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SMS message center: Set up and check the SMSC number on the iPhone and Android mobile phone

Last updated on March 14, 2019

The SMS message center is pretty much under the radar for many cell phone users. But there is. And it's important. Because with an incorrect or missing SMSC number, you cannot send any short messages.

If you encounter difficulties sending SMS and it is not due to the lack of reception, you should check as soon as possible whether the SMS service number is set up correctly. How this works depends on your mobile phone (iPhone or Android smartphone). Your cellular provider also plays a role. We provide instructions.

Set up the SMS message center (SMSC)

How can the SMS notification center (or in short: SMSC for Short Message Service Center) set up? Before we get to the facts, just briefly as to what the SMS service number is good for. Why does our cell phone need to know a certain number?

The Notification center for SMS you need so that short messages can be sent. If the number is missing or a wrong number is stored, the SMS dispatch no longer works.

SMS center: number not available on all cell phones!

It is not always possible to have a number for the SMS center set up. Because not all cell phones have the appropriate option. We tried it with two newer smartphones from Huawei (Android 8.1) and Xiaomi (Android 9). On both smartphones, no corresponding option could be called up to set the SMS message center.

Communication takes place automatically via the SIM card. If the sending of SMS should still fail, there is, according to a post in the forum of android-hilfe.de, the possibility of selecting the message "SMS center number unknown" and storing the corresponding number there.

Find and set up the SMS message center on the iPhone

The SMS message center on the iPhone set it up via the phone menu of your smartphone. There you can first display the stored number. If this is not correct, you can change it using an extended USSD code. And that's how it works:

  • Open the phone app and type in the USSD code * # 5005 * 7672 #.
  • The number stored for the SMS center is shown on the display. Checks whether this is correct.
  • If not, you can change it with the following USSD code: * # 5005 * 7672 * [number of the message center] #. The number to be entered depends on your provider, you can see details below.

Set up SMSC on Android phones

And how can that SMS center to Android phones set up? Here is the way to enter the SMSC number.

The exact options depend on your mobile phone manufacturer and the Android version used. As a rule, these options will lead you to the goal:

  • Opens the SMS app and selects the settings.
  • There you will find the entry SMS notification center or similar - depending on the provider, save the appropriate number there.
  • It is possible that entering the USSD code * # * # 4636 # * # * or calling up the phone information in the settings of the phone app will lead you to the SMS center.

Which SMS service number at Vodafone, ALDI TALK, Drillisch?

Which SMS service number should be stored in your mobile phone now? Even if there are only three network operators in Germany, the number of numbers for the SMS center is larger. This is because some providers differentiate between prepaid and tariffs with a term. Some providers in today's Telefónica network also have the old E-Plus ID.

Here is just a selection of the numbers to be entered.

ProvidernetworkSMS service number
TelecomD1+49 171 07 60 000
VodafoneD2+49 172 22 70 333
Telefónicao2+49 176 00 00 443
Telefónica prepaido2+49 176 00 00 433
1 and 1D2+49 172 22 70 333 or +49 172 22 70 000
1 and 1o2+49 176 00 00 443
ALDI TALKo2+49 177 06 10 000
congstar, Penny Mobil, yes! mobileD1+49 171 07 60 000
LIDL ConnectD2+49 172 22 70 333
Tchibo mobileo2+49 176 00 00 443
winSIM / Drillischo2+49 176 00 00 443
blueo2+49 177 06 10 000
Kaufland mobileD1+49 171 07 60 000
Norma ConnectD1+49 171 07 60 000
EDEKA smartD1+49 171 07 60 000

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