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Hall effect proximity switches / sensors

A Hall effect proximity switch is a non-contact electronic switch that consists of a permanent magnet or a ferromagnetic part as a trigger switch and a Hall effect sensor IC. The Hall Sensor IC detects the change in the magnet, when the permanent magnet approaches, it generates an electrical signal. This signal is amplified and rectified to control the output of the switch.

Compared to magnetoelectric, optoelectronic and capacitive proximity switches, Hall effect proximity switches have the following advantages:
  • Good output waveform, high stability, low cost,
  • Unaffected by oil, dirt and vibration
  • can be used in various temperature environments
They are very suitable for integration in PC systems, in various types of industrial control equipment, they are optimal switches for position control, speed measurement, direction detection and counting as well as for automatic protection, etc.

Ambient temperature: -25 ° C / -40 ° C ~ + 125 ° C Ambient humidity: 35% ~ 95%
Max. Supply current: 25mA Reverse supply voltage: -35V
Frequency range: 0 ~ 50KHz Position repeatability: 0.02mm
Overcurrent indicator: Red LED Measurement object: Magnet S-pol
Max. Output current: 20mA - 200mA Supply voltage: 5 - 30V
Max. Switching distance: 8mm Max. Voltage drop: 0.4V - 1.0V
Isolation voltage: AC 1500V, 50 / 60Hz, 1min Housing material: Brass, chrome-plated
Polarity / overvoltage protection: Yes Output short circuit protection: Yes

Examples of Hall effect proximity switches
Sensor housingPart numberOutput signalPower supplyOutput currentDimensionscable length
CYKN8-02CL0OC, NPN, open, single+ 4.5V ~ + 24V DC20mAM8 x 20mm0.65m
CYKP8-02CL0OC, PNP, open, single+ 4.5V ~ + 24V DC20mAM8 x 15-20mm0.65m
CYKN8-20DL2OC, NPN, open, single+ 8V ~ + 30V DC200mAM12 x 40mm0.5m, max. 2m
CYBN8-20DL2OC, NPN, closed, single+ 8V ~ + 30V DC200mAM12 x 40mm0.5m, max. 2m
CYKP8-20DL2OC, PNP, open, single+ 8V ~ + 30V DC200mAM12 x 40mm0.5m, max. 2m
CYBP8-20DL2OC, PNP, closed, single+ 8V ~ + 30V DC200mAM12 x 40mm0.5m, max. 2m