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Ball fountain - how it works

A ball fountain consists of a fountain bowl and a ball made of natural stone, ceramic or metal. There are two types of spherical fountains. On the one hand, the sphere can act as a source stone. That means the ball has a hole from which the water exits. The ball of the spherical fountain is fixed on the fountain bowl. The well bowl serves as a collecting basin for the well water emerging from the ball.


This type of ball well does not require a great deal of precision to manufacture. If, on the other hand, it is a ball fountain with a so-called floating ball, the production of such a fountain requires a very high level of manufacturing accuracy, since the ball must be adapted very precisely to the ball basin (ball base). The ball is set in rotation by water flowing through an opening in the base of the ball.

Ball fountain material

The stronger the water pressure is set on the ball base, the faster the ball rotates. Therefore it is also necessary that the ball of the ball well is calibrated very precisely. Otherwise the ball cannot run smoothly and would come to a standstill after a short time. From time to time it is also necessary to clean the ball so that it can rotate without problems. Ball fountains are made of marble, granite, precious stones, stainless steel, glass or ceramics.


Ball fountains made of ceramics are usually cheaper, such as granite, marble or stainless steel fountains, as ceramics are much easier to work with, such as granite. The material price for ceramics is not nearly as high as it is for the natural stones mentioned above. The price of a ball fountain is determined on the one hand by the material used and on the other hand by the size of the ball.

The larger the ball of the ball fountain, the more complex the grinding and polishing work is to bring the ball to the exact size required. Ball fountains are available as indoor fountains for the table, where the ball is only a few centimeters in diameter, up to large garden fountains with a ball diameter of well over 1 meter. A simple, small table - ball fountain is available in stores for around 100 euros. Large garden ball fountains can cost several thousand euros. Unfortunately, it is usually not possible for the experienced do-it-yourselfer to build a ball fountain himself, as special grinding and polishing tools are required, which are hard to find in a do-it-yourself workshop.

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