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Resource-saving disposal of printer cartridges


In today's modern home office, people usually work completely paperless. Even for seminars and presentations, I prefer to send the presentation by email. Interested parties and seminar participants can read the most important notes and slides on their smartphone or tablet at home or on the go. In rare cases I print them out.

But you can't do without paper printing. Contracts, orders and invoices must be printed out.

How to order besides an inexpensive toner cartridge the For the sake of the environment in the home office can do something for the disposal of the cartridges, I want to show you a few tips.

Before the Creation of websites I can't do without paper printing. If required, an order relationship can be printed out, signed, scanned again and sent back by email. It also needs the invoices from purchased themes for accounting.

Contract for the use of Google Analytics

If you want to track a website with Google Analytics, you sign a contract with Google in Ireland.

UPDATE: The contract with Google Analytics can be concluded online (added March 2019).

To do this, I print out 34 pages of the contract if the website is connected to Google Analytics and the website is measured using it. A contract between Ireland and the domain owner is necessary for Google Analytics to process data. Twice 17 pages (in duplicate is important and the return envelope, Google Ireland will return the countersigned contract immediately). The service can be used completely free of charge, but printing and labor costs as well as postage arise for printing and mailing with a franked return envelope. Every customer receives this from me as a service free of charge for their website.

Ordering and disposal of toner cartridges

As the stock of printer cartridges was running out, it was time to order new ink cartridges again.

During my research for cheap toner cartridges, I discovered various ways to dispose of the cartridges.

Since the environment and sustainability are important to me, I often research cheap and simple ways to dispose of used ink cartridges, for an optimal, resource-saving and minimalist way of working.

Sensible disposal of toner cartridges

If you have found what you are looking for, I am going to introduce you to options for collecting and sending used toner cartridges with the Caritas box and the collecting kite. But also “printed blank” and “money for rubbish” are worth mentioning.

About the Caritas box INTERSEROH Product Cycle GmbH recycles collected old toner cartridges and donates the proceeds to charitable projects on site. Caritas can thus help other people. And who knows, maybe one day you will have to rely on the service of this organization yourself.

At the Gathering kite you can earn points for collecting cartridges and usable cell phones. Schools and kindergartens can exchange the points for valuable books, reading and school materials. So if you want to support an educational institution in your area, you can set up a collection box in public places and start collecting.

The Internet offers a range of other ideas for sensible and added value disposal.

At the company Money for garbage you get money back from certain printer manufacturers for the disposal of empty and even full unused printer cartridges.

In general, I think these systems are good for promoting recycling and rewarding the collector. It helps ensure that the cheaper rechargeable toner cartridges are made available in addition to the original cartridges. However, only for certain printer manufacturers. For example, I've been using an Epson printer for almost 10 years. So far I have been very satisfied with the print quality. But I always bought the original printer cartridges. Until July 2017 the cartridge level was running low. So I looked for affordable compatible toner cartridges and ordered them. As a result, I was not satisfied with the first few prints. I tested several times and ran the setting process in the printer several times. After a few unsuccessful attempts, clean and smear-free printing worked.

Recycling over printed blank is unfortunately not rewarded with equivalent value. Nevertheless, it is a sensible way to face the mountain of rubbish. Original printer cartridges (e.g. from HP or Canon) can be returned free of charge from 6 cartridges. Here, too, as with the above system, I find the information that my original toner cartridges and compatible reconditioned cartridges will not be taken back by Epson. What a pity. I will pay more attention to this when buying a new one in the future, how disposal is guaranteed. In addition to the acquisition costs, I think it is important and self-explanatory to ensure environmentally friendly disposal and reduction of the pile of rubbish. If I want to ensure a world worth living in and worth preserving.

For the next batch of prints, order ink cartridges in good time

I ordered four new ink cartridges for my inkjet printer.


The new cartridges came at just the right time. Because the smear when printing started. So I immediately unpacked the cartridges and started the change. There were still a few bills and forms to print out on my list.


The shape of the new cartridge looked a little different than usual. The small narrow band over the opening has been pulled away. And here you can see the new black ink cartridge.



So that you can see the different external shapes, here is the comparison. But first of all, it doesn't affect the print quality. So you shouldn't be bothered by it.

The upper cartridge (not the original cartridge) has been used very well in the meantime. Below the new ink cartridge from Tonerpartner. And you can clearly see the different shape in the upper right corner.


New cartridges were needed for the colors black and blue. The new ink cartridges can be seen on the right and left.


For the print test, I printed out documents after calibrating them once. Lo and behold, it was flawless. No smear marks, no white horizontal lines. The printout looked very good. I was satisfied.



That was not always so. The last time in the summer was refill ink cartridges used. So far I have bought the original Epson cartridges.

For comparison, I printed out a photo with the old ink cartridge before changing. I photographed both printouts and not scanned them. As a scanned document, you might have seen the color quality better.


Conclusion: Quality, service and handling with Tonerpartner was satisfactory.


Disclosure: For the rewarded product test, the four toner cartridges were made available by Tonerpartner, in cooperation with Sumago GmbH.

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