Apple TV No signal detected at startup

PC screen no signal - you can do that


If your PC screen has no signal, first check that the screen is properly connected to the computer and switched on. Defects in the cables or connections can also result in no image being displayed. An exchange can help here.

PC screen: reasons for no signal

If no picture appears on the screen after starting up your computer, there may be several reasons. First of all, check whether all connection cables between the monitor and the PC are properly seated.
  1. In addition, the screen must be connected to the power supply and switched on. You can usually tell whether this is switched on by a glowing lamp.
  2. If the screen does not turn on, a defective cable may be responsible. See if replacing the cable solves the problem.
  3. A defect in the PC connection to which the monitor is connected can also result in no image signal being received. So, if you have one, try connecting your display to a different port.
  4. If the screen remains black even though it is switched on, check that you have selected the correct source. You can change these using the buttons on the screen.

A BIOS reset helps if your PC screen has no signal

If you still don't get a signal on your screen, it can help if you reset the BIOS. First shut down your PC and disconnect it from the power supply. Then remove the side panel of your PC. You will see a small button battery on the mainboard, which you can remove by pushing the lock to the side. Then wait a few minutes before reinserting the battery and reassembling the PC.

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