Alex Flatner, when the sun is nimble

A schedule that adapts to your life

Set your preferred room temperatures at different times of the day. However, heating is only available when someone is at home.

Let the sun heat up for you

tado ° includes the local weather forecast. This is how you save heating energy when the sun warms your home.

tado ° helps you to create a healthy indoor climate

tado ° shows you the air quality inside and outside. You will receive recommendations for a healthy indoor climate, e.g. when you should open a window.

Only heat when someone is at home

With the location-dependent control (geofencing), tado ° reminds you to turn down the heating when everyone has left the house and to heat up for the first one who comes back.

Never heat out the window again

tado ° detects open windows and reminds you to turn off the heating. This is how you save energy.

Protect your heating system from failures and expensive repairs

Care & Protect * keeps an eye on your heating system, informs you about problems and helps you to solve them yourself.