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Reduce WhatsApp data usage: Here's how

Reducing WhatsApp's data consumption: the smartphone tariff's traffic is sometimes used up quickly, but at least the messenger's data consumption can be reduced noticeably with a few simple steps.

Anyone who has only booked a small monthly volume of data will appreciate the savings potential. Since WhatsApp is constantly in use with many users, the question inevitably arises as to how much the app actually consumes. The all-clear: Those who only exchange text messages use very little data volume. But if you like to send pictures or often receive media content, the included volume decreases radically. For a better understanding, here are the rough guidelines that apply when using WhatsApp.

1. This is how much data messages and pictures consume in WhatsApp

  • Text message: Approximately 1 kilobyte
  • Images: Around 100 kilobytes, correspondingly more for larger photos
  • Send location: Approximately 0.5 megabytes

In WhatsApp itself you can check how much data you have already sent and received. This works as follows: "Settings> Data usage> Network usage". Here you can see how many megabytes of received and sent media content have been - and also what WhatsApp calls have used. With a click on "Reset statistics" you reset all values ​​to zero and you can then better track how much data volume you use within a certain period of time.

2. Disable auto-download in WhatsApp

To effectively save data volume while on the move, it helps to deactivate the auto-download of media content in WhatsApp. To do this, open WhatsApp on iOS and call up the settings. In the menu item "Data usage" you can configure the "Media Auto-Download" and decide how WhatsApp handles received data while on the move. You can deactivate images, audio, videos and documents.

Of course, you can still download them manually at any time from the cellular network - a simple tap is enough. If you have an Android smartphone, you will find the setting here: "Settings> Data usage> Media auto-download". On the iPhone you can also deactivate the option "Save received" under "Settings> Chats".

3. Reduce the data consumption of WhatsApp calls

Calls via WhatsApp also consume your data volume. But if you don't want to do without it on the go, you should at least lower the quality a bit. It works like this on the iPhone: Activate "Settings> Data usage> Reduced data consumption" using the slider. On Android: "Settings> Chats & Calls> Reduced data consumption".

4. WhatsApp backup only in WiFi

WhatsApp iCloud backup to iPhone is a practical thing. But you should only back up WhatsApp data if your iPhone is connected to WiFi. This option must be made directly in the iPhone settings: Deactivate "Settings> iCloud> iCloud Drive> Use mobile data" using the slider. This reduces data consumption on the go.


  1. Check data usage in WhatsApp: "Settings> Data usage> Network usage
  2. Deactivate auto-download of media: "Settings> Data usage> Media auto-download"
  3. Reduce the quality of WhatsApp calls in the iPhone settings: "Settings> Data usage> Reduced data usage"
  4. Exclude WhatsApp backup in the cellular network: Deactivate "Settings> iCloud> iCloud Drive> Use mobile data"