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Advice: how to deal with the office-goody-two-shoes-the-muse - 2021

Let's say you are usually a pretty optimistic person. You realize the importance of not bringing your problems to the office. Sure, you have a coworker or two to confide in when you have a bad day because your roommate has left the kitchen or you discovered your ex is getting married. But all in all, you are not someone who comes into the office full of doom and darkness.

On the other hand, don't pretend it's all sunshine and roses all the time, either. If your boss gives harsh team feedback, don't grin and pretend everything is fine (hoping to score points with your manager).

And when there is devastating news in the outside world, don't just ignore it, put a smile on your face, and do your job as if everything was perfect. Oh, and if your colleague suddenly gives up and leaves you with heaps of work, you don't see the virtue in acting like everything is cool.

So it's no wonder that it is getting more and more difficult to deal with the office goody two shoes.

Her constant grin is scratchy and the often brown weeping borderline is disgusting. But what can you do It's not that you can call them out for it. What would you say anyway "Stop being so happy!"

Yeah no

What you can do, however, is put yourself in the good two shoes, well, shoes. Maybe they're really okay with the less than fun grunt work. Perhaps their previous work experience has given them the value to go a little overboard with vacuuming. Perhaps they even had an experience in a previous job where they received a poor performance review for their attitude and decided they never wanted to go back to it.

The thing is, you don't know why the Goody Two-Shoes took that approach. For some people, the way to move forward is to put on a good face and move forward. It's perfectly fine if that isn't your strategy. You just have to realize that it is your employee. And if it works for her, let it be. Remind yourself that as long as you are doing your job well, their behavior does not reflect you badly.

If you cannot muster the patience it takes to deal with the bright and cheerful demeanor day in and day out, you need to develop a coping mechanism that does not require you to quit your job.

When your coworker's blissful demeanor is your best, take a deep breath. (You can even try this simple two minute exercise designed to calm you down.)

Once you've used your breath to center yourself, the next thing to do is to withdraw - physically, when it is available to you. Maybe you're moving to an open space, bringing your laptop to the kitchen, or working in a quiet conference room. If you cannot move your body, put on headphones and take your attention away from the person.

The reality is this: No matter how perfect the job is, you will always have annoying employees. You will never like every single person you work with.

Be tolerant and thoughtful, and if you try to look at things from a different perspective, you may be able to take them less personally and instead see them as a (somewhat annoying) quirk - in particular, keep in mind that you likely have your own quirks .