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Friday November 05, 2010

Will I ever be able to write such funny posts in here again as I did when my life was still halfway carefree?

I will try and try to write diligently again. Oh dear, it's been over 5 years since I last wrote here. Isn't that bad?

I vow to get well soon (as so often before). Well, maybe I really have more time now when I move again and live all alone for the first time in my life. Kind of a cool feeling too!


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Thursday March 17, 2005

Haha, you get that from getting upset because I never write. now i'm writing! Harr harr, says the evil little girl!
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Friday October 17, 2003

It's crazy how time flies ... it's already mid-October! Tomorrow my niece will be 1/2 year old and the last time I blogged here, she wasn't even born!

Anton, I'm back!



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Monday April 14, 2003

Hello back, all you devoted readers of my little virtual scrapbook!

Well, I know, it seems as if I had ignored you for a while, but no no no, how coud I ever possibly be so rude? There are two simple answers to the one question, why I didn't post for quite a while. Firstly I am in love ... ok, well that doesn't mean I can no longer read and write, I know, but if you are busy, writing too many essays in too little time; busy, trying to make everything ready for your parents' visit in lovely N-wich; busy trying to keep your mind off this gorgeous young man who just wont get out of your head; busy, trying to sneak-in some time to spend with this man; busy, packing everything for a 8day trip to swinging London, well then you cannot expect to find time to write more than just one or two lines in / on your blog, right?
The second answer is even simpler than the first, I was in London. Huh, you are right again; people in London are not as antediluvian (what a word) as not to be connected to the internet, but when you are there with your parents, organizing everything, trying to make it as comfortable as possible for them, then try to find an internet cafe, where the rates are not insane, so even you as a normal student can afford them. So you see, I just could not write. But now I'm back and good times are to come. I'm, romantically speaking, flying on the wings of love, and my creativity has rarely been so prospering.

That's all for today, or at least for now.

Love you all!


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Tuesday April 01, 2003

Dots to Anton!

The bumblebees are buzzing like crazy!
That makes the stomach hum powerful ... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

xxx * ... *

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Tuesday, the day after monday ... well, mondays CAN be great ... all you need is a bit of sunshine, a warm sunny room, a pair of scissors and a lovely young man with soft dark blond hair, that's just a bit too long ... well, there's your entertainment ... or was it just the two of us, who could enjoy this - i call it - setting? Or maybe I didn't even need this pair of scissors and the sunny room? What if it had rained, just as it is right now? Well, it wouldn't have mattered ... as long as it had been me and him ... (or is it him and me? Who cares?) Rephrase ... as long as it had been the two of us. .. better, a lot better ... sounds really good. "just the two of us" (and all the people around, supporting, distracting, and loving us ...) happiness in its purest form ... maiden-like ... clean, almost white, but only almost ... being diverted by essays and continuously meeting unexpected friends and acquaintances ... keeping the secret as long as possible, to keep the feeling absolute and pure ... well, it's not possible to keep a secret like that, when you just radiate felicity. .. the Romans were right!

Hic habitat felicitas!

Well, I guess it wasn't this tiny spot in front of a computer in the UEA Library they were talking about, but that's how it is folks ...

Enjoy the rain!

Have a nice day!


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Friday March 28, 2003

aiaiai i'm sooo tired !!!
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Thursday March 27, 2003

Soda! It's time again. I'll post something ... aiaiai, but the dear reader is happy, right? :-)

Well it's like heinz erhardt put it so aptly, tomorrow I'm happy again ... well, today is actually the day after tomorrow of the day I published this posting, so according to the law I should be sad again, but i'm not a person who always obeys the rules and today i'm happy again. beautiful!!! CALL SIGN!

the only thing that bothers me a little at the moment is my right hand, which doesn't want the way i want. I was on the course earlier (because it is so warm, we moved the lesson outside to the open air, down to the lake) in the cold. yes, I know, I just said we went outside because it's so warm, huh, blunt about it, it was literally ar ... cold!
the wind whistled around our ears and our kidneys were too bare, so that it was never really nice. but no, we absolutely had to squat in the sun. nunjut * g * it was nice outside, just a little too frosty. and now my hand is spinning. I can do what I want, shake, rub, rub and wiggle, she is and remains uncomfortably cold and prefers to fall asleep ... hmpf, maybe I have to threaten her with a boiling hot shower so that she can mean it again sake executes ... :-)

just take a look...
otherwise there’s not much to report, except that I’m fine again. i have trimmed my bonsai properly. now it should grow a little longer again until it has long shoots again.

xxx greetings and a big bussi for everyone

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Tuesday March 25, 2003

why does this bloody blog swallow my posts? argh !!!!!
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well, and if you browse for a while, you come across exactly what you weren't actually looking for, but really wanted to find ...

Heinz Erhardt:


The day before yesterday I was happy
the day before yesterday it happened
yesterday I did somersaults
today I don't want to live anymore.
Such a condition is appalling
I torture myself and my environment;
but it doesn't last very long:
tomorrow I'll be happy again!

posted by Julia 3/25/2003 12:52:00 PM
Because I'm so looking forward to my nothin '!

... don't forget, I'm not serious about mine!

Wilhelm Busch:

Three aunts

The first aunt said:
We must now also think about
what we do on her name day
give it to good Sophie.
The second aunt said:
I suggest we decide
us for a dress made of pea greens,
Sophie doesn't like that.

That was fine with the third aunt:
Yes, she said, with yellow tendrils!
I know she's not badly angry
and must also say thank you.

posted by Julia 3/25/2003 12:49:00 PM
... went to the pub last night ... phew, bridget jones was right! men ARE emotional fuckwitts !!! thank god jacko was there with me! Jacko, i'll miss u so much !!! ;-)

lotta luv my gorgeous little sexgoddess !!!


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Monday March 24, 2003

A poem is coming now ... Warning !!


Summer flowers in full bloom;
Memories of grandmother's good.
The world blurred in the sunlight
Wait for the tide to come.

Happy children and bright laughter;
Sacks full of sweet things.
The world blurred in the sunlight
Wait for the tide to come.

Young love, perfect luck
Great feelings, you think back.
The world blurred in the sunlight
Wait for the tide to come.

Vanity, bliss, sunshine,
Nobody should be alone.
The world blurred in the sunlight
Wait for the tide to come.

Sugar pink children's dreams,
The trees are full of ripe fruit.
The world blurred in the sunlight
Wait for the tide to come.


Washed away, nothing is left
Which was still fun-loving.
Still dazed by the roar of the waves
The world awaits the things that are only now to come.

The meaning of life is no longer there.
Drifting without a plan, completely empty.
The course of the world knows no mercy
Everything sank in the floods that came.

... Monday evenings, doomsday mood, aftermath of the premenstrual phase, slight influence of alcohol, mood swings, suddenly recurring depression; You can quickly write a few lines that are so depressing on paper and before you know it, it's on the Internet ...

Well, that's life, the ane still comes to Paris. The aundane doesn't come to Paris, jo wia des Lebn hoit so is ...


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A poem by Erich Kaestner:

Speaking of loneliness!

One can be hideously lonely at times!
It doesn't help to turn up your collar
and to say to yourself before doing business:
The hat in there is nice, just a little small ...

It doesn't help to go to a cafe
and watch the others laugh.
It doesn't help to imitate her laugh.
Nor does it help to get up straight away.

You look at your own shadow.
He jumps and hurries so as not to be late,
and people come and kick him cool.
It doesn't help if you can't cry.

It doesn't help to flee home with you
and, if you have bromine at home, take bromine.
It doesn't help to be ashamed of yourself
and hastily pulling the curtains.

You can feel what it would be like to be small.
As small as brand new children are!
Then you close both eyes and go blind
And lies alone ...

We all know loneliness, don't we?

posted by Julia 3/24/2003 05:37:00 PM
And here I am again ... I only posted here two minutes ago, but what the heck, there are still several pieces of news. Yesterday I talked to Matthias again and he said (I think it was a quote from V.Woolf) that you are happy at the exact moment when you ask yourself if you are happy because otherwise you will not be happy at all would think about it. Then last night I thought about it a little longer and realized that I'm really fine and that I'm really happy here. It is really nice to know that. I AM HAPPY!!!

I have a lot of friends here, the university is largely fun, and anyway and in general, it's nice to be here.

Thanks to all of you !!!


You, my friends, you make my life beautiful !!

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Moin Moin all susammn!

No, don't worry, I'm not drunk. I'm just pumped full of news that everyone wants to gush out of me. First of all: H.H. Groer is dead. Well, I know that will only mean something to a few, so I'll just explain it quickly. Well this Mr. Groer was some time ago Archbishop of the r.k. Church in Vienna. He was publicly accused of sexual harassment of underage boys during his time as a religion teacher in a boys' seminar in Hollabrunn, which he has repeatedly denied. However, he was never able to prove otherwise, so he was suspended and accidentally transferred to Scandinavia. Hm, well, back then (1995) when the whole story started rolling, almost the entire Austrian population was of the same opinion, namely that he did it. And I have to say here that I also agreed, and I still do.
Well, how do I come up with this topic ... well I checked again on orf.at to see what's new at home and read there: Groer is dead. Not that I knew this person personally, but I did I still have to say that I was relieved when I read that. Not only relieved for the former boys and current men, whom he presumably molested, but also for the grown-ups themselves. It's finally over, I thought to myself. I then also read some comments from other Orf.at readers and was shocked what they were saying. He should stew in hell and what else do I know. Well, I am a Christian and I believe; as many of these readers claim to be. And as a believing Christian I can only say that it is not in our power to judge a person like that. As long as we don't have any proof, and we will never get any, he took everything with him to the grave, as the saying goes, we cannot condemn him. So I say that it is up to God to bring him his just punishment, if he deserves it. Well, I know you are not familiar with the story. But I just had to have said this once.

Smell u later!

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Friday March 21, 2003

Post LCR!

Well, what can I say, I broke my promise. I went to the LCR again. I really didn't want to, but then Jacko said it was her big night (Jacko's the girl who was practicing the dance) and so I had to go, me, her biggest fan! And I tell u, it was fuckin 'quality, as Jon would say; ok, he probably wouldn't go to the LCR, but anyway, I pretty much enjoyed it!
It's so cool going out with girls, especially on a night like this ... LGB awareness night or whatever it was called. It was great. U dance with girls u really like and other girls are jealous, because u have such a nice girlfriend, even though she isn't. Just great. And the men, ok sorry, I meant boys, are the best. They are really cute when they get excited over some girls dancing with each other. Their tongues hang losely out of their little mouths and they slowly start drivelling ... almost sweet, when they finally worked up their courage to ask you out for a drink and u can tell them, with another girl in your arm, that u are definitely not interested at all ... I love power !!!

Spread love guys!

posted by Julia 3/21/2003 04:50:00 PM
Hey Anton! I know u r gonna read this ... u definitely missed out a great night ... it was so much fun in the LCR (die LCR * g *) ... next time u have to join us, definitely ...

big hug,


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Tuesday March 18, 2003

Well, it's me again. Today I crouched in the sun for way too long and almost got a sunstroke. Brrr is almost Turkish: Is-mir-uebel.! :-)
Just kidding!
But I feel really bad. And then I had a beer in the sun! Not a good idea. Dear children, please do not imitate !!! That gives you very bad nausea!
Especially if you have also eaten very little ... well, I don't want to go into more detail here ... it's not really that interesting either.

Something strange happened to me in town yesterday. So, I was taking the bus (blue line 25) down St. Stephen's Street when we stopped at a bank (not one to sit on, but one where you put the money, dear children. * G *) due to the traffic jam had to. And what do I see there? A very well-dressed, good-looking man in his mid-30s who clearly has a lot of money - of course, otherwise he would not have been able to afford the expensive clothes - who picks up money at the ATM from this bank. However, since the bus I was on was making extremely loud noises (it scratched the curb), the man turned around, looked into the bus and looked at me by chance. I smiled, as I usually do when well-dressed, good-looking rich men look at me (wink wink, nudge nudge), when he fell out of his hand out of sheer amazement. To be precise, both ATM cards fell out of his hand. But he only noticed the near loss of one and stepped on the other! Hehe, I thought that was really weird. Finally I had to move on. Ok, the bus went on. In any case, I turned around and almost dislocated my neck because I wanted to know whether the man would pick up his card.
As far as I can tell, he didn't do it ... Well, the guy probably lost a lot of money because of me ... Well, I always knew that I was worth a lot! :-)
I would only be interested in whether it really turned out that way, or whether the good man still kept his card ... hmmm

Well, so much for my little shopping story ...

Probably won't have interested anyone anyway!

But I don't care at the moment ... I had my fun, and that's the main thing, isn't it?

The whole world revolves around me because I'm just an egoist !!!

End of the senseless babble ...

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I guess I really scared my dear Vogerl yesterday when I told him that I published our poem. Well, it's not sooo bad, is it? And it sounds really good, once someone reads it aloud, with a lot of passion and emotion ... Big Bang in Bier ... oh dear, we definitely are geniuses !!!

Grrr, seems to be a bad hair day today! No! No! I'm not depressed again, I mean it is LITERALLY a bad hair day! Just washed it and somehow it seems to have its own will. tststs bad, bad hair ... I do look a bit like Struwelpeter now! But who cares? As long as nobody runs after me, pointing at my hair, laughing and giggling madly, I should be fine, right?

As I can't think of anything intelligent to say now, not as if I could say any intelligent stuff at any time of the day, I'm gonna call it a day again: DAY! (haha, how funny Julia!)

Have a nice day .. dupdupdudududuuuu

Big hug!


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Monday March 17, 2003

A poem by Johannes and me .... Just because it was so beautiful today in the square, or in the square? It doesn't matter, the main thing is that the sun is fun and incredibly creative ...

Sun on concrete

Shining light! Square!
Big Bang in Beer, leisurely dying bird fuck,
Flooding stone, concrete !!

Dead square, green
Grass, HOT!
Hoarding hoarding buttocks.

Kidney stone; flooded.

Ice Cream of War, Moewenkack!

Never again!

... then: finally beer ...

Radiant people
human rays.

Royal beery undershirt!
Quaking breasts, concrete !!!

by johannes (vogerl) voit & julia (sissi) strohbach 03/17/2003
posted by Julia 3/17/2003 08:30:00 PM
St. Patrick's Day! Horray!

As I said on Thursday, the sun has the power to change everything. People become a lot more beautiful when the sun shines in their faces. And as i confessed a couple of days ago, I love beautiful people !!

It's like magic, the square is full of people, everybody seems to be happy, even if they're sitting there, reading stuff for their seminar presentation next day.
Good day, sunshine! The Beatles WERE right !!

I need to laugh and when the sun is out, I've got something I can laugh about!
I feel good in a special way! I'm in love and it's a sunny day!
And I say: Good day sunshine !!! Good day sunshine !!! Good day sunshine !!!

I spent a wonderful day in the square yesterday! Thanks to Matthias; I really enjoyed talking to you. You couldn't have been more enchanting and inspiring. (huh, cannot write any of the juicy stuff in here, what if my parents read this! j / k * g *)

Well, what else can I say, am rejoicing in 80s music now. Wow, were those happy days of building tree houses in the forests of my home village go?
Today's soundtrack: Cafe del Mar other Eddy Grant: I don't wanna dance (my mum loved this song, I know it by heart, honestly !!!)

So, on thursday my face was more or less gray ... well what a pleasant change today ... it's red now. As Isa pointed out so nicely yesterday: Your face is so red! thx a lot!
Looks like the english sun chose to gimme a little tan!
I just have to say it again ... GOOD DAY SUNSHINE !!!

Ok, folks, I wish u all another sunny day tomorrow!
I'm gonna pour a guinness down my throat now!
St. Patrick's Day!!! Don't tell me, u forgot!

Let the sun shine in your heart !!!

Love ULeeR

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Sunday March 16, 2003

Sunday morning! (Sunday in the truest sense of the word !!!)

Well, my baby is already 10 days old and I think I can be proud of what it has already achieved. After all, it has seen a lot. So a depression in the first week! Hats off! Not everyone gets away with that so quickly!

Happy 10th ULeeR !!!

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Friday March 14, 2003

What a great day!

Isn't it wonderful how everything changes when the sun shines? Some people have a permanent smile on their face, even though they've been out yesterday and were absolutely wasted and lost their phone in the taxi ... yep, caught me there, its is me, the person with that permanent grin on her gray face. Well as everybody knows, too much alcohol is not exactly good for your skin ... So I hide my tired eyes behind deep black sunglasses and try to drag people's attention to my mouth by smiling ... and, it helps !!!

Sometimes I wonder, if the circumorbital rings round my eyes are actually something like annual rings ... the older a tree gets, the more rings he has ... so the more alcohol I drink, the more rings I get ... see the analogy?

Anyway, Thank God for the man (or could it have been a woman?) Who invented sunglasses .... How often has he / she saved my reputation of being a nice, innocent, little, alcohol abominating girl ...: - )



By the way, I got my phone back !!!
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Wednesday March 12, 2003

Am soooo tired! Party yesterday was cool though !!!! Cheers guys !!!!

Lotta Luv,

posted by Julia 3/12/2003 01:05:00 PM
Wednesday, the middle of the week! How true! And there is so little time left to achieve all of the goals !!
It seems today is visiting day again here on campus! I love visitor days. I loved her even back then when I was still in school and looking at my university, from the visitor side!
You see everything for the first time and it looks so huge and just so incredible real! The students are all so grown up and know exactly where to go. Fascinating ... Now, it looks completely different from the student side. But I'm still happy when visitors come to the university and look at me with, as they say, big eyes and think exactly what I thought back then, namely that I'm so grown up and tall. Hm, and maybe I'm just coming home (it's 9am) from some wild party, have an incredible hangover and look so old and busy because I'm trying not to stumble over the famous 2mm difference in height between the large stone slabs.

Yeah, that's how things change! Fine, fine!!!

so much for now!

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Tuesday March 11, 2003

Well Folks, those of you, who know, what they know, will know, why I let them know ...

Norah Jones:

I've Got to See You Again

Lines on your face don't bother me
Down in my chair when you dance over me
I can't help myself
I've got to see you again

Late in the night when I'm all alone
And I look at the clock and I know you're not home
I can't help myself
I've got to see you again

I could almost go there
Just to watch you be seen
I could almost go there
Just to live in a dream

But no I won't go for any of those reasons
To not touch your skin is not why I sing
I can't help myself
I've got to see you again

I could almost go there
Just to watch you be seen
I could almost go there
Just to live in a dream

No I won't go to share you with them
But oh even though I know where you've been
I can't help myself
I've got to see you again

Well, at least I know that I am addicted to beauty! Even if it's only superficial beauty ... there's no point in denying that ...

But knowing about my addiction, I could do something against it ... do I want to be cured? Don't think so! And anyway, who could heal me? He / She who can, hasn't come my way yet ... * g *


posted by Julia 3/11/2003 01:30:00 PM
Here is a message for my favorite nephew ... or how some crazy (Drama Nina) people thought ... my lover!

As great as England is, and you know how much I love it, I miss you very badly, you 'Salzburger' (hehe) and the NAWI festivals and the glowing hours and my home: O'Malley's !!!!!

HAVE A LOT OF LOVE, my little, big, hopefully still happy nephew with your loved one!

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Monday March 10, 2003

By the way, for all the people who were still wondering, what Jacko had been doing in the Union House yesterday afternoon ... she was practicing a dance !!! As simple and great as that! Who said, she was a member of a dangerous religious terrorist group? :-)

j / k guys, jackie, u rule !!!

posted by Julia 3/10/2003 11:30:00 PM
Oh what a night ... tried to log on to go.icq.com about 100 times and it refused due to error nr. 930-something, those nice arabic women sitting next to me in the IT lab are having a nice little and very loud chat (they have to be loud, of course, cos they're wearing headphones, so they have to speak louder to hear what they're saying! Did I say that I love them?) and my head is aching terribly ... looks like my depression is coming back ... well, think positiv little girl ... think of Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Grace Kelly, High Society ... just watched it with Sophie ... well the people back then really did know how to make a good film and even better music !!!
".... Who wants to be a millionaire? I don't! ...!" my kind of music!

Horray! The Egybtians finally stopped talking ... Every cloud has a silver lining !!! Or how does that proverb go? I'm still surrounded by clouds ... hmm ... might be a huge storm coming up .. We'll see!

Anyway, tomorrow evening is party time, Spyridon and Ernesto are having a little good bye party ... Cannot believe, they are already leaving !!!
I'm really gonna miss u guys, esp. you snail !! Hey, what am I gonna do in the middle of the night, when I need a good cup'a'tea and a little (3 hours) chat?
7 weeks? Don't even wanna think about it !!! Argh! And who is going to invite me for home-made dinner, when I've already eaten? Man, you can't do that to me !!! *G*
Hope, we'll keep in touch though !!!

Ok, my head is aching, my hands are shaking and those nice ladies I've been talking about, are finally leaving !!! Thank God! They were really loud !!!!
At any rate, I guess, I'm gonna call it a day and go home now!

Hope that tomorrow will be better!
Lotta luv

posted by Julia 3/10/2003 11:21:00 PM
Ok, I finally agreed with myself, that I AM one of those beautiful people. My beauty is just of a different kind, and those other 'beauties' simply cannot see it because they're completely dumb. HA! That's about it!
And by the way, there must definitely be someone, at least one person somewhere sometimes, who would die happily just to be looked upon by me once, right? I mean, there MUST !!! Ok, I'm joking. I'm not really serious about this beauty stuff, but there are some people in this world, and everybody must agree, who are better than the rest. Some of them just look better, some are just more intelligent, and I'm hopefully a bit more entertaining than the 'famous rest of the world', right?

Ok, as I said before, I agreed with myself,


Isn't it good to know that u r no longer mediocre? Horray! My life makes sense again !!!

Thanx to about 3 hours chatting in the kitchen with my girls, I feel really relaxed now and the only thing that troubles me at the moment is my roller pen fake tattoo on my ankle which is giving me an itching rash! ARGH! I am allergic to black roller pen on my skin now!
Well, who cares, I AM BEAUTIFUL!

Cannot repeat it often enough !!!


F *** all those people who attract everybody's and I mean EVERYBODY'S attention!

I don't need everybody's attention to make me feel good, because ... you've guessed it, i know that

I AM BEAUTIFUL !!! And I don't need the others' affirmation !!!

Ha! It feels better everytime I write it down ... hmmm ... just once more ... I don't wanna sound cocky!

I AM BEAUTIFUL !!!!!!!!! (and lots and lots of exclamation marks !!! horray !!!)

Ok, enough of my beauty hassle for today!

Love shine a light in every corner of your heart !!!


posted by Julia 3/10/2003 07:55:00 PM
again: WHY ???? why do I wanna be like people I think I hate? well I know, I don't really hate them, but jealousy is a terrible thing ...

Jealousy is a passion that eagerly seeks what creates suffering!

how true!!!


posted by Julia 3/10/2003 04:54:00 PM
WHY??? why are there people you just can't pass by without humbly throwing yourself in front of them and asking for love ...

Sometimes I just hate beautiful people ... wish I was one them though ... they share the same back door as I do, but somehow, they never noticed me before ... maybe they never will ... only God knows!

posted by Julia 3/10/2003 03:00:00 PM
Monday morning!

Brrr, two of the worst words there is. But they also have something good! I finally can't find any excuses not to do anything for the university. Saturday you read and prepare to go out, and on Sunday you wash your clothes and bake a cake, but on Monday you have to do something ...
Oh oh oh! I'm dog tired! Yesterday I stayed with Spyridon for far too long and chatted with him, and today I got up far too early. Spyridon, I'm sorry for keeping you up for so long, but I just couldn't be alone. Then I lay awake at home for 1.5 hours and couldn't sleep. Was wondering if you can really floss someone to death. Crazy huh? Well, that's what happens when you threaten me with it just before bed. *G*

Oh, I also don't know what was wrong with me yesterday. But thanks!!! for listening and speaking! Helped me a lot ... It's nice when you have friends who you know are still awake late at night!

After all, I know that today will be better, and that's nice, isn't it? Right now I'm listening to Norah Jones: Come away with me. Relaxed and satisfied ... no more melancholy for today, I had enough of that yesterday.

Just took a quick look at the Rock im Park 2003 page. Well, of course there will be some good bands, as always, but last year I was much more excited! What would really appeal to me this year would not be the main artists but the bands at the Alternastage! Badly Drawn Boy, Moby, Absolute Beginner, Deichkind and, of course, The Dandy Warhols ... hm and at the Centrestage, Metallica, old but now and then also quite good, even if the old stuff is much better than the new stuff.

And after looking at last year's photo albums again, I feel even better! Whoa, Santana !! And Jamiroquai and then Lenny himself !!! But the others were also super good .... I don't want to list them all ... :-) except for a few ... Faithless, Gomez, Macy Gray and Neil Young ... yes, there was a lot going on!

With a slightly sad eye and yet happy to have been there, I look back and say goodbye for now ...


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Sunday March 09, 2003

Just heard beatles ... to lead a better life, i need my love to be here ... (from 'here, there and everywhere')
got lost in thought ... does love for another person, or even the love of another person, make us better?
If so, I am now talking about the second case, well, that the love of another person for you makes us a better person, are bad people not loved? Well, I have to be honest, I may not be abysmal, but I am just being a good person is kind of boring. or do I have to understand literally that we only lead a better life when loving people are around us? how simple!
I think the first approach is even better. It is absolutely logical that our life becomes more beautiful and better when we have people around us who we like / love and vice versa ... or not?
but if true love (if it exists) would make us a better person, hm ... well then I don't know if there would be so many good people at all!

well, who is going to be so pessimistic today? of course there is real love. ... but (huh, there is always a 'but') has the love of other people made ME better? hm, it may well be that she changed me, but did I get better? and if so, what was i then before, before these people loved me? I'm sitting here at 11 past 9 in the computer room and grumbling my much too big blond head (hat size 59 !!!) about love and its effects ... and actually I just wanted to check my emails! once again only got garbage .. if you disregard matthias' helpful address mails! thanks!
Well, that's the way it is in life, if you are not loved by enough people, you only get garbage mails!

and one more thing to the back, so to think about it ... if the love of other people (to come back to the literal translation) gives us a better life, why is mine sometimes so incredibly crappy ... yes, I know, I should Now apologize for the expletive language, but to be honest, I am Not sorry ... of course I have it nice here, but every now and then ... well, I'm pretty much on the sand too ... who would have thought that? ...
the day started relatively well today, apart from the little post-retro depressions.The seagulls I love so much (why are these cigarette-butt-eating, screeching, dirt-spreading animals at 6:30 a.m. for?) let me sleep until 9:30 (they probably knew that I needed sleep. After all, I wasn't quite inactive for the last two nights. even if it is not a university work), and the sun was shining too ... but just now when I heard this song, BANG !! I was 16 again, incredibly in love with a guy from the class above me and frighteningly insecure. terrible what music can do to you sometimes. as beautiful as it is, sometimes i'm almost afraid of certain songs. real! because I associate a situation with almost every song and so many songs just make me sad ... well, I'm certainly not the only one ... and sometimes any song by a certain performer is enough ... eric clapton .. .
(my guete woelli, wos ham mia fua a nice time with dera musi ghobt, huh?) ... well, as I said, songs of the beatles always transport me back to the 'good old school days' .... with the walkman on my head and with the buttons in your ears during the history lesson with rubina going on a magical mystery tour ... it was nice too!

"... here, making each day of the year. changing my life with the wave of her hand, nobody can deny that there's something there (...) there, running my hands through her hair. both of us thinking how good it can be. somebody's weeping but she doesn't know he's there ... "

well, love ...
I'm tired and a little lonely ... what the heck, at least I'm not alone with that ...

posted by Julia 3/09/2003 09:43:00 PM
Sunday morning became Sunday evening ...

... and what happened? I finally managed to wash my dirty laundry again ... No big deal? Well, think! It takes a while and if you haven't had fresh socks for 3 days, washing your clothes is a very big deal !!!
Ahh, nice feeling when you don't get stuck in your shoes from stinky, sticky sweaty feet! :-)
Just kidding, I don't have sweaty feet! Tststs where did we come from, huh? Pfu, I was just missing that!
As in the previous post, there will probably only be useless, if not senseless, babbling ... so is it worth reading this? Well, I do not know... :-)
I have now decided to write something English in here every now and then so that my English-speaking friends don't feel completely neglected. Just in case one of them accidentially stumbles over my page ... could be. So don't be surprised if there are a few poorly worded, possibly forced funny English phrases that actually make even less sense than my German writing! In any case, I'll just do it in such a way that I publish my English posts or partial posts in bold ... so that is a little easier, isn't it?

What am I hearing right now?

Melanie Safka: 'Best of'

... definitely recommended! Very nice ballads and also some critical songs ... In any case wonderful to listen to on the side ... Even if you don't really notice the great lyrics. But this fascinating voice alone is amazing!
My task for tonight? Don't drink alcohol, read, do research and eat two healthy apples ... I can do that with the apples by any means!

Downloading the songs with the flower pot still worked in the end. I just had to delete them all from Becky's computer. Why can't so many English people simply have German music? I do not understand. We have to or want to listen to their music all the time. You could do us a favor, right? Well, it's not that bad! Becky is really very nice. Otherwise she wouldn't have let me use her computer right from the start, would she? In addition, I will soon be able to download more and burn it to CD ... It's super nice! Becky rules !!!

Today's question:

What is Jacko doing in room 1.28 in the Union House on a Sunday afternoon? Has she joined a dubious religious group and holds green masses? Or is it just a harmless meeting of too many friends who don't fit into one of the rooms in the residences? Is it a seminar group talking 'bout chemistry? But why oh why does she jump up and down at the window, when she sees her little swedish / russian friend, who just came back from an interesting chat with Alissa Jamie and "wiesodennbloss" -Ed? Wicked!
Life is full of questions and problems, but at least this one will be solved, latest on Monday morning!
Monday, monday! Can't trust that day !!!

Well, that will be all for today!

one reads later ...

posted by Julia 3/09/2003 07:38:00 PM
Well, it's still Sunday morning, I've crawled into Becky's room and keep writing until Becky comes back. So, like I said earlier, the LCR wasn't that big yesterday. I'll probably wait a while until I go back the next time. After all, I should save a little money and learn even more! I'm here to study, aren't I? Yeah, I know, Anglicisms, don't you? ;-)
I have to quote my very personal Emperor Franz Josef:
"... and then I fell asleep!" Yes, Tobi, little Julia (your Sissi) listens carefully when someone tells her something. And she remembers things like that quite well ... Hehe!

What am I doing on the side? I try to download Blumentopf songs, which, strangely enough, turns out to be extremely difficult, because the compi is constantly queuing me ... Well, something has to be done, right?
let's see ... maybe there will be more useless babbling later!

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Sunday morning post retro LCR:

Aiaiai, somehow the retro LCR isn't that great without my Lissa! Why did I just go there? You didn't play my song. I just didn't find some of the people I really wanted to meet. I wanted to dance and then I had no space. No no no! That was definitely not the best LCR. Even if it was nice to show off again with mum's clothes !!! Hooray! It's worth keeping old things!

Well, nothing really good will come today! Maybe I'll be more productive later!

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Friday March 07, 2003

great, you write an eternally long and ingenious entry and want to post and publish it and then it just disappears into nothing ... and then you test the whole thing with three short "bla" s and it is already there in bold black letters ... embarrassing embarrassing ...
well, have a nice day anyway!
posted by Julia 3/07/2003 12:59:00 PM
bla bla bla
posted by Julia 3/07/2003 12:57:00 PM
Congratulations, dear Julia!

... well, what else can I say? When a child is born, you want to congratulate your new parents and say something like that, don't you? You don't punch them hard in the stomach and say: "Thank you, the goulash was even better today!" Is it true or am I right as always?
And after this page is my first child, so to speak (once an Internet homepage- "Ui-I-publish-there-now-my-thoughts" -messig), I have to congratulate myself! ... uuuund OFF!

Well what can you expect from my very own side here? Is difficult to say. I will mainly use it as an info page so that I don't have to bother with info emails that I send to several friends in a slightly modified form anyway. And I'll try to be a little silly sometimes so that dear Michi doesn't torment his way through this page without laughing muscle satisfaction. ALF RULEZ!
I will enter the little useless stories from my life here and hope that somebody will read them one day!

By the way, many thanks to every future reader who is still unknown. It's because of you that I'm doing this as if you're pleased, yes?

Well, that's it again for today. I am a little tired. After all, this is my first Buzerl (in English: Baby) and I have just had a not really difficult birth behind me. So, dear reader, give me a break for a few seconds.

You know: Today is not all day! I'll be back, no question!

Life can be so beautiful!!

Frankie didn't sing for nothing:

"Take your coat and grab your hat!
Leave your worries on the doorstep!
Life can be so sweet on the sunny side of the street! "
posted by Julia 3/07/2003 11:17:00 AM