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Young plants

Please note our discounts explained in this column. The program will calculate the prices according to the quantity ordererd. Articles from ORCHI-PACK can be combined with this discount offer.

Young Plants

The young plants are supplied in pots of 5.50 cm (2 inch) or in pots of 6.50 cm (2.50 inch). You can expect the first flower in 6 months to 2 years, but for some species it can take longer. For example, miniature orchid plants do flower more quickly than orchid plants that grow large.

Set Of Young Plants

If you would like to buy several young plants, please choose set of young plants. Buying 5 or more young plants, you pay € 6.32 instead of € 7.90 per plants which means a saving of 20%.

Young Plants - Advantage Set

If you wish to place a large order, please choose young plants - advantage set. Ordering 10 or more young plants, you pay only € 5.27 instead of € 7.90 per plant which is a saving of 33%.


The images should give an impression of the later flower however, the flower might look slightly different. For young plants that are hybrids, which we have no photos available for, we show the seed parent on the left, and the pollen parent on the right. With this kind of seedling the plants are always variable therefore, each small orchid plant will be unique.


Both species and hybrid plants have been selected for flowering quality and quantity from the best seed and pollen parents. New ideas for hybrid crosses are included in our current plants; again using strong and trusted favorites.