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Affordable Container Homes African OSLOS ECO, Economical Prefabricated Homes

Affordable Tensile Container House Economical Prefab African OSLOS Eco

Product Feature:

OSLO-├ľko-Haus is named after an economically affordable house. It is made by special selection of materials for the people in need in any house shortage area and region.

We all want houses with affordable price and the house will serve us for a long time. OSLO Eco is exactly the kind of product you're looking for. It is made by high density EPS sandwich panel with cold galvanized steel structure for the price-sensitive area.

We set up a price range for OSLO Eco when it comes with quantity.

We aim for volume and decent quality and also would like to help those people in need.

2 unitsPrice: $ 12,000
4 unitsPrice: $ 11,000
6 unitsPrice: $ 10,000

Product description:

Sandwich panel wall thickness50 millimeters
Sandwich panel roof thickness50 millimeters
windowPVC Hung Window or Double Open Window
doorAluminum sliding door
Illuminate12V LED ceiling light
Power cordPVC pipes
Dropping waterAU / NZ / CE standard
Bathroom installations

CE / Watermark / CPUC



1. OSLO Eco House is used of high-quality folding aluminum door and PVC hung windows. Interior doors are all single panel doors of the open sandwich.

2. EPS sandwich panel is fireproof, waterproof, thermal insulation and soundproof.

3. PVC vinyl is a waterproof flooring board material that is easy to clean and fire retardant. It can be disassembled and reassembled many times when needed. PVC vinyl parquet flooring is installed in our factory and nothing over flooring or tiling that you will worry about when the entire house is dispatched to your location.

4. We finish most of the electrical installations at the factory and all 100% dropping pipes pre-installed under the floor. We have the simple part of electrical parts installed on-site due to this having to be done by certified people.

Product construction pictures:

Factory overview: