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You can be so glad you came across this article because now you willat last find out which role-playing class in a fantasy setting suits you best based on your personality! Uuui!

OK. This is not really to be taken seriously now and is only intended as a small, entertaining read on the side, actually I shouldn't mention something like that in the headline alone. By the way - I am not relying on any specific role-playing game module like Dungeons & Dragons, The Black Eye or the like - these are just archetypes as I imagine them. So my idea of ​​a monk may be very different from yours.

Enough of the banter! Let's go for an adventure! But who goes as what?

The shining hero! The Defender of Virtues! Always with a winning smile on his face, he encourages his loyal colleagues to perform at their best - but not just by talking, oh no! The armor of the ENFJ paladin is highly polished, but it does have its scratches and nicks, as this courageous leader storms into battle as an inspiring role model.

Special Ability: "Sword of Honor" - Whenever the ENFJ paladin's honor is attacked in any way, his long sword will burn up, inflicting additional flame damage. Nobody questions their ideals, is it still possible ?!

INFP– Druid
The INFP druid sees more than the rest of his companions - he can not only communicate with animals and plants, he speaks to the world itself, sees its suffering and tries to self-sacrifice to alleviate it. For this he is ready to give up his isolation and go with a group of colorful adventurers. And while they initially consider him a strange owl, they soon discover that the INFP is a true friend who gets to know them better than they do themselves.

Special Ability: "Transformation" - Sometimes it just gets too much for the INFP druid and he can transform himself into an animal of his choice, for example a mouse, in order to crawl as quickly as possible. Or an angry tiger, if he's really fed up. Confused looks from his companions guaranteed.

You never stop learning. The INTP sorceress lives by this motto. She does not set out on an adventure for the sake of fame or money, but to learn more about the world and to be able to test her knowledge in practical application. Her already powerful spells are never perfect enough for her and not infrequently she is a little disappointed that her companions find her archaic (albeit useful) fireball spell much more impressive than her enchanted hat, which can sing almost all common tavern songs! Hello?!

Special Ability: “The Proud Word Warrior” - The INTP sorceress receives bonus dice during a discussion about her specialty. Regardless of whether she has better arguments or not, afterwards she believes in one way or another that she “won” the discussion and receives a buff on her willpower for the rest of the day.

ENTP– Trickster
The charming deceiver who you can't be angry with for long. With a nimble tongue, the ENTP trickster can get out of trouble just as quickly as he gets into it. And if that's not enough, he masters illusion magic like no other and can also defend himself with throwing knives. Most of his companions are often still not sure whether he can really be trusted, despite all the dangers that have been passed together, but despite all the lies and teasing the ENTP trickster has his heart in the right place.

Special ability: "Magic of the fourth wall" - Some characters explain him with his theory that they actually all live in a fantasy world for a crazy conspiracy theorist, but have no idea how close the ENTP trickster is to the truth. With his spell, which breaks through the fourth wall, he can influence the dice on the gaming table of another dimension in such a way that they fall in his favor.

ENTJ– Demon Summoner
Yes, summoning demons is black magic and that is forbidden. Yes, basically the ENTJ demon summoner enslaves innocent, albeit hideous, terrifying beings by simply tearing them from another sphere and subjugating them to their will. And yes, most of the time she's not even particularly subtle and her demonic slaves often cause a bloodbath. So what? The ENTJ demon summoner knows that efficiency has no place for aesthetics and the end justifies the means.

Special ability: "Club of the Undead Poets" - Due to her membership in a dark, actually forbidden order, the ENTJ demon summoner knows all arch villains by their first names, with some of them she even still meets at the Satan's Bible circle. Through these connections she has insights into the way of thinking of her opponents and receives information from the game master once per adventure about an important detail of their plans.

INTJ–Sword mage
It would be too easy for the INTJ sword mage to just plunge into adventure with a sword like the barbarian and too impractical like the sorceress to read books for weeks without creating anything practical, so he combines the best of both Worlds in order to one day become the most efficient adventurer of all time with discipline and patience. The INTJ sword mage always thinks two steps ahead, which usually puts him in an advantageous position. However, he is also aware that the most powerful opponents do the same, which is why he considers it a necessary evil to team up with other adventurers who trample through dark catacombs like the last fools, but are accordingly also used to acting spontaneously .

Special ability: "Work once with professionals" - Every time the INTJ is (again) the only one in the group who is still fit for combat, he gets so upset about the incompetence of his fellow campaigners that he will continue to work until the end of the Combat bonus die on his attack damage.

The ESTP mercenary keeps claiming that she takes all the adventures and risks just because of the money. But of course that's not true. She loves the allure of danger, the challenge of combat, in which she can measure her skills against those of others and well - if she still earns money in the process to be able to pay for a bigger sword, alcohol and admission to the cathouse, why not ? Her companions appreciate the ESTP mercenary not only for her enormous fighting power, but also for her easy-going, engaging nature.

Special ability: "Winning smile" - The mercenary can use her winning smile once per adventure to get herself and her companions out of a tricky social situation that could turn into a combat situation (e.g. caught stealing / cheating / breaking into). Was not meant like that! Was just a misunderstanding!

Has something just moved in the shadow? Did someone cut my wallet off my belt? Is there a sharpened blade flashing in the dark? With all the dirty tricks the ISTP villain uses, one might wonder if she can actually be called a heroine (just because of the description of her profession, right?), But her companions know better. Every now and then, even the most honorable adventurers end up behind bars for a silly misunderstanding, and then how could they still accomplish their exploits if the ISTP villain couldn't break them out with their practical skills?

Special ability: "Nerves of steel" - The ISTP villain is not really impressed by anything, which is usually a shame. However, if the malevolent magician casts a spell of fear on the group, the ISTP villain has an advantage: she receives bonus dice on the resistance roll.

The ESFP bard loves the spotlight. The amiable entertainer may get mad at his companions from time to time, but in the end there has to be someone who records the heroic deeds of the group and records them for posterity. He also has a very practical side: in combat he encourages his loyal comrades-in-arms with inspiring songs - or pulls on the nerves of his opponents with hideous cacophonies. And no matter how bad the situation may be, the ESFP bard knows how to brighten up the minds and contributes a lot to group morale.

Special ability: "This is where the music is playing!" - If the ESFP bard feels ignored, he can go into a rage - he gets a fit of anger and can try to attract the attention of the opponents with a charisma throw. What does he dress so extravagantly for when he lets the poplish ISTP villain steal the show?

Side by side with her wolfhound, the ISFP ranger wanders through the thick thicket. She loves seclusion, nature and her freedom, on the other hand she is always on the lookout for new adventures - otherwise she would probably never have joined this motley group. Despite her rather solitary nature, she now sees them as her friends and would do anything to protect them. And their companions are also glad to have them to guide them through the dark forests, discover traps and keep enemies at bay with a bow and arrow.

Special Ability: “Surfing Shooter” - The ISFP ranger generally looks wonderful when shooting, but especially when she's surfing something. If she is on a hill (stairs, hill, mountain, roof, dragon head), with a successful dexterity test she can use any object (shield, frying pan, rocking horse) to surf down this hill. In the meantime, she can miraculously fire two arrows per round.

His companions sometimes rightly ask why he doesn't just get a new, lighter and more ergonomic sword - but what for? The ESTJ barbarian has been swinging his gigantic bastard sword since he was four years old - and with the utmost efficiency. He's the man for the rough - when doors have to be kicked, boulders pushed aside or skulls split open, the ESTJ barbarian will be happy to help. And just as hard and intense as he fights, he celebrates after a successful adventure with his friends, alcohol and prostitutes. This is the real life. Why should he change anything about it?

Special Ability: “Keeper of the Old Ways” - If anyone questions the conservative worldview of the ESTJ barbarians, they can go into a berserk frenzy. Did I say "can"? No, he has no other choice. Until the end of the fight, he ignores the disadvantages of wounds just as skilfully as he can ignore good arguments for progress.

One more drop ... one more. Finished. And now let it rest for exactly three hours. Sounds boring? It is, but when you see what kind of explosion the ISTJ alchemist's mixture throws off when she throws it at her opponents, then you will stop criticizing her for it. Yes, she may seem very pedantic at times, adheres so strictly to the code of the alchemists' guild that it gives her companions a headache, but in the end everyone is happy to have such a reliable and competent companion at their side. Even if her potions aren't quite as powerful as the witch's, it is good for a change to know that an antidote actually neutralizes the poison at a critical moment instead of growing wings.

Special Ability: None. The ISTJ alchemist is just a little boring, but she thinks it's totally fine. Your bombs make up for it, who needs special skills?

The ISFJ cleric serves his wards with such devotion that it seems astonishing that his deity is even higher than his companion for him. His virtue is in no way inferior to that of the paladin, but unlike his belligerent fellow believer, the ISFJ cleric avoids being the center of attention and is content to quietly help where he can. His companions value him very much for his natural modesty - and of course also for his healing arts.

Special Ability: “The Cake” - The ISFJ cleric can bake cakes between adventures and take them with them in a suitable Tupperware. He likes to share it with his friends and the whole group regenerates twice as many health points for the rest.

The ESFJ innkeeper is far too responsible to just leave her tavern unprotected, but since she is constantly surrounded by adventurers, she can almost be declared one of theirs. And in a way - to protect the tavern from all the lovable but rowdy, thieving, loud, drunk and sometimes really dangerous adventurers is at least as dangerous as a dragon hunt. But the ESFJ hostess is happy to do it. She knows how to please each and every one of her guests, always has a full warehouse and with all the stories she has heard, her storytelling is in friendly competition with the bard.

Special ability: "But you clean it up again, yes ?!" - With a successful charisma rehearsal, the innkeeper actually succeeds in getting her customers to clean up the mess they have caused.

Why is the ENFP witch flying around on a broomstick? Because she can. And because it's funny. And because you can see so much of the world. And their mighty potions? More or less coincidence. She just felt like drinking a cocktail made from toad eyes, grave soil and minotaur testicles. Who could have known that this would make her fall madly in love with one of these adventurers? But this happens to her even without a potion. Anyone who travels with the ENFP Witch has already found the adventure.

Special ability: "Emotions over logic" - With a powerful contingency spell, the witch breaks any laws of nature (or reinterprets them) and so bends the essence of reality to her advantage. This turns arrows into candy, saber-toothed tigers into Nyan Cats and everyone present suddenly has an inverted personality - unfortunately an ISTJ witch does not endure such chaotic conditions for long that it is quickly reversed.

INFJ– monk
Asceticism and passion. Superhuman ideals and humility. Peacefulness and lethality. The INFJ monk maintains the balance between all of these qualities. He is disciplined and wise himself. Unworldly? No. Just withdrawn. He knows only too well what makes his contemporaries tick and is amazingly sociable for a lonely hermit. He only subscribes to ideals that go far beyond the physical eye and pursues them with serene tenacity.

Special Ability: "Serenity of the Water" - The INFJ Monk focuses on his meditation technique and everything around him disappears and becomes irrelevant in the face of the really important things in the universe. A spear in his side? Doesn't matter to him. Companions who constantly get on his nerves with the same gossip? Anyway, they'll be fine. Particularly high-level monks can spend months in this state without even having to eat.

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