How does the urban dictionary work

Dictionary card index 2nd class

Even with us, everything is not yet completely closed, even if it is getting emptier and the holidays are approaching in big steps. The workbooks are full and we can repeat or deepen a few last topics.

One of them is working with the dictionary. On a journey of ideas there is already a very nice and detailed card index for the big ones, but that wasn't exactly suitable for the dwarfs. If I still have to explain a lot in addition or the children cannot cope with the scope, then nothing is gained 😉 That's why I sat down again and created simpler or less extensive tasks for the end of the 2nd / beginning of the 3rd grade. Basically, the tasks are similar, but weaker children can also participate in this way. My very strong children then get the 3/4 card index from Daniela. I let it out and laminated it once.



And why now dictionary first, wasn't ABC a long time ago? Personally, I find that the children often do not read well enough or fast enough when the ABC is done at the beginning of the 2nd grade. That's why I like to keep the dictionary. That is still very motivating and you are now just very quick at reading and looking up and have such a wonderful sense of achievement. You can still do the alphabet in detail in autumn and then you only have to repeat it shortly before working on the dictionary.

Even if you already have a lot of vacations, you always have to work with the dictionary!

* Kind regards, Ms. Locke *