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"Hope bearer", "scandal-free", "all-purpose weapon". These are attributes that come to mind about Prince William, 38, and Duchess Catherine, 39. When Catherine, then still known as Kate Middleton, and Prince William married ten years ago on April 29, 2011, millions of flag waving accompanied the young happiness. In addition, a few lip readers who looked desperately on the royal family's mouth to find out what the Queen had to complain about in the event of the century. Not much apparent: she would have found the smaller car more suitable - otherwise everything was to her satisfaction, the state crisis averted.

Over the past ten years, Kate and William have done pretty much everything that the British royal family and their supporters have expected of them. They had three lovely children - George, Charlotte and little Louis. The rainbow press calculated that the intervals between the birth and the subsequent baby presentation were getting shorter and that Kate's heels got higher and higher. That was what got the most attention. Because there was one thing the royal parents didn't have to offer: a solid row. No argument about baby names, parenting style or nutrition - at least not outside of your own four walls.

It must have worried the rainbow press that Kate and William did not have any great dramas or scandals over the years. So they helped a bit, after all fines are factored into the budget: shortly after the wedding in 2012, paparazzi crowded the couple's summer vacation, photographed the Duchess topless and sold the sunbathing in Provence as a "nude scandal" . Two photographers and the tabloid magazine Closer, which had printed the photos, were sentenced to heavy fines, the royal couple received 100,000 euros in damages - and, as expected, immediately announced that they would donate the money to charity.

In the following years, the Duke and Duchess dutifully inaugurated kindergartens, collected money for charitable organizations, planted little trees, and got involved in social issues. The gossips had little choice but to praise the Duchess for her style: always tasteful and stylish, not too aloof, and sometimes something from Zara. When Kate visited a children's hospital in London in early 2020, the starved Yellowpress pounced on the Dolce & Gabbana costume, which at least showed Kate's knees, and the chunky "chunky-heeled pumps" that she combined with it.

Kate and her clothes - always works

In general, the most scandalous thing about Kate seems to be her - blowing - clothes: whether on a detour at Calgary Airport on her Canada tour, laying a wreath at India Gate or, heavily pregnant, at a wedding in Oxfordshire in southern England, the gossip press published on both sides of the English Channel mainly headlines and snapshots of flying clothes hems and "Marilyn Monroe moments", "skirt flashers" - and those picture reported in 2014, Breaking News: "She has a popositter now!"

After not even Kate's stomach bulged anymore, the gossip papers tried to take over the family planning: When Kate was spotted in a luxury baby store in 2020, she cheered New post determined “Hurray, another baby!” In the following months, the Duchess was alternately pregnant with twins or never again: “Is William to blame?” And headlines like “Kate: Sweet Baby News” hid the pregnancies of friends or her sister Pippa.

And when there was once again nothing to be gained, a body language expert attested to the Duchess that she had appeared "sad and thoughtful" during a performance in a school - as far as you could tell from a distance, between mask and pony. Or maybe Kate was just watching something.

When does the tabloid press give up?

Before the wedding, Kate had been given some nicknames by the rainbow press, which gave hope for a scandalous future - at least from the point of view of those who enjoy royal arguments: "Party mail-order daughter" and "Princess angler", "Waity Katie", " Katie Middle Class ", it was agreed that she had the" right stable smell ". How one can be mistaken: Today the Duchess represents the British monarchy so perfectly that one has to ask oneself: How much longer does the tabloid press want to grit its teeth on this couple?

The other day, on their first public appointment after Prince Philip's death, Kate and William visited a sustainable farm near the town of Darlington. Petted sheep, drove tractors. Oh yes: Kate was reportedly wearing a visibly used wax jacket, boots and jeans with a knitted sweater with a Norwegian pattern. There was obviously nothing more to say about it.

After all, recently, at an appointment with the Royal Air Force in honor of the late Prince Philip, it almost turned out to be a real excitement: According to media reports, the Duchess there apparently - Oh. My. Goodness. - a black coat from Dolce & Gabbana "recycled"! Anyone who thinks of a container for old clothes is wrong: This is how the press described the fact that the Duchess had already worn this coat in 2017 at an appearance on Remembrance Sunday. But also such a scandal.