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CyberPunk Clothing

Just like steampunk, cyberpunk is a fiction genre that has inspired a fashion aesthetic and lifestyle.

Cyberpunk blends an orderly and highly technologically advanced, but also highly corrupt, society with a romanticized anti-hero lower or criminal class that challenges the corrupt government. Think films like Dredd and Judge Dredd, Tron, and The Matrix Trilogy.

Cyberpunk fashion draws on this genre for inspiration, mixing elements of urban streetwear, high tech performance apparel, and even detective and police attire, and, of course, retains plenty of elements from its punk roots.

Leather, for example, is incredibly popular in cyberpunk fashion, especially leather jackets, leather pants, and leather boots.

Sheer clothing, whether completely sheer or just with a sheer panel, another cyberpunk staple. Mesh and transparent vinyl are often used for sheer cyberpunk clothes.

Prominent hardware on cyberpunk clothing emphasizes the style’s punk origins while also bringing in the sci-fi elements with polished metal.

Metallic, holographic, and other high shine finishes on fabrics also bring a futuristic feel to cyberpunk clothing. Color blocking is widespread in cyberpunk style, especially black contrasted with neon colors or bright white. Black and dark gray are the base colors for most cyberpunk outfits.

Technical performance gear, like moisture wicking leggings, fitted tops, and jackets blend the practical, yet high tech feels of cyberpunk outfits.

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