am prep = an dem; on Monday on Monday; in the morning in the morning; best [the] best Amateur / - 'te:? / m -s, -e amateur Ambition / -' tsjoin / f -, - en ambition


Amboss m -es, -e anvil ambulan | t adj out-patient madv a ~ t treat treat as an out¬ patient. A ^ z f -, - en out-patients ’de¬ partment

Ant f -, - n ant amen int, A ~ nt -s amen Amerika nt -s America American | er (in) m -s, - (f -, - nen) American, Arisch adj American ammonia nt -s ammonia amnesty f -, - n amnesty amoralisch adj amoral

Ampel f -, - n traffic lights pl Amphitheater nt amphitheater Amput | ation / - 'tsioin / f -, - en am¬ putation. all vt amputates

Amsel f -, - n blackbird office nt - [e] s, -er office; (Task) task; (Teleph) exchange, a ^ lich adj official. A ^ szeichen nt dialing tone Amulett nt - [e] s, -e [lucky] charm amtis | ant adj amusing, alleren vt amuse; act be amused (via + occ at); (having fun) enjoy oneself

an • preposition (+ dative); | Note that an plus dem can i ■ become am ••••> (spatial) on; (Building, location) at. On the wall on the wall. Frankfurt an der Oder Frankfurt * on [the] Oder, on the corner at the corner, at the train station at the station, past past, on May 24th on May 24th (temporally) on. on Monday on Monday, on every Sunday every Sunday •••• ► (other uses) poor / rich in vitamins low / rich in vitamins, recognize sb by sth. recognize so by sth. suffer from sth. suffer from sth Disease die of a dis¬ ease. in [and for] oneself actually

analog | imply

9 • preposition (+ accusative) | Note that an plus das can ■ become ans •••• ►to. send it to your brother send it to your brother, he went to the window he went to the window •••• ► (on, against) on. hang sth on the wall to hang sth on the wall, lean it on the tree lean it on or against the tree •••• ► (other uses) believe in sth / believe sb believe in sth / think of sth think of sth. remember sth • adverb •••• ► (on timetable) Cologne to: 9.15 arriving Cologne C9.15 (switched on) on. the washing machine / television / light / gas is on ♦ ••• ► (approximately) around; about, to [die] 20000 DM around or about 20,000 DM ••••> (in the future) from today to from today (onwards)

analog adj analogous; (Computer) analog. A ~] e f -, - n analogy Illiterate m -en, -en illiterate person. Amentum nt -s illiteracy Analy | se f -, - n analysis, a ^ sieren vt analyze. Antique m -s, - analyst, attisch adj analytical anemia f - anemia pineapple f -, - [se] pineapple Anatomfe f - anatomy cultivation m cultivation; (Building) extension. a ^ en vt sep build on; (onpflanze) cultivate, grow anbei adv enclosed anbeißenj v sep • vt take a bite of • vi (haben) (fish :) bite worship vt sep worship Bewetracht m in A ~ (+ gen) in view of

offerj vt sep offer; a ~ offer (to to)

Anbindenj vt sep tie up sight m sight. a ~ en vt sep look at

to start f v sep »vt start on; break into (supplies) mvi (to be) begin; (Day :) break; (Night :) fall

anbrennenj v sep mvt light • vi (his) burn

anbringent vt sep bring [along]; (to fasten) fix Anbruch m (fig) dawn; at A ~ of the day / night at daybreak / nightfall prayer f -, - en reverence; (Worship) prayers pi

reverent adj reverent; (fig) rapt persist vi sep (have) load; (stop) continue. a ~ d adj persistent; (constantly) constant

Souvenir nt -s, - memory; (Souve¬ nir) souvenir

andersje (r, s) adj other; (different) different; (next) next; an a ~ er, an a ~ e another tpron der a ~ e / die a ~ en the other / others; an a ~ er another [one]; (Person) some¬ one else; no one no one else; one after the a ~ en one after the other; everything a ~ e / nothing a ~ es everything / nothing else; unter a ^ em among other things, a ^ enfalls adv otherwise, a ^ erseits adv on the other hand, a ^ mal adv ein a ^ mal another time change vt alter; change; change differently pred adj different; a ~ wer¬ the change eodv differently; (smell, taste) different; (else) else; someone a ~ someone else

the other way around adv the other way round

one and a half inv adj one and a half; a ~ hours an hour and a half change f -, - en alteration; (Wech¬ sel) change indicate vt sep indicate; (speculating

Rush | tense len) hint at. A ^ ung f -, - en indica¬ tion; hint rush m rush (after for); (Ge uränge) crush threaten vt sep sb sth a ~ threaten s.o. with sth appropriate vt sep sich (dat) a ~ ap¬ propriate; (learn) learn from each other adv & prefix together; (think) of one another; a ~ past one another; a ~ advised quar¬ rel anecdote f -, - n anecdote recognized adj acknowledged acknowledge | en | vt sep acknowledge, recognize; appreciate, a ^ end adj approving. Acting acknowledgment, recognition; ap¬ preciation approach f v sep • vt deliver; (strei¬ fen) hit • vi (his) start seizure m fit, attack. a ~ en | v sep • vt attack • v / (to be) arise; (Zinsen :) ac¬ crue susceptible adj susceptible (for to); (tender) delicate beginning m -s, -e beginning, start; zu od am A ~ at the beginning; (at the beginning) at first. a ~ en | vt / i sep (have) begin, start; (do) ​​do beginner (in) m -s, - (f -, - nen) beginner anfangs adv at first. A ^ letter m initial letter. A ^ salary nt starting salary touch vt sep touch; treat; tackle (work); a ~ hold hands contest vt sep contest make vt sep make moisten vt sep moisten beg vt sep implore, beg approach m (Avia) approach request | n vt sep demand; (Comm) order. A ^ ung f demand inquiry f inquiry. a ~ n vi sep (have) inquire, ask befriend (yourself) vr sep make friends (with with) add vt sep add


feel vt sep feel; soft a ~ feel soft

leading | en vt sep lead; (quote) quote; (specify) give. A ~ er m leader. A ^ ungszeichen ntpl quota¬ tion marks Specification f statement; (Instruction) instruction; (Tennis) service; more details given in particulars v sep • vt state; give (name, reason); (show) indicate; set (tempo) • vi (have) (tennis) serve; (E-- splurge) show off. A ^ er (in) m -s, - (f-, - nen) E showoff. A ^ erei f - E showing-off allegedly adj alleged innate adj innate; (Med) con¬ genital offer nt offer; (Selection) range; A ~ and demand supply and de¬ mand attached adj appropriate married adj (uncle, aunt) by marriage tipsy adj E tipsy approachj v sep • vi (to be) begin, start; (Light, radio :) come on; take root; a ~ against fight • vt attack; tackle (work); (ask) ask (urn for); (concern) concern belong to | en vi sep (have) (+ dat) belong to. A ~ ige (r) m / f relative accused m / f accused Angel f -, - n fishing-rod; (Door) hinge matter f dull matter | haken m fish-hook. a ~ n vi (have) fish (after for); a- ^ n go ■ go fishing • vt (to catch) catch. A ~ rute f fishing-rod Anglo-Saxon adj Anglo-Saxon appropriate adj commensurate (dat with); appropriate pleasant adj pleasant; (at presentation) a ~! delighted to meet you! excited adj animated viewed adj respected; (Firm) reputable in view of prep (+ gen) in view of tense adj intent; (Location) tense


An employee applied adj applied dependent adj dependent (on> acc on); to get used to oneself a ~ on one's own vt sep sb sth a ~ get s.o. used to sth; himself (dot) sth a ~ get into the habit of doing sth habit f habit angina f- tonsillitis adjustent vt sep adjust (dot to) anglikanisch adj Anglican Anglfstik f- English [language and literature] Angora cat f Persian cat attack | en | vt sep attack; tackle (work); (damage) damage. A ~ er m -s, - attacker; (Pol) aggressor adjoin vi sep (to have) adjoin (to sth acc sth). a ~ d adj adjoining attack m attack; in A ~ take tackle, a ^ slustig adj aggressive fear f -.'- 'e fear; (Psychology) anxiety; Worry (um about); A ~ have be afraid (before + dot of); be worried (urn about); to make sb a ~ frighten see above frightened vt frighten; (Make you worry) worry; a ~ be frightened; be worried (urn about) anxious adj nervous; (shy) timid; (frightened) frightened, scared; (worried) anxious to look at vt sep E look at belting (yourself) vr sep fasten one’s seat belt on vt sep have on; he / it can't do anything to me a ~ (fig) he / it can¬ not hurt me sta | ent V sep • vt stop; hold (breath); sb to work a ^ en urge s.o. to work • vi (to have) stop; (ondauern) continue, a ^ end adj persist¬ ent. A ~ er (in) m -s, - (f -, - nen) hitchhiker; by driving hitchhike. A ~ spunkt m clue based on prep (+ gen) with the aid of Appendix m appendix appendix1 vt sep (reg) hang up; (attach) attach

Employee | Annex appended | en2t vi (have) be a fol¬ lower of. A ~ er m -s, - follower; (Car) trailer; (Shield) [tie-on] label; (Jewelry) pendant. A ~ erin f -, - a follower.a ~ lich adj affectionate pile up vt sep pile up first attempt m on A ~ straight away hill f hill listen vt sep listen to; animate oneself well a ~ sound good vt encourage (zu to) Ams m -es aniseed anchor m -s, - anchor; go before A ~ drop anchor. a ~ n vi (have) anchor; be anchored anketten vt sep chain up Anklage f accusation; (Jur) charge; (Prosecutor) prosecution. Akbank f dock. a ~ n vt sep accuse (gen of); (Jur) charge (gen with) Ankläger m accuser; (Jur) prosecu¬ tor cling to vt sep clip on; a ~ cling (an + acc to) anklehen v sep • vt stick on • vi (his) stick (an + dat to) click vt sep click on knock vi sep (have) knock on vt sep HI switch on arrival vi sep arrive; approach; well a ~ ar¬ rive safely; (fig) go down well (at with); not a ~ against (fig) be no match for; a ~ on (+ acc) depend on; that depends on it [all] de¬ pends tick vt sep mark with a cross ankiindigjen vt sep announce. A ^ ung f announcement arrival f - arrival crank vt sep (fig) boost smile at vt sep smile at laugh at vt sep smile at attachment f -, - n installation; (Industrial) plans; (Complex) complex; (Money) investment; (Plan) layout; (Enclosure) en¬ closure; (Disposition) aptitude; (Inclination) predisposition; [public] A ~ n [public] gardens; as A ^ en¬ closed

Occasion | sideboard


Occasion m -es, '- e reason; (Opportunity)

approximately adj approximate.

occasion; A ~ give to give cause for occasion | ent vt sep (Auto) start; E] leave on (light); keep on (coat). A ~ er m -s, - starter on the occasion of prep (+ gen) on the occasion of anlauf m (sport) run-up; (fig) at¬ tempt. a ~ en | v sep • vi (his) start; (fog up) crap up; (Metal :) tarnish; red a ~ en blush • vt (Naut) call at create v sep • vt put (an + acc against); put on (clothing, bandage); lay back (ears); aim (rifle); (invest) invest; (spend) spend (for on); draw up (list); it then a ~ (fig) aim (to to) • vi (have) (ship :) moor; a ~ auflehnen (+ acc) aim at vt sep lean (an + acc against); sich a ~ lean (an + acc on) bond f -, - n loan anleit | en vt sep instruct. A ^ ung f instructions pi learning vt sep train concerns nt -s, - request; (Wish) desire attached | s | vi sep (to have) [eng] a ~ en fit closely; [eng] a ~ end close-fitting. A ~ er mpl residents; ‘A ~ er free’ ‘access for residents only’

A ^ ungsversuche mpl advances Acceptance f -, - n acceptance; (Adoption) adoption; (Presumption) assump¬ tion acceptable adj acceptable. a ~ en | vt sep accept; (adopt) adopt; acquire (habit); to assume; assumed that assuming that. A'v lent keiten fpl comforts Anno adv A ~ 1920 in the year 1920 Annon | ce / a'nöisa / f -, - n advertise¬ ment. other vt / i (have) adver¬ tise annul vt annul; cancel anomaly f -, - n anomaly anonymous adj anonymous anorak m -s, -s anorak anordn | en vt sep arrange; (command) order. A ^ ung f arrangement; order inorganic adj inorganic anormal adj abnormal adapt | en vt sep try on; adapt (dat to); adapt (dat to). A ^ ung f - adaptation, able adj adaptable. Ability f adaptability Anpfiff m (sport) kick-off Anprall m - [e] s impact, a ^ en vi sep (sein) strike (ansth acc sth) anpreisen f vt sep commend Trying | e / "fitting, act vt sep try on credit vt sep count (als as); (calculate) charge for; (charge) allow (sum) Anrecht nt right (auf + acc to) salutation f [form of] address. a ~ n vt sep address; speak to anregjen vt sep stimulate; (ermun¬ tern) encourage (zu to); (suggest) suggest, a ^ end adj stimulating. A ^ ung f stimulation; (suggestion) suggestion arrival f journey; (arrival) arrival. a ~ n vi sep (sein) arrive Anreiz m incentive sideboard f -, - n sideboard. a ~ n vt sep (Culin) prepare; (garnieren) gar-

anlügent vt sep lie to turn on vt sep 0 fix; turn on; dress (salad) painting vt sep paint approach m (mil) approach anmeldjen vt sep announce; (Admin) register; to say that one is coming; (Admin) register; (Sch) enrol; (in the hotel) check in; (at the doctor's) make an appointment; (Computer) log on. A ^ ung f announcement; (Admin) registration; (Sch) enrollment; (Appointment) appointment anmerk | en vt sep mark; let (dat) something show sth. A ~ ung f -, - en note

Grace f - grace; (Charm) charm graceful adj graceful sew on vt sep sew on

13 nish (with with); cause disreputable adj disreputable call m call. A ^ answerer m "-s, - answering machine, a ^ ent v sep • vt call to; (ask) call on (for for); (Teleph) ring • vi (have) ring (with sb so) touch vt sep touch; (stir) mix ans prep = to the announcement f announcement. a ~ n vt sep announce ansamm | eln vt sep collect; (anhäu¬ fen) accumulate; sich a ~ eln collect; (pile up) accumulate; (people: ) gather. Adlung f collection; (human) crowd resident adj resident approach m beginning; (attempt) at¬ tempt beschaffen vt sep [sich dat] sth a ~ en acquire / (buy) buy sth ansalten vt sep switch on anschau | en vt sep look at. a ^ lich adj vivid. A ^ ung f -, - en (fig) view Anschein m appearance, a ^ end adv apparently harness vt sep harness stop m notice; (preliminary) estimate; (raid) attack (auf + acc on); (mus) touch; (techn) stop. a ~ en | v sep • vt put up (notice): strike (note, button); cast on (mesh); (damage) chip • vi (have) strike / (bump) knock (an + acc against); (act) be effective • vi (to be) knock (an + acc against)

then * v sep • vt connect (an + acc to); (add) add; a ~ at (+ acc) (to bump into) adjoin; (follow) follow; become friendly with; a ~ join s.o. • vi (have) a ~ an (+ acc) adjoin; follow, a ^ d adj adjoining; (temporal) following • adv afterwards connection m connection; (Contact) contact; A ~ find make friends; im A ~ an (+ acc) after cuddly adj affectionate smear vt sep smear buckle up vt sep strap on; yourself

disreputable | decent a ~ fast one’s seat-belt incised vt sep cut into; broach (topic) to write y * vt sep write (an + acc on); (Comm) put on s.o.’s account; (to turn) write to address f address Beschuldig | en vt sep accuse. A ^ ung f -, - en accusation swell vi sep (sein) swell f vt sep look at; (assess) regard (als as); [sich dat] sth a ~ look at sth; (TV) watch sth. A ~ nt -s respect; (Ruf) reputation considerable adj considerable start v sep • vt join (an + acc to); (estimate) estimate • v / (have) (burn) burn; to jump a ~ get ready to jump view f view; in my view; to A ~ (Comm) on ap¬ proval. A ^ s [post] card f picture postcard. A ^ ssache f matter of opinion setteln (oneself) vr sep settle otherwise adv apart from that tension vt sep hitch up; strain; tense (muscle) allusion f -, - en allusion; hint sharpener m -s, - pencil-sharpener address f address appealing * v sep avt speak to; (fig) appeal to • vi (have) respond (to + acc to) jumping * v sep • vt jump at • vi (to be) (auto) start entitlement m claiml (right) right (to + acc to); A ~ have be entitled (auf + acc to); in A ~ take make use of; (require) demand; take up (time); occupy (person); high A ~ e are very demanding, a ^ slos adj un¬ demanding. a ^ svoll adj demanding; (critical) discriminating; (elegant) incite up-market vt sep (fig) spur on Anstalt f -, - en institution decency m decency; (Behavior) [good] manners pi decent adj decent; (honorable) re

without hesitation | Local residents spectable; (correct) proper without hesitation adv without any trouble staring at vt sep stare at instead of conj & prep (+ gen) in¬ stead of ansteck | en v sep • vt pin (an + acc to / on); put on (ring); (kindle) light; set fire to; (Med) infect; a catch an infection (with from) • vi (have) be infectious. a ~ end adj infectious. A ~ ung f -, - en infection pending j vi sep (haben) queue instead of prep (+ gen) instead of anstell | en vt sep put, stand (an + acc against); employ; turn on; (do) ​​do; a ~ en queue [up]. Acting / "employ¬ ment; (job) job increase m - [e] s, -e climb; (fig) rise anstiftejn vt sep cause; (instigate) instigate impetus m (stimulation) impetus; (push) knock; (football ) kick-off; A ~ excite give Offence. a ~ en | v sep • vt knock; (with the elbow) nudge • vi (to be) knock (an + acc against) • vi (have) adjoin (to sth acc sth ); a ~ en auf (+ acc) drink to; with the tongue a ~ en lisp roguish adj offensive illuminate vt sep floodlight anstreichent Vt sep paint; (anmer¬ ken) mark anstreng | en vt sep strain; (fatigue) tire; sich a ^ en exert oneself; (to strive) make an effort (zu to). a ~ end adj strict; (tiring) tiring. A ^ ung f -, - en strain; (trouble) effort strike m coat [of paint] rush m rush; (Mil) assault request nt -s, - request Antarktis f - Antarctic share m share; A ~ take take an interest (an + dat in). ; (Compassion) sympathy antenna f -, - n aerial


Anthologie f -, - n anthology Anthrax m - anthrax Anthropologie f - anthropology Antialkoholiker m teetotaller. A ^ biotikum nt -s, -ka antibiotic antik adj antique. A ~ e f - [classical] antiquity antibody m antibody Antilope f -, - n antelope antipathy f- antipathy Antiquariat nt - [e] s, -e antiquarian bookshop antiques fpl antiques. A ^ händier m antique dealer proposal m - [e] s, -e proposal; (Pole) motion; (Request) application. A- ^ steller m -s, - applicant

meet vt sep find start f v sep mvt start; take up (office) • vi (his) line up drive m urge; (Techn) drive; from one's own A ~ of one’s own accord. bei A ~ eines Amt when taking office antunt vt sep sb sth do sth to s.o .; sich (dat) something a ~ take one’s own life answer f -, - en answer, reply (on + acc to). a ~ en vt // (have) answer (sb s.o.) entrust vt sep entrust / (communicate) confide (sb to s.o.) lawyer m - [e] s, -e, lawyer f -, - nen lawyer; (in front of the court) counsel anwandlung f -, - en fit (from of) candidate m (f) candidate instruct | en | vt sep assign (dat to); (commission) instruct. A ~ ung f instruction; (Geld-) money order appl | en vt sep apply (auf + acc to); (use) use. A ^ ung f ap¬ plication; use recruitment vt sep recruit property nt -s, - property property | d adj present (at at); the A ~ den those present. A ~ unit f presence anwidern vt sep disgust residents mpl residents

15 number f number anzahl | en vt sep pay a deposit on. A ^ ung f deposit tap vt sep tap signs nt sign ad f n announcement; (Ins¬ rat) advertisement; A ~ reimburse sb report s.o. to the police. a ~ n vt sep announce; (advertise) advertise; (report) report [to the police]; (indicate) indicate to attract | en | vt sep • vt attract; (tighten) tighten; put on (clothes, brake); (to dress) dress; a ~ en get dressed, a ^ end adj attractive. Attraction f attraction; (Phys) gravity suit m suit suggestive adj suggestive ignite vt sep light; (on fire stuck) set fire to anbefifeln vt sep question apart adj striking Apathje f- apathy apathisch adj apathetic aperitif m -s, -s aperitif apple m -s, '- apple orange f -, - n orange apostle m - s, - apostle apostrophe m -s, -e apostrophe Apothek | e / '-, - n pharmacy. A- ^ er (in) rn -s, - (f-, - nen) pharma¬ cist, [dispensing] chemist Apparat m - [e] s, -e device; (Phot) camera; (Radio, TV) set; (Teleph) telephone; on A ~! speaking! Appeal m -s, -e appeal; (Mil) roll-call, act vi (have) appeal (an + acc to) appetite m -s appetite; good A ~ l enjoy your meal! a ^ lich adj appetiz¬ ing applause m -es applause apricot f -, - n apricot Aprfl m - [s] April watercolor nt -s, -e water-color aquarium nt -s, -ien aquarium equator m -s equator era f - era

Number | Argument Arab (in) m -sf- {f -, - nen) Arab arabisch adj Arab; (Geog) Arabian; (Digit) Arabic work f -, - en work; (Employment) employment, job; (Task) task; (Sch) [written] test; (Treatise) treatise; (Quality) workmanship; get to the A ~ set to work; (dat) a lot of a ~ go to a lot of trouble. a ~ en v sep • vi (have) work (an + dat on) #vt make. A ~ er (in) m -s, - (f -, - nen) worker; (Rural, auxiliary) laborers. A ~ declare f working class employer m -s, - employer. Buyer m -s, - employee Arbeitsamt nt employment exchange. A ^ permit, A ~ permit f work permit. A ~ force f worker, a ^ los adj unemployed; ~ be out of work. A ~ lose (r) m / f unemployed person; the a ^ loose the unemployed pi. Unemployment benefit. Innocence f - unemployment work-saving adj labor-saving workplace m job Archao | lgge m -n, -n archaeologist. A ^ togie f - archeology Arche f - the A ~ IMoah Noah’s Ark Architek | t (in) m -en, -en (f-, - nen) architect, a ^ tonisch adj architec¬ tural. A ~ tur f - architecture archive nt -s, -e archives pi arena f -, - nen arena arg adj bad; (large) terrible Argentina / -ian / nt -s Argentina. arisch adj Argentinian anger m -s annoyance; (Inconvenience) trouble. ä ~ lich adj annoyed; (sorry) annoying; be annoyed. ä ~ n vt annoy; (tease) tease; to get annoyed (about sb / sth with s.o./ about sth). Ä ~ nis nt -ses, -se annoyance; public Ä ~ nis public nuisance Arglist f - malice innocent adj unsuspecting argument nt - [e] s, -e argument.

Aria | Aubergine alleren vi (have) argue (that that) Arie / 'a: ria / f -, - n aria Aristo | krat m -en, -en aristocrat. A ^ kratie f - aristocracy, a ^ kra tisch adj aristocratic Arkt | is f - Arctic, arisch adj Arctic arm adj poor Arm m - [e] s, -e arm; kidding sb H] pull s.o.’s leg dashboard nt instrument panel; (Auto) dashboard bracelet nt (pl -bands) bracelet; (Watch) watch strap. A ~ uhr f wristwatch Arm | e (r) m / f poor man / woman; die A ~ en the poor pl Army f -, - n army sleeve m -s, - sleeve. Ä ^ channel m • • [English] Channel, ä ^ ios adj sleeveless arm | lehne farm. A ^ candlestick m candelabra poor adj poor; (wretched) miserable poor adj miserable poverty f - poverty arrangement / arä3a'mä: / nt -s, -s arrangement, a ^ gieren vt arrange arrogant adj arrogant ass m - [e] s, -e (vulgar) ass Arsen nt -s arsenic Art f -, - en manner; (Wise) way; (Nature) nature; (Variety) child; (Biology) species; in this way in this way artery / -ja / f -, - n artery arthritis f - arthritis artig adj well-behaved article m -s, - article artillery f - artillery artichoke f -, - n artichoke medicament f -, - en medicine doctor m - [ejs .'- 'e doctor Ärztjin f -, - nen [woman] doctor. ä ^ lich adj medical As * nt -ses, -se = Ass Asbestos m - [e] s asbestos Asche f - ash. Cup with ash tray. A — r Wednesday m Ash Wednesday Asian | (in) m -en, -en (f -, - nen)


Asian, Arisch adj Asian Asia / 'aizian / nt -s Asia asocial adj antisocial aspect m - [e] s, -e aspect Asphalt m - [e] s asphalt, act vt asphalt Ass nt -es, -e ace assistant ( in) m -en, -en (f -, - nen) assistant Ast m - [e] s, -e branch aesthetic adj aesthetic Asth | ma nt -s asthma, a ^ matisch adj asthmatic Astro | lpge m -n, -n astrologer. A ^ logie f - astrology. A ^ naut m -en, -en astronaut. A ^ nomfe f - as¬ tronomy Asyl nt -s, -e home; (Pol) asylum. A ^ applicant (in) m -e, - (f -en, -en) asylum seeker Atelier / - 'lie: / nt -s, -s studio breath m -s breath, a ^ los adj breath¬ less. A ^ zug m breath Athejst m -en, -en atheist Äther m -s ether Ethiopia / -jan / nt -s Ethiopia Athlet | (in) m -en, -en (f -, - nen) athlete, Arisch adj athietic Atlantic m -s Atlantic. a ~ isch adj Atlantic; der Arische Ozean the At¬ lantic Ocean Atlas m -lasses.-lanten atlas breathe vt / i (have) breathe atmosphere f -, - n atmosphere Atmung f - breathing Atom nt -s, -e atom. A ^ bomb f atom bomb. A- ^ krieg m nuclear war assassination attempt nt - [e] s, -e assassination attempt. A ~ täter massassin Attest nt - [e] s, -e certificate attraction / - 'tsiorn / f -, - en attraction. a ~ tjv adj attractive attribute nt - [e] s, -e attribute etch vt corrode; (Med) cauterize; (Art) etch. ä ~ d adj corrosive; (Ridicule) caustic au int ouch; to a! oh good! Aubergine / Ober'3i: na / f -, - n auber¬ gine


also adv & conj also, too; (also) what’s more; (self) even; a ~ if even if; she knows it a ~ not she "doesn't know either; who / how / what a ~ always whoever / however / whatever Audienz f -, - en audience audiovisuell adj audio-visual Auditorium nt -s, -ien (Univ) leeture hall

on • preposition (+ dative) ••••> (not under) on. on the table on the table, on deck on deck, on earth on earth, on the world in the world, on the street in the street ••••> (at institution, event, etc.) at; (near building, room) in. at school / university at school / university, at a party / wedding at a party / wedding. Have money in the bank, she's in her room, she's in her room, on a course on a course, on vacation on holiday • preposition (+ accusative) •••• ► (not under) on [to ], he put the book on the table he laid the book on the table, climb onto a wall, climb onto a wall, go into the street go [out] into the street ••••> (at institution, event, etc.) to. go to a party / the toilet go to a party / the toilet, go to school / university go to school / university, go to a course / go on vacation go on a course / on holiday •••• ► (be / Distance) to see / hear at 10 km [distance] visible / audible for [a distance of] 10 km - •> (temporally) (how long) for; (until) until; (when) on. for years [to come], for a few days for a few days, postpone sth until next

also | stay up Wednesday, that falls on a Monday it falls on a Monday •••• ► (way) in. this [way] in this way. in German / English in German / English - •> (due to) on request on request. at my request on or at my request, on command on com¬ mand (proportion) to. one teaspoon to one liter of water one tea¬ spoon to one liter of water, to the second / the millimeter [precise] to the nearest second / millimeter •••• ► (toast) to. to your health! your health! • adverb •••• ► (straightened up, stood up) up. Up! (get up!) up you get! up and down (back and forth) up and down •••• ► (put on) Helmet / hat / glasses on! helmet / hat / glasses on! •••• ► (open, open) open. Open your window / mouth! open the window / your mouth!

breathe a sigh of relief vi sep (have) heave a sigh of relief

laying out vt sep lay out construction m construction; (Structure) structure. a ~ en v sep • vt construct, build; erect; (create) build up; (arrange) arrange; a ~ en (fig) be based (on + dot on) • vi (have) be based (on + dot on) bulge vt sep puff out; (fig) exaggerate aufbekomment vt sep get open; (Sch) be given [as homework] aufbessern vt sep improve; (increase) increase store vt sep keep; (store) store. A'-v'Ung f - safe keeping; stor age; (Luggage) left-luggage office aufbias | bar adj inflatable. a ~ en | vt sep inflate staying up vi sep (to be) stay open; (Person :) stay up

fade in | cancel


fade in vt / i sep (have) (auto) switch to full beam bloom vi sep (his) flower jack up vt sep jack up use up vt sep use up break open v sep • vt break open • vi (be) (bud :) open; (open up) set out, start anbringent vt sep raise (money) -, find (strength) break up m start, departure brew up vt sep make (tea) surcharge vt sep sb to reveal sth a ~ (fig) burden so with sth vt sep (hang up) put on; (cover) uncover; (fig) expose open vt sep turn on pushy adj persistent on each other adv one on top of the other; (shoot) at each other; (wait) for each other; a ~ following suecessive; (Days) consecutive. Stay m stay; Have 10 minutes A ~ (train :) stop for 10 minutes. A ^ s permit, A ^ s permit f residence permit. A ^ sraum m recreation room; (in the hotel) lounge Auferstehung f - resurrection aufessent vt sep eat up auffahr | en | vi sep (his) drive up; (bounce) crash, run (on + acc into). A ~ t f drive; (Autobahn) access road, slip road; (Ascent) ascent striking vi sep (being) be conspicu¬ ous; unpleasant a ~ make a bad impression striking adj conspicuous auffangent vt sep catch; pick up auffassjen vt sep understand; (German) take. A ~ ung funderstanding; (View) view prompt | n vt sep ask; (invite) invite. A ^ ung f request; refresh invitation v sep • vt freshen up; revive (memory); his English skills a ~ brush up one’s English perform | en vt sep perform; (indicated) list; a ~ en behave. A ^ ung f performance

fill up vt sep fill up task f task; (Arithmetic) problem; (Waiver) giving up; A ~ n (Sch) homework sg Aufgang m way up; (Stairs) stairs p /; (the sun) rise

abandoned V sep »vt give up; post (letter); send (telegram); place (order); register (luggage); put in the paper (advertisement); sb a task a ~ set s.o. a task; sb soup a ~ serve s.o. with soup • v / '(have) give up

Aufgebot nt contingent (an + dat of); (Relig) banns pi aufgedunsen adj bloated aufgedent vi sep (to be) open; come undone; (Dough, sun :) rise; (Seed :) come up; (Math) come out exactly; in flames a ~ go up in flames

hung up adj good / bad a ~ be in a good / bad mood excited adj excited; (excited) agitated open-minded adj (fig) openminded alert adj (fig) bright

pour on f vt sep pour on; (brewing) make (tea) picked up vt sep pick up; take up (suggestion, topic) due to prep (+ gen) on the strength of Aufguss m infusion

stay v sep * vt have on; the '

Mouth a ~ have one’s mouth open; a lot a ~ (Sch) have a lot of home work • v / (have) be open stay vt sep hold up; stop; keep; (hold open) hold open; hold out (hand); yourself a ~ stay; (deal with) spend one’s time (with on)

hang up | en vt / i sep (have) hang up; (hang) slope; a ~ a hang oneself. A ~ er m -s, - loop

repealed vt sep pick up; (hochhe¬ ben) raise; keep; (terminate) end; (undo) lift;

19 (abolish) abolish; (Jur) quash (judgment); repeal (law); (balance) cancel out; be in good hands be well looked after cheer up vt sep cheer up; sich a ~ (weather.) brighten up brighten vt sep lighten; a ~ (heaven :) brighten to rush up vt sep incite to catch up v sep • vt make up • vi (to have) catch up; (temporally) make up time stop vi sep (have) stop open vt / i sep (be) open enlighten vt sep solve; sb a ^ en enlighten see above; a ~ en be solved; (Wetter :) clear up. A ^ ung f solution; enlightenment; (Mil) reconnaissance; sexual a ^ ung sex education sticker | en vt sep stick on. A ~ er m -s, - sticker unbutton vt sep unbutton boil v sep mvt bring to the boil mvi (be) come to the boil aufkomment vi sep (be) start; (Wind :) spring up; (Fashion :) come in roll up vt sep roll up rechargej vt sep load; (Electr) charge edition f impression; (Edition) edition; (Newspaper) circulation auflassent vt sep leave open; leave on (hat) casserole m crowd; (Culin) x souffle put on v sep • vt apply (on + occ to); put down (listener); new a ~ reprint mvi (have) ring off rebel | en (oneself) vr sep (fig) rebel. A ^ aing f - rebellion auflesent vt sep pick up light up vi sep (have) light up auflÖs | en vt sep dissolve; close (account); a ~ en dissolve; (Fog :) clear. A ~ ung dissolution; (Solution) solution auf mach | en v sep mvt open; (solve) undo; a ~ en set out (after for) • vi (have) open; sb a ^ en open the door to s.o. A ~ ung f -, - en get-up

to cheer up | rub attentively adj attentive; a ~ will be on (+ acc) notice; sb 3 ^ / make up (+ acc) draw s.o.’s attention to. A ~ ity f -, - en attention; (Courtesy) courtesy cheer up vt sep cheer up admission f -, - n acceptance; (Reception) reception; (in club, hospital) admission; (Inclusion) inclusion; (Beginning) start; (Photo) photograph; (Film) shot; (Mus) recording; (Tape) tape recording, a ^ capable adj receptive. A ^ examination f entrance examination record f vt sep pick up; (absorb) absorb; take (food, photo); hold; accept; (borrow) borrow; (receive) receive; (in club, hospital) admit; (to harbor, mentally grasp) take in; (include) include; (begin) take up; take down; (firnen) film, shoot; (Mus) record; on tape a ~ tape [-record] sacrifice | n vt sep sacrifice; self a ~ n sacrifice oneself. A ~ ung f selfsacrifice pay attention to vi sep (have) pay atten¬ tion; (be careful) take care; a ~ auf (+ acc) look after impact m - [e] s impact, a ^ en vi sep (sein) a ~ en auf (+ acc) hit inflate vt sep pump up, inflate aufputsch | en vt sep incite. A ^ medium nt stimulant swell up vi sep (sein) swell auf raffen vt sep pick up; yourself a ~ pick oneself up; (fig) pull oneself together rise vi sep (to be) rise [up] clean up vt / i sep (have) tidy up; (clear away) put away upright adj & adv upright. a ~ receive vt sep (fig) maintain excite | en vt excite; (worry) upset; annoy; get excited; a ^ end adj exciting. A ~ ung f ex¬ citement aufreibent vt sep chafe; (fg) wear down. a ~ d adj trying

tear open | Eructation


tear open v sep • vt tear open; dig

write down vt sep write down;

up {street); open wide (eyes, mouth) • w (to be) split open sincere adj sincere. A ^ keit f sincerity roll up vt sep roll up; (unroll) unroll on back vi sep (to be) move up; (fig) be promoted call m appeal (an + dat to); a ~ enf vt sep call out (name); sb a ^ en call s.o.’s name Aufruhr m -s, -e turmoil; (Outrage) revolt aufmhr | en vt sep stir up. A ~ er m -s, - rebel, a ^ erisch adj inflamma¬ tory; (rebellious) rebellious round up vt sep round up to arm vi sep (to have) arm recite vt sep recite rebellious adj rebellious essay m top; (Sch) essay aufsaugent vt sep soak up look up vi sep (have) look up (zu at / (fig) to) stack up vt sep stack up aufschiebent vt sep slide open; (move) put off, postpone surcharge m impact; (Tennis) service; (Trousers) turn-up; (Sleeve) turned cuff; (Lapel) lapel; (Comm) surcharge. a ~ en | v sep • vt open; crack (£ / '); turn up; (erect) put up; (increase) increase; cast on (mesh); sich (dat) das Knie a ~ en cut [open] one’s knee • vi (have) hit (on sth acc / dat sth); (Tennis) serve; (get more expensive) go up aufschiießent v sep • vt unlock • vi (have) unlock the door revealing adj revealing; (educational) informative Aufschneident v sep • vt cut open; (in slices) slice • vi (have) ID exaggerate cold cuts m unscrew sliced ​​sausage, cold meat [and cheese] vt sep screw on; (unscrew) unscrew outcry m [sudden] cry

sb a ~ (policeman :) book see above inscription f inscription; (Label) label postponement m delay; (Deadline) grace aufschürfen vt sep sich (dat) das Knie a ~ graze one's knee aufschwingent (sich) vr sep find the energy (zu for) Aufschwung m (fig) upturn aufsehent vi sep (have) look up (zu at / ( fig) to). A ~ nt -s A ~ excite cause a sensation; A ~ exciting sensational overseer (in) m -s, - (f-, - nen) supervisor; (Prison) warder put on vt sep put on; (compose) draw up; (draft) draft; a ~ sit up supervision f supervision; (Person) supervisor. A ~ srat m board of directors open up vt sep open wide play V sep • vi (have) play • vr yourself a ~ show off impale vt sep spear aufspringent vi sep (to be) jump up; (bounce) bounce; (to open) burst open track down vt sep track down incite vt sep incite uprising m uprising, rebellion insurgent adj rebellious stand up vi sep (to be) get up; be open; (fig) rise up aufsteigent vi sep (to be) get on; ‘(Rider :) mount; (Climber :) climb up; rise [up]; (fig: to be conveyed) rise (to to); (Sport) be promoted aufstell | en vt sep put up; (Culin) put on; (post) post; (in a row) line up; (nominate) nominate; (Sport) select (team); make out (list); lay down (rule); make (assertion); set up (record). A ^ -ung f nomination; (List) list ascent m - [e] s, -e ascent; (fig) rise; (Sport) promotion belching nt -s burping


aufstrebend adj [fig) ambitious Aufstrich m [sandwich] spread aufstützen vt sep rest (auf + occ on); oneself a ~ lean (on + occ on) prelude m (fig) start emerge vi sep (be) emerge; (fig) turn up; (Question :) crop up thaw vt / i sep (be) thaw divide | en vt sep divide [up]. A ^ ung f division serve up vt sep serve [up] order m - [e] s, - 'e task; (Art) commission; (Comm) order; im (+ gen) on behalf of. a ~ en | vt sep apply; (serve) serve; wear out; sb a ~ en instruct s.o. (to to). Transmitter m -s, - client disconnect vt sep unpick, undo

occurs vi sep (to be) tread; behave, act; (Theat) appe; (take the stage) enter; (Occurrence) occur buoyancy buoyancy; (fig) boost appearance rn (Theat) appearance; (onto the stage) entrance; (Scene) scene wake up vi sep (to be) wake up to grow up vi sep (to be) grow up effort m - [e] s expenditure; (Luxury) extravagance; Trouble; A ~ drive be extravagant elaborate adj = elaborate warm up vt sep heat up; (fig) rake up; yourself a ~ warm oneself; (Sport) warm up attendant f cleaner aufwärts adv upwards; (uphill) uphill; it goes a ~ with sb / sth someone / something is improving

Waiting f - cleaner wake up vt sep wake up softening v sep • vt soften • vi (be) become soft aufweisent vt sep have, show expenditure vt sep spend; Trouble a ~ en take pains. a ~ ig adj lavish; (expensive) expensive aufwertlen vt sep revalue. A ^ ung f revaluation

up and coming | degenerate roll up vt sep roll up; (disgusting) unwrap

Aufwiegler m -s, - agitator wischjen it sep wipe up; wash (floor). A ^ Iappen m floorcloth

stir up vt sep churn up enumerate [en vt sep enumerate, list. Acting f list

record | en vt sep record; (draw) draw. Ailing f recording; Änungen notes aufziehent v sep • vt pull up; hoist (sail) -, (open) open; draw (curtain); bring up; rear (animal); mount (picture); thread (pearls); wind up (clock); (GD: tease) tease • vi (to be) approach elevator m hoist; (Elevator) lift, (Amer) elevator; (Procession) procession; (Theat) act eyeball m eyeball eye nt -s, -n eye; (Point) spot; throw a four; good A ^ n good eyesight; under four A ~ n in private; keep in sight; (fig) bear in mind moment m moment; A ~! just a moment! a ~ lich adj immediate; (currently) present • adv immediately; (currently) at present eyebrow f eyebrow. A ^ cave f eye socket. light nt sight. A'-v-lid nt eyelid August m - [s] August auction / ’tsio: n / f -, - en auction

Aula f -, - len (Sch) [assembly] hall au pair girls / o psrr / nt aupair from prep (+ dat) out of; (from) from; (existing) [made] of; for fear from or out of fear; for fun for fun • adv out; (Light, radio) off; be off on (+ occ) be after; out and in in and out; of one's own accord; as far as I'm concerned work out vt sep work out degenerate vi sep (be) degenerate (in + occ into)

to exhale | failed


exhale vt / i sep (have) breathe

in pieces; a ~ fold unfold; go off part; (Lines, opinions :) di¬ verge; (Marriage :) break up; keep tell apart; take apart or to pieces; from set explain (sb to see above); sit apart; (speak out) have it out (mit s.o.); come to grips (with a problem with a problem). Abset¬ tion for -, - in discussion; (Dispute) argument auserlesen adj select, choice exit f drive; (Motorway, garage) exit failure m failure; (Rejection) cancellation; (Comm) loss. a ~ ent vi sep (to be) fall out; (fail) fail; (to be canceled) be canceled; good / bad a-ven turn out to be good / poor


expand vt sep remove; (enlarge) extend; (fig) expand ausbedingenj vt sep sich (dat) a ~ insist on; (make a condition) stipulate ausbesseijn vtsep mend, repair. Abung f repair ausbeulen vt sep remove the dents from; (stretch) make baggy ausblld [en vt sep train; (form) shape; develop; a ~ en train (as / to as); develop. A ^ ung f training; (Sch) education ausbittent vt sep sich (dat) from ask for; (demand) insist on ausblasent vt sep blow out absent vi sep (sein) fail to appear / (success :) materialize; (not coming home) stay out view m view ausbruch | ent vi sep (to be) break out; (Volcano :) erupts; escape; in tears a ~ en burst into tears. But m runaway ausbreit | en vt sep spread [out]. Abung f spread outbreak m outbreak; (Volcanic) eruption; (Anger) outburst; (Escape) es¬ cape, break-out hatching vt sep hatch perseverance f perseverance; (physical) stamina. a ~ nd adj persevering; (tirelessly) untiring stretch vt sep stretch; (fig) ex¬ tend; stretch yourself off; (Phys?) Expand; (last) last ausdenkent vt sep itself (dat) from think up; imagine expression m expression; (Technical) term; (Computer) printout, a ^ en vt sep print ausdmcken vt sep squeeze out; squeeze (lemon), stub out (cigarette); express expressionless adj expressionless. abvoll adj expressive apart adv apart; (in two)

failing, failing adj abusive ausmachen | en vtsep make out. Abung f -, - en in double Abung in duplicate locate adj ab make find Ausflug m excursion, outing excursionist m -s, - [day-] tripper discharge m outlet; (Drain) drain; (Med) discharge questions vt sep question export f -, - en (Comm) export export | en vt sep take out; (Comm) export; (explain) explain, ablich adj detailed #odv in detail. Abung f execution; (Comm) version; (outer) finish; (Quality) workmanship; (Explanation) explanation issue f issue; (Book) edition; (Comm) version exit m way out, exit; Gate; (End) end; (Outcome) outcome. Starting point. Barrier f curfew

spent vt sep hand out; issue (tickets); spend (money); trained as pretend to be adj trained fully booked adj fully booked; (Presentation) sold out failed adj unusual


frayed | log out

frayed adj frayed balanced adj [well-] balanced outgoing | vi sep (to be) go out; "

aushelfent vi sep (haben) help out Aushilf | e f [temporary] assistant;

(Hair :) fall out; (Supplies, money :) run out; (fade) fade; good / bad a ~ en end well / badly; from that assume that. A ~ ban nt cur¬ few omitted adj high-spirited agreed adj agreed except conj except; a ~ if unless pronounced adj marked excluded pred adj out of the question cut out adj low-cut pronounced adj marked • adv decidedly extinct adj extinct; [wie] a ~ (street :) deserted outcast m / f outcast excellent adj excellent extensive adj extensive; (extended) long; a ~ make full use of ausgießent vt sep pour out compensation m - [e] s balance; (Compensation) compensation, a- ^ enf v sep evt balance; even out (amount): (compensate) compensate for; sich a ~ en balance out mvi (have) (sport) equalize.A ~ hit m equalizer Ausgrab | ent vt sep dig up; (Archeology) excavate. A ~ ung f -, - en excavation Ausguss m [kitchen] sink aushabent vt sep have finished (book) aushaltent vt sep bear, stand; hold (Note): (Pay maintenance for) keep; unbearable, not hang up for unbearable hand over vt sep hand over1 vt sep (reg) display; take off its hinges (door) hung out | en2t vi sep (have) be dis¬ played. A ~ eschild nt sign aushebent vt sep excavate aushecken vt sep (fig) hatch

to A ~ e to help out. A ~ skraft for temporary worker. a ~ sweise adv temporarily hollow out vt sep hollow out vr sep know one’s way around; get along with / in sth (dat) a ~ know all about sthf vi sep (sein) manage (with / without with / without); (get in touch) get on (well well) dislocate vt sep yourself (dat) cool your arm a ~ dislocate one’s shoulder vt // sep (be) cool scout out vt sep spy out information f -, - e information; (Instead of) information desk / (office) bureau; (Teleph) inquiries pi: an A ~ a piece of information auslachen vt sep laugh at Auslage f [window] display; A ~ n expenses abroad nt im / ins A ~ abroad Ausländ | er (in) m -s, - (f -, - nen) foreigner, aryan adj foreign international call nt international call auslass | ent vt sep let out; let down (hem): (omit) leave out; miss; (Culin) melt; (fig) vent (anger) (an + dat on). A ^ ungszeichen nt apostrophe run out m run. a ~ en | vi sep (to be) run out; (Color :) run; (Naut) put to sea; (Model :) be discontinued ausleeren vt sep empty [out] ausleg | en vt sep lay out; display (goods): (lining) line (with with); (pay) pay; (interpret) interpret. A ^ ung f -, - en interpretation lent vt sep lend; sich (dat) a ~ borrow Auslese f - selection; (fig) pick; (Elite) elite extradition | n vt sep hand over; (Jur) extradite. A ~ ung f handing over; (Jur) extradition; (Comm) distribution log out vi sep log off or out

(sb see above)

draw | exhaust draw vt sep draw lots for Auslös | en vt sep set off, trigger; {fig) cause; arouse (enthusiasm); {redeem) redeem; pay a ransom for (prisoners). Aner m -s, - trigger; {Phot) shutter release draw f draw vent vt / i sep {have) air off vt sep put out; {switch off) turn off; (agree) ar¬ range; (recognize) make out; {amount) amount to; (be important) matter extent nt extent; Ane dimensions exception | e f n exception. Anezustand m state of emergency, anslos adv without exception, anweise adv as an exception exempt f vt sep take out; good {fish); look good, and adv exceptionally ausnutzjen, ausniitzlen vt sep ex¬ ploit. Anung f exploitation unpack vt sep unpack; {unwind) unwrap talk vt sep let out, blab try vt sep try out exhaust m -s exhaust [system]. Abgase ntpl exhaust fumes. Exhaust pipe nt exhaust pipe vt sep blow out erase it sep rub out rob it sep rob fumigate vt sep smoke out; fu¬ migate {room) clear it sep clear out calculate it sep work out excuse. ann v sep • vi {have) finish speaking • vt sb sth ann talk s.o. out of sth sufficient vi sep {have) be enough. and adj adequate exit f departure. ann vi sep leave the country. Anvisum nt exit visa ausreißent v sep «it pull or tear out • vi {be) GO run away dislocate it sep dislocate align it sep align; (order) deliver; achieve; to tell s.o. (that that); i should give you

24 greetings from X to X sends [you] his regards eradicate it sep exterminate; {fig) eradicate exclamation. a ~ en | vt sep exclaim; call out {name); (announce) proclaim; let sb out put out a call for s.o. signs nt exclamation mark rest vt / i sep {have) rest; equip yourself at have a rest | en vt sep equip.


write out | emanate

written out vt sep write out; (issue) make out; announce; put out to tender (order) riots fpl riots; (Excesses) excesses committee m committee; (Comm) rejects pi pour out vt sep tip out; (pouring out) spill; (empty) empty look vi sep (have) look; what does he / it look like? what does he / it look like? Ad nt -s appearance outside adv [on the] outside; after a ~ outwards. Adbordmotor m outboard motor. Adhandel m for¬ own trade. Administer m Foreign Minister. Adpolitik f foreign policy. Ad page f outside. Adseiter m -s, outsider; (fig) misfit. Adstands mpl outstanding debts except prep (+ dat) except [for], apart from; (outside) out of; ad sich (fig) beside oneself • conj except; ad if unless, addem adv in addition, as well • conj moreover outer | e (r.s) adj external; (Part, layer) outer. Äde (s) nt exterior; (Appearance) appearance extramarital adj extramarital, adgewglich adj exceptional, adhalb prep (+ gen) outside • adv adhalb live outside town outer | borrowed adj external; (fig) out ward. ädn vt express; yourself ädn comment; manifest itself extraordinarily adj extraordin¬ ary extremely adv extremely uttermost | (r, s) adj outermost; (widest) furthest; (highest) utmost, extreme; (last) last; (worst) worst. Äd (s) nt das Äd the limit; (Worst) the worst; doing his ADS do one’s utmost; on the ad extremely utterance f -, - en comment; (Remark) expose remark V sep • vt expose (dat to); abandon (child); launch (boot); offer (reward); to expose something

zen have an (+ dat) find fault with • vi (have) stop; (Motor :) cut out prospect f -, - en view / (fig) prospect (auf + occ of); further outlook sg. adslos adj hopeless relax v sep • vt spread out; unhitch (horse) mvi (have) rest lock out vt sep lock out play v sep • vt play (card); (fg) play off (against against) • vi (to have) (card game) lead pronunciation f pronunciation; (Ge verbäch) talk aussprechent vt sep pronounce; (express) express; yourself ad talk; come out (for / against in favor of / against) saying m saying spit out v sep • vt spit out • vi (have) spit rinse out vt sep rinse out equip vt sep equip. Adung f -, - en equipment; (Interior) furnishings pi; (Theat) scenery and costumes pi pending v sep • vt suffer; Fear ad be frightened; I can't ad I can't stand her • vi (have) be outstanding get out vi sep (be) get out; (from bus, train) get off; everything ad! all change! exhibiting vt sep exhibit; (Comm) display; make out; issue (pass). Adung f exhibition; (Comm) display extinct vi sep (be) die out; (Biology) become extinct dowry f trousseau Ausstieg m - [e] s, -e exit Ausstopfen vt sep stuff ausstiegenf vt sep emit; utter (curse); heave (sigh); (to exclude) expel emanate | en vt / i sep (sein) radiate, emit; (Radio, TV) broadcast. Adung f radiation stretch out vt sep stretch out; put out (hand) stroking vt sep cross out pouring out v sep • vi (to be) pour

to choose | Authorization out; (escape) escape • vt emit; (emit) radiate ausuchen vt sep pick, choose exchange m exchange, a ^ bar adj interchangeable. a ~ en vt: separate exchange; (exchange) replace distribute vt sep distribute oyster f -, - n oyster unsubscribef vt sep deliver; hold (competition); play (game) Australien / -jan / nt -s Australia. A ^ ier (in) m -s, - (f -, - nen) Austra¬ lian. aryan adj Australian expelling vt sep drive out; (Relig) exorcize ausetent v sep • vt stamp out; wear down • vi (to be) come out; leave (from sth); [times] a ~ Ul go to the loo drink up j vt // sep (have) drink up; (empty) drain exit m resignation dry out vt // sep (be) dry out exercise vt sep practice; carry on (handicraft); exercise (law); exert (pressure, influence) clearance sale. a ~ t adj sold out selection f choice, selection; (Comm) range; Select (sports) team vt sep choose, select emigrant m emigrant. a ~ n vi sep (his) emigrate. A ^ ung f emigration abroad adj non-local; (foreign) foreign. a ~ s adv outwards; (Sport) away. A ^ sspiel nt away game waschent vt sep wash out change vt sep change; (erset¬ zen) replace; (Sport) substitute way out m (fig) way out evade f vi sep (to be) get out of the way; sb / sth a ~ en avoid / (to withdraw oneself) evade someone / something ID m -es, -e pass; (Member, student) card. a ~ en | vt sep de¬ port; Prove one’s identity. A ^ papers ntpl identification