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Saturday 12th August 2017

Halaszlé from Danube carp

Halaszlé from Danube carp, is one of three Halaszlé versions, so next to the Balaton Halaszlé and the Tisské (Tisza) Halaszlé. Halaszlé from Danube carp is a creamy carp soup with onions and peppers, in which everything is prepared at once. Similar to a bouillabaisse; In terms of preparation, it lies somewhere between the bouillabaisse and a bourride sauce. The Tisza Halaszlé is a little thinner in consistency and therefore finer, as a broth with white fish is first made cold and then the actual fish is cooked in it. The Balaton Halaszlé also uses root vegetables in addition to onions and peppers for the broth. Unfortunately, it's like bouillabaisse, the quantity determines the taste. Of course, it is also possible if you only use 1 liter of water for approx. 1.5 kg of carp, but the soup is then much thinner.
Actually, the simple fish, which are only supposed to give off aroma, are placed down in the pot and then dusted with paprika, but since I don't want any bones or skin components in the soup, I pass them through a sieve in between and only then give them You can also do a finger test after passing it to see how big the soup is. Rub some of the soup between two fingers. You should already notice the first signs of gelation when cooling down and they should no longer remain completely liquid.
Halaszlé from Danube carp
2.5 kg carp, except without head, scaled, in 2-3 cm thick slices
4 kg roach / roach, perch, bream, gutted, flaked, whole or cut into 3 parts
6 medium-sized brown onions, very finely chopped
4 tbsp paprika powder, noble sweet or delicacy
1 slice of celeriac
½ bunch of leaf parsley, whole
2 small peperoncini, spiciness to taste

Steam the finely chopped onion cubes in lard until they are translucent. Dust with rose and noble sweetness or delicacy paprika powder and roast for one minute while stirring. Deglaze with 1-2 liters of water and soak the tomatoes, bay leaves, celery slices, parsley, roach, perch and bream so that they are completely covered with water, boil briefly and then let it steep for 2 hours over a mild heat, do not boil. The fish should only be leached and not disintegrated, so stir gently if at all.
Remove the fish with a slotted spoon, they are no longer needed. If you like, you can put pure pieces of meat back in the soup. Pour the soup through a fine sieve and strain the onion and tomato through. Pour the liquid back into the pot and fill up with water. Bring to the boil once and then switch back to low. Let the carp slices soak for 25 minutes. Season to taste with salt and white pepper.
Place a piece of “horseshoe” carp in a soup plate and pour the soup over it. Serve with white bread and e.g. a Blaufränkisch.