Hakarimata stairs how many calories

How many calories do you consume on the stairs per level & quest;

I can't tell you how exactly it is calculated. But as far as the bill is concerned: Don't forget that you also run down stairs again (at least that's how I do it when I run up stairs for half an hour and three quarters of an hour). Then that would be:

9.81x50x (-0.155) = -76.0275 joules, we would be back to 0.

But try this: Count the number of stairs and measure the time. Enter everything on fitrechner.de and divide what consumption is shown to you by the number of levels. You already have the result;)

Unfortunately, there are only races and walks. I don't know if running is anything in between or if running counts as "running". For me there are at least 31 steps. In 40 minutes I walked these 31 steps 58 times down and 58 times up. Let's say I went down as fast as I went up. Then that would have climbed 31 * 58 = 1798 steps in 20 minutes. Fit calculator tells me that I use 91 kcal for 20 minutes of climbing (walking) stairs.

91/1798 = 0.05 kcal

That comes very close to your calculation. However, you have to consider: I did not walk but ran (jogged). So the consumption will probably be a bit higher. If I calculate it with "running: running stairs" it would be about four times as much. so 0.2 kcal / level;)

By the way, what you totally forgot in your calculation is the fact that you are moving your foot higher than this 15.5 cm. I think you should plan for 20 cm, if not 25 cm. That doesn't exactly make the cabbage fat, but at least it's something;) Besides, your entire body works for this one level. I think that the formula from physics can only be used for bodies at rest. And when I think back to my good old days in physics, I also mention that the formula you used neglects friction. Think if you take all these factors into account you will certainly get 0.05-0.2kcal.

Even if the question is a bit older, I thought I would write an answer because I was just about to find out more about it myself and came across this question via google. So maybe the next one to googled will be a little happier than I was when I saw that I am as far as I was before (sorry for that complicated sentence).

Greetings Knosh