Gsxr 1000 how to cut forks

Bruttel_Jonas wrote: ↑

18.02.2020 20:28

Hello Jürgen, Hello Hannes,

I tried to put the axle of the Sv1000 into the Gsxr fork ... One side does not fit the other.
For me it looks like the Gsxr has a normal counter screw and the Sv1000 has a banjo screw.
I'll probably have to take the 600 series.

You said that you built the 1000s.
Not only do you need a Gixxer axle, you also need the spacer.
https: // ... UKI5630640
The number 7 ...
I missed the said spacer back then and gave me a brief headache, but Jürgen helped me further.
If you can search for the axis on ebay classifieds, maybe you can get a cheap one. I got one for € 25. It is best to look for different models, as the chance of getting something is greater. Here you can see what fits: ... 1-41g00% 20
With the brake, you can also easily convert to discs with a 320 diameter (like the Gixxer).

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