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Do I have to invoice guests?

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Summary: partners are required to bill their guests upon departure if required by local law. While the type of invoice may depend on local legislation, bookings are legal agreements between partners and guests and therefore it is up to the partners to issue them if necessary.

When a guest books accommodation, the booking is a legal agreement between the guest and partner. For this reason, cannot send invoices for bookings to partners or their guests. can issue receipts for payment. For legal reasons, however, only the accommodation partners can issue invoices for their guests.

Note: In situations where partners are paid by their guests via bank transfer and the departure takes place before withdrawals are processed, partners can in principle continue to provide invoices based on proof of payment (i.e. the transfer is pending). In the event that proof of payment is insufficient to issue invoices to guests, affiliates should take steps in accordance with local law to prepare their guests and inform them that invoices will be emailed after wire transfers are complete.

Therefore, partners must issue an invoice to their guests upon departure, either on paper or by email (or both), depending on the requirements of local legislation. Depending on the regulations in force, these invoices can also likely be tax or customer receipts.

How about invoices for guests from bookings made with online payments or “Payments via”?

Even in situations where is processing your guest's payment, partners still have to issue their guests with an invoice upon departure, either on paper, by email, or both - depending on the requirements of local legislation. This is because the booking contract still exists between the partner and the guest.

Some important information about invoices:

  • is not responsible for invoicing and does not send invoices for room bookings to you or your guests.
  • As a partner, please ensure that all invoices are issued to guests in their names (or in the names agreed with the guests).
  • For withdrawals made with a virtual credit card, the cardholder's name is always “ (Agent)”.

What if i am not registered for VAT / sales tax purposes?

Affiliates need to check if they are VAT / sales taxable under their local law. If not required, they may need to issue invoices (or customer receipts) with no tax information.

Note: The time at which the amount is debited from the guest could have tax implications for partners. It is therefore important to know how to properly deal with VAT / sales tax and local taxes.

What if I can only issue one invoice for the booking amount minus the commission?

Regardless of how partners receive the booking amount (from the guest or via - the invoice to the guest should always contain the total booking amount.

Even in cases where deducts the commission before the remaining booking amount is transferred to them, partners are obliged to issue an invoice for the total booking amount.

What if I can only issue one invoice under the name because I'm receiving payment from

As described in our General Terms of Delivery, processes the payment for and on behalf of the partner accommodation. Partners still make the room available to the guest. is not the (re) seller of the room. Therefore, if required by law, partners must also issue an invoice with a tax account or a customer receipt, similar to the situation in which guests pay directly to partners.

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