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SOKO LESTI 4: No school without a key

Monday, 6 a.m.

Loud snoring can be heard from Lurs' cave.

Lurs in deep sleep. No wonder, he has had a very, very strenuous night job.

This has never happened before!

In front of the school in Wederstadt, shortly before eight children and teachers jam on Monday. Excitement and buzz of voices.

The school door is still closed.

Director Schimmelwein drives into the teacher's parking lot with screeching tires, rushes to the caretaker's apartment and rings the doorbell. The caretaker's wife opens.

“Good morning, Frau Becker. Why is the school not open yet? It is to despair. Where's your husband? "

“He's looking for the keys. They are as if swallowed by the earth. We can't unlock the school! "

No theater without a key

Director Schimmelwein appears in front of the children and teachers:

"Please quiet, I ask for quiet! Both my school keys and those of the caretaker cannot be found. Apparently there has been a theft. We'll call the police now. Please stay in the schoolyard until we know more. "

The police forwards the call directly to SOKO LESTI. But she is already busy with calls from other cities.

School keys are missing everywhere!

"That was definitely the Lurs again," says Lega.

“This time he's already come up with something totally nasty. The 4th grade of our school wants to present a play to the parents today. They'll be disappointed! "

“We have to clarify the situation on the spot. Then we can certainly help the rectors of the other cities, «suggests Steni.

Director Schimmelwein almost bursts

In no time at all, Lega and Steni whiz to school on their bikes.

“Nothing like this has happened to me in my entire life!” Calls Director Schimmelwein. His head is swollen and red like a balloon.

“If it doesn't burst,” Lega thinks and says: “We have the same situation in many cities. The tenth call has now been received. We know the perpetrator. We just have to find out about him. "

And Steni says: "First, keep calm!" He pats the director reassuringly on the shoulder.

The solution to the riddle: a secret code!

Lega thinks loudly and sharply: “He must have hidden it somewhere. Lurs is not so ingenious that he comes up with other ideas. "

"Think!" Says Steni, pointing to the school mailbox.

A piece of paper protrudes from the box. Lega carefully pulls it out.

“VON LURS” is written on it in large letters. And then something else.

Lega and Steni frown:

"What is that?"

“Oh, crap, Lurs used a secret code. We have to crack it! "

Send us the correct text from Lurs' letter!

Lessons in six cities depend on how quickly the secret code is decrypted.

If you feel like it, send your clues to clarify the case to:

office (at) legakids (dot) net

You will definitely get an answer!