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Topics of conversation WhatsApp: 7 tips for endless topics of conversation

Who do we have here?

Buenos dìas, amigo.

We both know what you're hoping for from this article ...

Perhaps you are currently struggling to enchant women via chat.

Maybe you are just looking for tips on how to make conversations with your partner in crime or (potential) dates more sharp.

Whatever your intention is.

You have landed on exactly the right page here to put an end to uncomfortable silence, shameful, bland conversations and the friend zone in cold blood.

Today I will show you in great detail how you can give your WhatsApp / Tinder / Lovoo conversations more spice than Fondor and how you can effortlessly seduce women in a natural and authentic way with your mobile phone.

I will give you original topics and questions that you can implement DIRECTLY in your interactions and thus benefit immediately from their effectiveness.

So buckle up well.

We are now diving deep into the rabbit hole of phenomenal chats.

+++ NOTE +++

You can use the topics and questions I'm about to give you in two different ways.

Let's start with method # 1.

#1: Search and pick

This extraordinarily delightful blog post is divided into four parts. In each part I will give you TWO sample topics with strong inspirations:

  • Part I: How to create extraordinary texts from ordinary everyday things
  • Part II: How to Talk About Interests and Passions in a Powerful and Attractive Way
  • Part III: The best topics to write / talk about on your dates
  • Part IV: The best topics to write / talk about with your girlfriend

I will list a number of original questions for you that you can shamelessly copy and paste from me.

Make sure, however, that you do NOT throw them out at the frequency of a submachine gun.

This is because your interactions quickly take on the tone of a terrorist interrogation.

Unless you use them in THIS context ...

#2: ???

Ask her questions the wrong way and she'll lose interest faster than Speedy Gonzales can accelerate from 0 to 100.

Let's look at an example of this.

Imagine that you are sitting across from someone and without you even having time to answer their first question, they knock out the next one straight away:

"What is the best thing about your job?"
"Who is your favorite singer?"
"Which outfit do you wear when you want to feel sexy?"
"When was the last time you tried a new restaurant?"

Wowowow… hold your horses, cowboy.

You don't even know where to start and your interest tends to overwhelm you. You feel pressured and stressed.

A real mood killer, huh?

And here comes this Question game in the game.

The rules are simple:

  • Each of you asks round by round a question that burns on your tongue
  • The other person answers them honestly and sincerely
  • No questions can be repeated - yes, that means that you cannot get the questions you ask (so choose wisely!)

You can easily adapt your questions to your mood.

A good rule of thumb: start with more lighthearted questions and work your way to more personal and intimate.

Does she seem bored? Then dare to ask “braver” questions.

The brave personal / more intimate questions don't change the mood between the two of you? Then end your game and change the subject.

Do you notice how she gets aroused? Then turn up the heat further:

Talk about what she finds attractive about men, the last time they were on a phenomenal date, and what has been the craziest place she has had sex so far.

If the sexual tension between you grows ever more immeasurable, you might want to consider bringing your sweet lady to your home.

But enough about that, let's jump to the conversation starters that are easy to get their attention with.

Part I: How to create extraordinary texts from ordinary everyday things

With the next topics you will get a crystal clear impression of their everyday life.

Before you go any further, realize that you don't have to get rid of every question on a topic.

Pick the questions that appeal to you the most to give the ball of your conversation a big kick.

You will notice that in most cases, one question is enough to give you a neat message back and forth.

Should your conversation still come to a standstill, simply select the next question from the respective topic category.

Once you've gotten rid of 1 to 3 questions on a topic, it's time to change the topic. Otherwise, you run the risk of coming across as a one-dimensional man who can only talk about one damn thing. Unattractive.



Here we go!

job and career

As pitiful as it may sound, most people on our planet can hardly find their job.

For them it is just a way of earning necessary money.

If your date falls into this category, you're definitely doing yourself no favor asking her about it.

Especially if she is generally rather negative and does not plan to change her job or has no vision at all, you should look for the distance anyway rather than date her.

Yeah, that might sound a bit harsh.

But do you really want to spend your time with people who are stubborn in their frustration and want to continue to live like zombies?

Of course not. At least not if you have common sense.

If you think that I have cropped this picture to protect its identity, then you are spot on. #zombiesmattertoo

On the other hand, if she is passionate about her job, you can ask her questions like these:

  • "What is your usual day between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.?"
  • "Are you pursuing the career you've always dreamed of?"
  • "If you were to start your own venture, what would you do?"
  • "Do you have great colleagues?"

Pro tip: The most important part of one flirty Conversation is NOT the topic.

Much more decisive is the emotion you arouse with it.

And if you trigger the right emotions, even a conversation about history can be exciting.

Yes, even about the English Industrial Revolution, Edgar Dega’s role in the emergence of Impressionism or the prospect of St. Peter's Church in Riga can make your heart beat faster ...

... as long as you add a sexual tone to your messages.

Just like one of my bros (one of our Belgian coaches) does here:

It doesn't take long before she realizes what “top” Louis is talking about here.

If she has a similar sense of humor to you, your polarizing message will turn into a hot flirt faster than you can shout "schimmi-schimmi-bing-bong".

Hobbies & free time

If career isn't a big part of your life, this will give you a deeper insight into its mystical facade.

Is she a bookworm, a gamer girl or a secret satanist who is actually only looking for virgins to be sacrificed?

When she tells you how she wants to draw a pentagram with your blood and then flambé your mortal body with gasoline

Find out by asking her the following:

  • "What's the first thing you do after you finish work?"
  • "If you had an extra hour a day, what would you do with her?"
  • “Is there a hobby that you have been pursuing since you were a child? If so, which?"
  • "Did your parents ever force you into a hobby that you didn't really like?"
  • "What is the most beautiful thing in the world for you?"
  • "How do you prefer to switch off from the hustle and bustle of everyday life?"
  • "If money didn't play a role, how could you pass your time for days, weeks, even months?"

Part II: How to talk about interests and passions in a powerful and attractive way (using two examples)


Music is a huge topic - unless you start your chat with what is arguably the worst question on earth.

"No, I'm the only person on Mother Earth who couldn't imagine anything worse."

Ask stupid questions and earn stupid answers.

What? Would you like to have questions ready with which you don't let them get drier than ash particles on Etna?

Then open your goggle corks.

  • "What is your favorite genre of music?"
  • "What was your last musical discovery?"
  • "Who do you think is the best song of all time, dead or alive?"
  • Which song is currently playing in the loop? "
  • "What is your absolute favorite album?"
  • "What was the last concert you were at?"
  • "Which songs were you crazy about before?"
  • "What are your 3 absolute favorite songs?"

Pro tip: STOP abusing emojis.

I have a fairly accurate idea of ​​which readers visit our formidable blog every day.

And I know you better than you think (even if you may not believe it).

Listen. One thing I can say with 99.98% certainty is that there is a high probability that you will not be 13.

But still, some of you write LIKE 13-YEAR-OLD.

In what way?

By using emojis completely wrong.

Bro, remember this:

NEVER use emojis if the meaning of your message is clear.


In one study, 134,419 active copywriters from 183 different countries were watched. Among other things determined the 10 most used emojis by men.

You can see the result here:

Read the underlined part of my penultimate sentence again.

These are the 10 most used emojis from MEN.

Hairy guys like you and me.

Not by women with irresistible curves and sweet smiles.

Well, in case you didn't already know, feminine women tend to be more attracted to MASCULINE men.

They DO NOT want a guy to spit them with glittering hearts, shy monkeys and emojis crying with laughter.

So take your girly emojis and dispose of them here:

Next to the roses you wanted to bring to your rendezvous.

to travel

Prize question: Why does your Chica bonita have a smile on its face?

  • Because a computer virus canceled all of their student loans
  • Because internships are remunerated fairly due to new legislation
  • Because airfares are at a historically low level
  • Because she lives true to the motto of Aragorn, son of Arathorn

The solution?

I have no clue, bro.

I'm just waiting for Günther Jauch to shout “You are NOT a millionaire” while he throws us out of his studio.

Whatever. Most people love to travel.

Here are some questions you can use to determine if she's feeling the same.

  • "Where did you spend your last vacation?"
  • "What's your craziest vacation experience so far?"
  • "Which place could you visit endlessly without getting bored?"
  • “Has a trip influenced your life a lot? If so, to what extent? "
  • "If you could have an everything-you-get-paid trip over a weekend - where would you go?"
  • "Which city do you want to travel to next?"
  • "If you could wake up anywhere in the world tomorrow, which one would you choose?"
  • “Where would you NEVER go? And why not?"

Part III: The best topics to write / talk about on your dates

It's time to talk about the woman with potential - yes, your date.

Or women you are crazy about (and with whom we assume that they know about your existence and with whom you write / speak from time to time).

Because if you clicked on this article, there is a high probability that you are in the exact phase in which most men fail.

While chatting.

What many are doing wrong here is that they cannot handle their enthusiasm.

They are hardly used to female attention, which is why they stick to every word of their mademoiselle.

So that they mutate into little puppies ...

"Coool! Just like Einstein - only in sweet! ?

And have you ever seen a puppy stop playing with itself?


As long as he doesn't get tired, he continues.

“And… what does a beautiful woman like you do on the weekend??

And so it happens: "his mistress" gives him the cold shoulder and ignores him.


So that the same thing doesn't happen to you, let me share a method that will not only keep her interested, but also secure a date with her at the same time.

I call you…

… the Bonnie & Clyde Method.

In doing so, you are making a lighthearted projection of the future about both of you.

For example, about how you both can get married by a fake Elvis in Las Vegas or even more "practical":

You should drink mojitos together at the best rooftop bar in town.

The best time to do this is when she looks excited.

"I saw Dirty Dancing earlier!"
"So Madame has a weakness for dance films ... Do you know what we should do together?"
"We should go to a salsa trial class together."

Their reaction will tell you if you have a date soon.

"Sure ... as long as you don't mind that I dance you out ?

Et voilà - a definite YES.

Now all you have to do is agree on one day.

What about that reaction?

"I don't know ... I have two left feet and I don't want to hurt you"

Do you think that's a good or bad reaction?

Don't just skip the answer, really think about it.

You decided?


The solution: Even if she seems a little critical, her answer is still positive.

She just seems a little insecure and hopes she doesn't embarrass herself in front of you.

Assure her that you will not judge her in any way (because neither will you) and lead your conversation to a fixed date.

If everything is going well, you get along well and have more amazing dates, she may soon be your friend.

But through which topics can you further deepen your relationship?

Find out here ...

Part IV: The best topics to write / talk about with your girlfriend

Take your attraction and connection to one another to the next level and build a fulfilling relationship.

The better you get your potential Mrs. Right know, the better you know if she is right for you.

Too many people jump into relationships without really knowing their partner.

Which often ends in drama and boozy breakups.

That's why you want your relationships "Front loading“.

Fron- what?

At the Front loading test the strength of your chemistry with one another as quickly as possible.

Putting everything on the table above you can be scary because it can put your partner off.

But I mean, if you can't even be yourself in the presence of your friend, how the hell is she supposed to be the mother of your children?

You can answer this question yourself.

John Gottmann (a researcher who is terrifyingly good at predicting breakups) says so-called love maps are essential for strong relationships.

To put it simply, what this is all about: By this he means all the details of your respective life and your gift to unite them together in harmony.

Couples detailed love maps overcome conflicts much easier and faster than couples who have never heard of them.

Knowing each other well is therefore essential for a healthy relationship.

To help you find the love map To be able to draw your girlfriend, I have some spicy questions here:

  • "Is there something you've been through that you never want to go through again?"
  • "What would you do if you woke up one morning with a billion euros in your bank account?"
  • "What motivates you to get up every day?"
  • "What are three things you couldn't live happily without?"
  • "Why do you love to be in a relationship?"
  • "What is the most important quality for you that your partner should have?"
  • "Do you think monogamous relationships work?"
  • "Does a relationship mean for you that you no longer flirt with others?"
  • "Which behavior is an absolute no-go for you in a relationship?"
  • "Do you want children?"
  • "Tell me five things for which you are sincerely grateful."
  • "What do you dream of most often?"
  • "If you could send your younger self a 3-word message, what would it be?"
  • "If you could master any skill, which one would it be?"
  • "If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?"

Alright, bro.

Now you should be well equipped for every conversation.

But before we say goodbye, I have a present for you.

A document in which your coach Klaus and I have immortalized some of our # 1 flirting tips for you.

Flirting tips with which you can give your love life a big kick in the ass (as long as you use our tips PROACTIVELY and not just philosophize about them).

You can find it here:

Do you want to know how to become this handsome man who drives women completely crazy? I have recorded the most important techniques for this in this free PDF ...

Have fun with it!

Your bro,


Do you want 23 copy-paste sentences to never have boring conversations again?

23 phrases and 3 techniques that will make you so irresistible that she will go crazy for you?

Yes, give me these example sentences!

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