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NASA scientists were stunned when they discovered a bizarre anomaly that appeared to be pulling hydrogen from the sun in what astronomers dubbed the "Death Star."

The video, captured by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory, showed a mysterious dark object - the size of Jupiter - that looked like it was drawing energy from the largest star in the solar system.

It soon became popular online, and the bizarre blob was sensationally dubbed the "Death Star" for looking like the giant ominous space station in Star Wars.

Amazingly, leading scientists have not dismissed the theory, claiming that the basic idea of ​​using the sun to fire a giant spaceship is not only feasible but also a good idea.

The analysis was revealed during NASA's Science Channel's Unexplained Files, in which nuclear physicist Stanton Friedman said, "What the hell is this?"

The narrator of the documentary said: “In March 2012 astronomers, the images from a solar telescope monitoring the earth's orbit, west of the south pole of the sun, see something ominous.

“Tentacles the size of a planet seem to connect the sphere of darkness with the surface of the sun. "This connection gives rise to speculation that this presence in the vicinity of our star is no coincidence." (Another strange object filmed near the sun - former NASA engineer claims that extraterrestrial mother ships are parked in the rings of Saturn (videos))

“The sun burns hydrogen, the perfect fuel for a spaceship. But the three million-degree temperatures in the solar atmosphere would destroy any human technology. "

Dr. David Brin, a scientist serving on NASA's advisory board, claimed, “Why would anyone visit the sun? Well, it could be a good place to refuel. ”(For the second time something exploded on the back of the sun and new objects were flying through our solar system (videos)).

The author Dr. Bill Birnes found a more glaring explanation. He added, “Could spaceships refuel by getting as close to the stars as possible and using their energy to take them through space? The picture certainly opens up the possibility (again, mysterious spaceship fleet in front of the sun and unknown objects escorted the ISS space station (videos)).

We can't use the sun for a spacecraft, but that doesn't mean no one else can. "

Others said the idea would require a huge leap in technological advancement, though they didn't rule out the possibility.

Theoretical physicist Dr. Jean Luc Cambier said, "It would take some massive engineering advances, you don't want your spaceship to evaporate."

The technology theorist Dr. Mike Capps added, “It's not crazy, there is a material that you can use to build a Death Star that can fly right up to a star and refuel. It's all about being able to withstand the heat. "

However, NASA claimed they had solved the puzzle.

The docu series stated, “It's an incredible idea, too incredible for NASA, which came up with their own information about the black ball, with an equally amazing phenomenon.

“The tentacles were expansions, hydrogen clouds stuck to the edge of the solar atmosphere. And the Death Star itself was a solar magnetic bubble - the size of Jupiter - full of hot plasma.

"The only thing that keeps the ball in place is the magnetic field, which can shift at any time." (7 observatories closed around the world: is the world about to reveal the greatest mystery?).

The solar physicist Dr. Todd Hoeksema said that this type of event probably happens all the time, but goes unnoticed.

He explained, “It was a magnetic bubble that looked like a Death Star. At some point these break out and that is what we will see in the end, this breakout into space. Although we do not see it on Earth, there are large eruptions in the sun all the time. "

Please do not forget that NASA likes to spread disinformation, after all, NASA stands for “never a straight answer”, translated:
never a clear answer (space probe films a huge object in front of the sun - then the transmission suddenly stops (video)).

Someone is using secret, advanced alien technology to fly their solar spaceship into the sun's corona

NASA and other scientific organizations claim that UFOs near the sun are just a collection of streaks left by cosmic rays, charged particles from space, that zoomed through the camera's sensor as it was captured.

In addition, due to the extreme temperatures, it is impossible for extraterrestrial spaceships to come close to the sun. In particular, the material in the corona is extremely hot and the temperatures in the solar corona (upper atmosphere) can be up to 2 million degrees Celsius, causing these UFOs to burn, according to skeptics.

Meanwhile, the NASA organization, backed by all skeptics, trolls, and hired disinformation agents, is telling people that UFOs near the sun are just cosmic rays or charged particles from space (a phenomenon that doesn't yet exist Explanation gives - again huge objects observed in front of the sun (video)).

It wasn't until February 23, 2020 that another strange observation was made:

NASA SOHO Helioviewer films “giant alien spaceship” passage in front of the sun

UFO enthusiasts were stunned by what they thought was an alien spaceship that flies by in front of the sun in a clip captured by NASA's space satellite. The self-proclaimed UFO expert Scott Waring reported on this on his website etdatabase.com.

He said, “I used NASA's SOHO helioviewer to look at the sun and found this very interesting object in front of the star. The UFO then made a 180 degree flip in the opposite direction.

It's strange, I've never seen this phenomenon before. The object has changed direction like on rails. "

Waring then tries to methodically rule out other explanations for one or the other incident.

He said, “At first I thought the pitch black circle was the planet Mercury. However, since the mysterious object did not orbit the sun, we know that it is not a planet like Mercury, Venus, or Earth.

That's because, as astronomers will remember, planets are not turning around. "

He said, "The moons of these three planets are spinning and could perhaps be seen on a curved edge of rotation around a planet, but this is just a guess."

He said, “There are a lot of UFOs out there, some the size of a planet, and this latest sighting is crazy cool. I just don't know, but the fact that it turned around really makes me think we saw a massive UFO.

It doesn't make sense that this is anything other than a giant alien spaceship. We still don't know what else is out there, although we come across all sorts of weird anomalies that can be found in NASA's SOHO footage. I think we'll never know what that was for sure. "

The clip quickly generated a lot of comments on the etdatabase.com YouTube channel.

YouTube viewer Mike Littlejohn seemed convinced of Waring's claims and commented, “What the hell was that? No planet moves like that. It could only be a ship. ”(Nibiru or a mothership? Huge object crosses our universe and causes headaches among observers (videos)).

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