What do dead sperm look like

Recognize / see sperm?


The following is perhaps a bit disturbing:

Today I took out my old microscope again (Bresser Biotar 300x-1200x) because I got the idea to examine my sperm. So I took a sample, dropped it on the carrier plate and looked at the whole thing under the microscope with 300x, 600x and 1200x magnification.

I first had to look around and after 2-3 minutes I found what I was looking for. (See pictures below). The whole thing was pretty confusing. There were small dots everywhere that trembled and could be seen in the whole picture. (Visible at 300x and 600x magnification, at 1200x it was difficult to see anything.) In addition, there was once a strange "thread" in the picture, if anyone knows what that was, I would be very grateful.


  • Are these live sperm?
  • and would I be fertile with this sperm?

Looking forward to your replies!