How to write a nationwide car check

Submit crossed check, cash it: This is how it works, check submission

The check is still one of the usual means of payment in Germany, but it is used much less frequently than it was about ten years ago. Nowadays, private customers in particular use credit cards or bank transfers much more frequently to initiate payments.

Occasionally, however, the personal check is still used by some companies, for example to send customers a certain amount of money.


A crossed check is a special document with which the issuer instructs a bank to pay out the amount specified on the check to a recipient or to credit it to the recipient's current account. An important feature of the crossed check is that it may not be paid out in cash, but can only be redeemed for settlement. There are various features that are required by law for crossed checks, such as the signature of the issuer, the amount, the place of issue and the date of issue.

Submit crossed check: How should the check be cashed?

Anyone who has received a crossed check as a consumer can redeem it to be credited to their current account. For this it is necessary that the Crossed check forwarded to your own house bank becomes. Usually this is done by dropping the check in at the bank branch, where the employee fills out a corresponding redemption form. The crossed check is then forwarded to the accounting department, where the corresponding credit is then made to the customer's current account. Depending on where the crossed check was made out, it usually takes between two and four days for the account to be credited.

Cashing a crossed check online: check deposit

As already mentioned, it is usually the case that the crossed check is cashed in the bank branch. However, this does not necessarily have to happen, especially since there are more and more consumers who have their current account with a direct bank, so that there are no branches. While redeeming in the branch has already been described, it is of course a little different with postal delivery or with a direct bank. In this case, the customer is responsible for sending the crossed check by post to the relevant direct bank. In addition, the check should be accompanied by a brief cover letter, which explains, among other things, the account to which the equivalent value should be credited. Some banks provide forms for this.

Crossed check deadline: Note different submission deadlines

For the cashing of the crossed check, certain submission deadlines play a role, among other things. It can happen that the issuer's bank is only ready to cash the crossed check until these deadlines have expired. How many days the submission deadlines extend depends in particular on the location at which the check was made out. For example, there is a deadline of eight days for all crossed checks issued in Germany. If, on the other hand, the crossed check was made out in other European countries and in the Mediterranean countries, the submission period is 20 days. For all other crossed checks, for example from overseas, there is a relatively long submission period of 70 days.

Delivery check and order check: two variants of the crossed check

In practice, it is important to know that there are two types of crossed check. On the one hand, it can be a question of so-called bearer checks and, on the other hand, order checks. The essential feature of a bearer check, which is also known as a bearer check, is that in principle every consumer who holds the check in his or her hands can arrange for it to be cashed. The situation is different with the order check, however, because here only the recipient named on the check may submit the document for redemption. In addition, the payee must confirm by his signature on the back of the check that he is entitled to cash it and that he has instructed his bank to credit the amount.

Have a crossed check submitted by a third party

A power of attorney check is required for someone else to cash a check.

Validity, deadline

Crossed check validity: There is a deadline of eight days for checks from Germany. If the check was made out in another European country, the deadline is 20 days. International crossed checks are valid for 70 days.

However, as a gesture of goodwill, many banks also cash the checks after their validity expires.

1822 directly

Write the name and account number (IBAN) on the crossed check and send it to 1822direkt.

Address: 1822direkt, 60608 Frankfurt

Redeem check DKB

Submit crossed check at DKB: The form for submitting domestic checks to the DKB Bank can be found online at The corresponding form for redeeming international checks online at the DKB is available here:

Send by post to:

Deutsche Kreditbank AG
P.O. Box 11 07 08
10837 Berlin


Submit crossed check to Comdirect

Please send your check to be cashed at the Comdirect Bank with IBAN and BIC (or account number and bank code) by letter to this address:

comdirect bank AG
Pascal's turn 15
25451 Quickborn


Hand in crossed check at Commerzbank: possible by post and at a Commerzbank branch.

DAB bank

Download the form from and send it completed to the postal address:

P.O. Box 20 10 52
80010 Munich

Deutsche Bank

Crossed check Deutsche Bank: Costs for depositing a check in the Deutsche Bank AktivKonto: 1.50 €. Free of charge with BestKonto and Das Junge Account.


To submit a check to ING-DiBa, write the number of the DiBa account to which the amount is to be paid in the upper right corner of the front page of the check and send the check to the bank by post.

Sign on the back of order and international checks. International checks can be sent in the same way.


Sample form can be downloaded from (domestic) or (foreign).

Fill out the form and send it to:

netbank AG
Payment transactions
P.O. Box 500 448
22704 Hamburg


At norisbank, you can only cash checks denominated in € (euro currency). To do this, send the check signed on the back and labeled with the account number and bank code by letter to the address: "norisbank GmbH 10910 Berlin".

Unfortunately, checks in a foreign currency or foreign checks cannot be submitted.


Submit a giro order at the counter in the branch with Postbank or send it in by post.

Sparda Bank

You can download a PDF document on check transactions from the Sparda Form Center.

Savings bank

Cashing a crossed check at the Sparkasse: Forms with pre-printed forms for submitting checks are available in the Sparkasse branches. The bank advisors will help you fill out the form if necessary.

Sparkasse Online

It is not possible to submit checks online to the Sparkasse.

Wüstenrot direct

The submission form can be downloaded here:

Sign it and send it to this address:

Wüstenrot Bank AG Pfandbriefbank
71630 Ludwigsburg